Wendy Williams talks about where she shops, she romance through shoes, and also why you"ll never capture her in slacks.

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Known for her provocative, no-holds-barred personality, Wendy Williams segued from her 23-year radio job to TV with the nationally syndicated Wendy Williams show in 2009. 7 hundred shows later, this wife, mother and best-selling writer attracts viewers in 52 countries who adore her celebrity guests, “Ask Wendy” advice segments and also juicy “Hot Topics” commentary.

This s Township native, detailed for her figure-flattering dresses, sky-high heels and also wigged-out wigs, invited us to poke roughly the famed pink closet at she Chelsea tv studio:

Your closet is chock-full of shoes and also dresses. Where carry out you shop?

I live a stone’s throw from the brief Hills Mall. The heaven. I window shop there, and then come back to mine stylist and also tell the what i need. In real life, ns frugal. And, yes, I perform love to shop at Marshall’s.

Tell us around your shoe romance.

I have around 125 bag at home and 125 at the studio, but the ones at the studio space high-end. My favorites for this spring are my spiky Louboutins. I additionally like J. Crew, Manolo Blahnik and also Jimmy Choo. Yet for straightforward pumps because that less, an excellent sources room Victoria’s an enig and Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Why don’t we ever before see you in slacks?

I don’t wear slacks, yet I Iike jeans. Ns love costume best because I gain being a woman. Boys space wearing so numerous of ours looks now…the only things we women have for ourself is periods and also wearing dresses. You favor to stay fishnets. Is the to display off her legs? Yes, ns wear caramel-colored nude Barre fishnets August through June. Particularly with much shorter dresses, at period 48, they give my foot a pretty finish.

SHOE the THE MOMENT: amongst the 125 pairs of shoes in Williams’ s studio closet room her fave spiky Louboutin platforms. “I don’t wear as numerous flats since they’re just not sexy, specifically when girlfriend wear a dimension 11 choose I do,” she says.

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WENDY’S WORLD: At her Chelsea tv studio, Williams’s “glam squad” functions magic through fashion, wigs and also makeup. “I’m constantly taking stuff indigenous this studio closet to my home,” claims Williams. “I’m very fortunate.”

Williams is the author of the new York Times ideal seller The Wendy Williams Experience (Dutton Books) and also several novels. Look for her next book, ask Wendy (Harper Collins), this spring. The Wendy Williams present airs Monday v Friday live ~ above Fox at 10 am and on BET in ~ midnight.