Shinedown and Smith & Myers frontman Brent smith on drug recovery, the fatality of Eddie valve Halen and also the cover song the world never requirements to hear again

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Brent Smith started US rockers Shinedown in the early on 00s, releasing their debut album, Leave A Whisper, in 2003. Because then, your last 4 albums have actually all got to the US optimal 10. In 2014, he placed together blacksmith & Myers v bandmate Zach Myers, releasing two albums, Volume 1 and also Volume 2, in 2020.


What’s the worst thing around being in a band?

“COVID-19, despite I’ll be honest, Zach and also I are amongst maybe 10% of the music population still able to execute live events. As Shinedown that would be impossible, though because that the last 2 months I’ve to be working v Eric top top ‘Shinedown 7’, and we’re around nine songs into that. However as blacksmith & Myers and also with a couple of crew guys space just about doable. You have to duck and also dive.”

What’s the best piece that advice you’ve to be given?

“I live by the adage: don’t take yourself so seriously every the time. There are 24 hours in a day, so find the moment to lighten up – especially in this climate wherein everybody is top top high alert. Reap your life.”

When was the very first time girlfriend felt like a rock star?

“I don’t think of myself together a rock star, except when I’m onstage and that’s performance. In 2003, Shinedown played at Memphis In May, a multi-genre occasion that end the food of a week attracts a million and also a half people. It was my first time dealing with a crowd of 30,000 and that felt massive. Back there to be a 10-foot gap in between the audience and also the stage, i ran native the drums to dive out into them. The was a punk rock moment for me.”

What’s been her worst endure on drugs?

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“I’ve had a lot of of negative moments top top drugs, I’m lucky to it is in alive. In 2014 I had a negative slip-up v my addiction and the following year, when we were touring Threat to Survival, i was clean, yet man… it takes a when to acquire the residuals out of your system. We played in ~ The Mayan theatre in Los Angeles and the withdrawal made me feel prefer I to be going come die. To my band’s credit, they pulled the slack because that me. They to be the rock stars the night.”

When was the last time friend cried?

“I cried the day that Eddie van Halen passed away . Ns was lucky sufficient to hang out v Eddie during the early days the Shinedown. He was amongst the sweetest, kindest human being I knew.”

Tell us around the development of blacksmith & Myers.

“In 2014, at the request of the fans, us released two EPs. We allowed them to pick the songs we covered. Ns wasn’t sure about calling it smith & Myers as it sounded favor a law firm, however three years later we go 22 shows and to our surprised they all marketed out. And also now we’ve done two records <Volume 1 and 2, comprising both originals and remakes>.”

Did you look at several of those fan-sourced suggestions, from write-up Malone, INXS and also the like and think, ‘No fucking way!’

“Not at all. The was the primary point, however with this covers we’re no making carbon copies, and also that’s what provides them fun.”

The murder of George Floyd inspired Not foolish Enough together a plea for a meaningful dialogue, quite than anarchy and violence.

“Seeing the story on the news broke my heart, but I find it tough to listen once I’m being screamed at; let’s have a conversation and also create an yes, really plan. Your gender, age, sex, faith or the color of your skin – none of that matters. We can go forward together however you have to let the other side speak together well.”

Does the people really need another version of Neil Young’s Keep on Rockin’ In The free World?

“It required our version, and also we did the one due to the fact that I think that its second verse is an overlooked example of pure poetry. The song’s significance is not just the chorus; it’s appropriate there in that 2nd verse.”

Tell united state a secret about Zach

“He’s the king of how amazing the civilization that the loves with unexpected gifts. You have the right to be ~ above the tourism bus talking about admiring a Rickenbacker etc from 1978, and also days later you’ll walk into your hotel room and there’s a parcel on the bed – what the fuck?! Zach is therefore thoughtful.”

Published in metal Hammer #343. Smith and Myers Volume 1 and Volume 2 are both accessible now via Atlantic Records