If you are using a router that provides Wi-Fi internet connections, you need a password to authenticate a connection to the network. If friend don"t recognize the password, but you own or carry out the router yourself, see the password or reset it come something brand-new using the procedures below.

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First, let"s briefly discuss how Wi-Fi passwords work so girlfriend can much better understand exactly how they"re configured.

Wireless encryption methods

The three types of authentication for consumer Wi-Fi space WEP, WPA and also WPA2. Most house routers have actually all 3 options, however WPA2 is the many secure and should always be supplied if possible.


Most routers sell two species of WPA2 encryption, referred to as WPA2-Personal and WPA2-Enterprise. The enterprise version of WPA2 is for corporate settings where one IT room controls company-wide defense policies. For other settings, including wireless web in your home, WPA2-Personal is the encryption method to use.

All these approaches require a password, likewise known together an encryption key as soon as you try to connect. If you administer the exactly key, a wireless link is established.

I don"t recognize what my crucial is. Exactly how do I attach to the wireless network?

If you forgot the vital for connecting to your wireless network, you need to accessibility the router"s configuration user interface using an net browser.

Normally, you could do this over the wireless network. However in this case, friend can"t — due to the fact that you don"t have actually the password.

Therefore, to connect to the router, you have actually two options:

Create a wired connection to the router


If you have an Ethernet cable, and an Ethernet harbor on your computer, you can develop a wired connection to her router.

Routers periodically come packaged v a brief Ethernet cable, likewise known as a group 5 cable, for specifically this purpose. The should have a connection at each finish like the one pictured at right. If friend don"t have actually one, you have the right to purchase one online, or at your local electronics store. A quick cable size is fine — 3-feet have to be sufficient.


Connect one end of the cable come your computer or laptop. Attach the other finish to the earlier of the router, as displayed in the picture.


Your router may have one Ethernet port for just arrived connections, labeled "WAN" the is because that the web connection. Do not connect your Ethernet cable come this port. Instead, attach your cable to one of the ports significant "LAN." this ports distribute the net to other devices, such together your computer.

After connecting the cable come both her computer and also your router, your operating device should automatically detect the connection. You can now continue to accessibility your router"s configuration.

Reset the router come its factory defaults

If girlfriend don"t have actually an Ethernet cable, or if making a wired link is otherwise inconvenient, you have the right to reset her router to the factory default settings. Doing for this reason resets the name of her wireless network (SSID) and also the encryption key. This default values room often uncovered printed on a sticker affixed come the instance of the router itself.

If you decide to manufacturing facility reset your router, be conscious that any other tradition configuration or other transforms are walking to be reset to the default settings. Examine the manufacturer"s documentation because that your design of router before proceeding. If girlfriend don"t have the physics instruction manual, friend can discover it virtual under the "support" section of your manufacturer"s website.

After resetting your router to factory defaults, you"ll be able to connect to the wireless network utilizing the default SSID and encryption key. Once you room connected, you deserve to proceed come the next step, accessing your router"s configuration.

For more information about resetting your router, see: exactly how to reset a forgotten username and password ~ above a router.

Accessing the router configuration


Once you have connected to her wireless router (by a wired connection, or utilizing the default wireless network credentials), friend can access your router"s construction in a net browser. In a browser window, go into your router"s IP attend to in her browser"s address bar, and press Enter.

If you"re not certain what her router"s IP resolve is, you can try one of these usual router addresses:

Some routers also enable you to attach by start a hard-coded URL. Because that instance, many Netgear wireless routers allow you to use the deal with www.routerlogin.net to access your router.

Consult your router"s manual for the correct address of her router, and navigate come that deal with in your internet browser.

Logging right into the router as an administrator

After navigating to your router"s IP attend to in your web web browser a login notice should appear asking her for the router"s administrator username and password.


If friend don"t mental the administrator name and password, or if you"re not sure, consult her router"s manual for the default login values. Listed below are frequently used insecure defaults.

admin / adminadmin / password

Never leave her router"s administrator name and password at their default worths as lock anyone can find them via an web search. Always change these values as soon as configuring your wireless router. At a minimum, adjust the password come a solid password you"ll remember.

If you cannot log right into your router because you can"t remember the login information, and the default username and password don"t work, you have the right to reset the router to manufacturing facility defaults.

Once you have actually logged in, you deserve to view or adjust your router"s configuration.

Viewing and transforming the encryption crucial (wireless password)

Every router"s configuration interface is different. Below is an example of exactly how a router"s setup might appear.


In your router"s configuration interface, look because that a section referred to as Wireless, or miscellaneous similar. You"re trying to find the page where friend can change the wireless network"s configuration, including its SSID name and authentication key. If you"re can not to situate it, consult her router"s hand-operated for specific instructions.

When you find the wireless network construction page, you deserve to view the values and make changes. Because that Authentication Method, pick WPA2-Personal. Friend can collection the encryption an essential (password) in among the message fields listed below this. Top your manual if you"re can not to locate the exactly field.

The encryption vital is often shown in plain text, for this reason if you only require the existing password, it must be visible on this page.

At this time, adjust your SSID name, i m sorry is the name that appears in the perform of easily accessible wireless networks.

If girlfriend make any changes to her router"s configuration, make sure to save them. Because that instance, in the instance pictured above, you"d click the Apply button.


Many contemporary wireless routers market two wireless networks which broadcast at frequencies the 2.4 GHz and also 5 GHz, respectively. The construction for every network may appear on separate pages. If you are using both networks, make certain they are both configured the way you want, and also you recognize the password for each. Consult your router"s hand-operated for an ext information concerning dual-band Wi-Fi configuration.

Verify friend can attach to the wireless network

Make certain all changes are saved and you have restarted her router, if necessary. If you are using a wired connection, disconnect the Ethernet cable now.If you readjusted the SSID or key, you room disconnected from your router when the brand-new configuration bring away effect. Therefore, you"ll have to log into your wireless network making use of the new credentials.If girlfriend reset your router come its factory defaults, us recommend you readjust the router"s administrator username and password to something other than the default values. You have the right to do this native in the router"s configuration interface. Consult your router"s hands-on if you have actually any challenge locating the exactly menu and configuration options.

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If you"ve tried all the over suggestions and still can"t log on, us recommend contacting the router manufacturer directly for technical support.