OK that didn’t last. Yet we’ve not had ideal snow because that 4 or 5 year so we’re enabled to storage a bit.

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We knew the eye was comes – and the ahead week’s storm – because the seagulls said us.

You what? yes really.

Seagulls – you see – have the right to tell the weather! They’re brilliant at it.

Now many of the time, we don’t have seagulls around us.

Some live a couple of miles north on the Thames and most live – clearly – top top the coast 30 mile away.

BUT over there are times in the year when a large flock shows up in our little corner of south London.

They like the here, as soon as the weather’s poor because it’s built round two sheltered valleys. I beg your pardon still have actually ponds in lock left over from the old rivers – now underground – that supplied to operation through.

BUT the seagulls DON’T turn up when the weather gets bad.

Oh NO! They revolve up en masse 4 or 5 work in ADVANCE.

And as soon as they revolve up, we deserve to guarantee there will certainly be poor weather in ~ the week.

EVEN occasionally when the weather projection says there won’t!

How on planet do the seagulls do it?


Well. It transforms out the seagulls are favor a barometer.

They deserve to sense the small but far-ranging changes in air push that suggest a storm is top top its way.

This amazing capacity to tell the weather and move inland for shelter helps seagulls endure storms.

How cool is that?

BUT if you clock the seagulls very closely when they come in land.

You’ll see them execute something else.

Just before the storm come in – usually the day before – you might spot huge groups that seagulls flying round in tight one together.

Do you understand what they’re doing?


They’re recalibrating your barometers, that’s what.

As the adjust in air pressure becomes intense, they need to change their sensors.

If castle don’t, castle won’t be able to detect brand-new changes in the wait pressure.

And through flying approximately in circles together they deserve to do that. Wow!

So the next time you see a i cry of seagulls revolve up in soil prepare for a storm.

EXCEPT – in July – as soon as they use their barometer because that another significant reason.

BUT that’s a story for another day. You’ll have to wait to discover out.

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I expect you appreciated this small nature note.

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