Do you like watching Pitbulls and also Parolees? If you like this show, you may wonder what taken place to the actors members, among them is Armando. Here, us will notify you what us found about Armando.

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The things That happened to Armando

We make the efforts to find the information around Armando, a cast member from Pitbulls and Parolees. However, there is no much details that we get. Follow to the details that we gained from VC Star, Armando Galindo is featured on Pitbulls and also Parolees, the regime which complies with Tia Torres and also the ex-cons that she hires to take care for the pit bulls that she conserves in she Villalobos Rescue facility in Agua Dulce.


Not many civilization know that Armando has a an ext important function in genuine life 보다 on truth tv because he is a father who tries to store a promise the he made come his son named Tommy. Armando was on account that serving 4 years for forgery. He gotten in prison by the normal route. Climate Armando was transferred to Cuesta conservation Camp. There, California department of Forestry and Fire protection personnel train convicts to fight wildfires. In November 2007, his crew was sent out to Ventura ar to battle fires in the coastal canyons.

When Armando was in the base camp at Camarillo Airport, he looked as much as see something the made his love race. He uncovered his kid through 2 dozen fire engines, 6 bulldozers and 800 firefighters. His son, Tommy, that was 11 year old at that time, was there together with a church group who delivered pies to the firefighters. Armando damaged the rules and also he ran to hug his kid that he had not viewed in two years. At that time, Armando said that he love Tommy and also he would check out him soon. Once, they had seen a many each various other where lock played video clip games together and even Armando coached Tommy's small League team.

In might 2008, Armando was paroled. Not long after that, that met again through his son and he invested a few days in addition to him. Your reunion go well. However, there to be something which make Armando sad. That did not have a job and there was no location which hired him together an ex con. There was a many negativity that he gained just since he was an ex con and also it made him think that he cannot be successful. However then, he found a brand-new chance in his life when he to be told about Torress in ~ a task fair for parolees. He was told the Torres hires parolees come take care of the pit bulls the she rescues and also rehabilitates.

Armando walk not recognize much around dogs however he would do anything the he can there. Then, he was interviewed through Torres and she liked what she saw. Torres claimed that she was interested in him since he embraced his former criminal life and also it did not make no excuses because that his negative behaviour.

When Armando functioned there, he picked up pit bull poop. Also, he to be learning exactly how to take care of dogs that had actually been cure improperly such as being abused, neglected or required into dogfighting. Armando believed that convicts and pit bulls room a good mix. At the time, Armando make an almost two-hour commute to working. Armando and the parolee crew feed, groom and assist train an ext than 250 dogs.

When he acquired a role in Pit bulls and Parolees, he said that it to be a bonus. Initially, he was nervous to it is in on that show due to the fact that there to be cameras city hall him. But after a while, the forgot that there to be cameras with him. Top top an illustration of the show, he was presented bathing Shaggy, the pit bull.

Then, Armando took pleasure in his young celebrity condition in 'Nard. After ~ that, another thing taken place where Tommy, his son, join him in ~ Villalobos ranch for volunteer days and also Tommy created an essay for his language art class around the rights of dogs.

Torres claimed that the dog made Armando a far better man. She said that she has seen Armando bite his tongue a lot of more. She likewise has seen him put right into positions right here that usually would have actually made him walk off on someone, however now the smiles and walks away. Tommy also told Torres the his dad is security a lot of time with him and also Armando effectively completed his parole. Nevertheless, Armando admitted that his battles to start afresh were far from over.

Well, that's the information that we got around Armando prior to he join Villalobos and while he to be there. Now, let's inspect out an ext about the show itself licensed has been granted Pit Bulls and also Parolees.

About Pit Bulls and Parolees

If you often watch Pit Bulls and also Parolees show, you may have been familiar with it. Well, it is a fact tv collection from America. In 2009, this present started and also it concentrates on the Villalobos Rescue Center, a rescue for dogs especially pit bull dogs. This display airs v some objectives which are declared in voice over during the opened credits the the present by the founder Tia Maria Torres. The mission is come combat misconceptions around pit bulls and other comparable dogs. Besides, one more mission the this show is to provide employment and also a stable shift for current parolees who are trying to return to society.

In Agua Dulce, California, Tia Torres started the shelter. Then, in 2011, her shelter was moved by she to the Greater brand-new Orleans in Louisiana. Usually, in the episodes of the show, over there are number of stories. Those include both a dog rescue and additionally an adoption. In the episodes, you are able to check out Tia and her family. Her family consists of her daughters called Tania and also Mariah, her embraced twin sons namely Kanani and also Moe, your wives specific Lizzie and also Mariah (or M2) and also the parolees who occupational in the rescue. There, they do daily care training duties and also pit bull rescue missions.

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The tenth season the this show started to air in winter 2018 come 2019. It airs regularly on animal Planet weekdays at 12 PM and 1 afternoon EST.