The Phoenix Mercury announced Wednesday that they will certainly play at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum for home games during the 2020 season while talk Stick resort Arena undergoes a renovation.

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The Madhouse top top McDowell has been a multi-use event center since hosting home gamings for the NBA’s Phoenix Suns from 1968-92. It damaged ground in 1964 and has hosted indoor soccer, ice cream hockey and also basketball teams from assorted minor leagues.

It currently will offer as a temporary house to the Mercury together Talking Stick will Arena experience an approximated $235 million renovation that could last into 2021.

Today we make that official! #MadhouseReturn

— Phoenix Mercury (
PhoenixMercury) July 24, 2019

While it held an ext than 14,000 human being in that is heyday, the Suns last gave their former home a test-run the sorts once they hosted a cultivate camp scrimmage in front of fans at The Coliseum in October 2015.

The Phoenix City Council passed a transaction to refurbish talk Stick resort Arena on Jan. 23 that will have actually the Suns sheathe $80 million of the total renovation costs, plus any overruns. The puts $150 million top top the city. The city’s section of the funding will come native its Sports facilities Fund, i m sorry is consisted of of travel taxes ~ above hotels and also rental cars.

Under the new deal, the Suns will stay downtown until at the very least 2037.

The best chunk the the capital in the authorized deal, roughly $100 million, will go towards replacing or repairing the building’s aging mechanical, electrical, plumbing and communication systems.

The transaction was very first proposed because that a city council meeting on Dec. 12 but was delayed until five ar informational meetings took place. The city council added a couple of minor tweaks to the deal, including benefits noted by both the Suns and the city for concerns including homelessness and public-safety costs.

The present deal for the 27-year-old arena enabled the Suns to leave as shortly as 2022.

In enhancement to the talk Stick will Arena renovations, the NBA and WNBA groups are likewise moving to a brand-new practice facility separate from their downtown arena. On may 3, the Suns and Mercury announced the ar of their brand-new training facility will sit at Camelback Road and also 44th Street in Phoenix. They will certainly break floor on the basic by the end of summer this year.

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The facility is privately-financed and will “feature the latest developments in sports science and also player development,” a declare said. That will additionally include offices, health and also training amenities and two courts to be offered by both the Suns and the Mercury.


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Phoenix Mercury come play in ~ Madhouse during 2020 arena renovation
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