The Starbury"s made your debut in 2006 as soon as Stephon Marbury was on the Knicks.Corey Sipkin/NY daily News Archive/Getty Images
Former NBA star Stephon Marbury has built his basketball legacy in China through winning three championships for the city of Beijing, but he brought much more than just his video game overseas. In the past year, Marbury has relaunched his Starbury sneaker line, focusing on affordable basketball and also lifestyle shoes motivated by his time in the country.

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"I"m indigenous the real estate projects, where human being can"t purchased $150 shoes," Marbury said "I was among those children who wished to have actually shoes at that price, however my parental couldn"t buy shoes at the price. Placing food ~ above the table was much more important 보다 owning a pair the pricey shoes.Editor"s Picks

"Now that stayed in China for so many years, I"ve learned the shoes that expense $150 don"t expense that much to make, which drives me, even more, come continue structure my brand internationally for more people to have actually an opportunity to buy pair of shoes at one affordable price. Mine brand is because that the civilization who can"t afford, and also those in need."

Marbury"s sneakers are most likely most famous in America for your price. Ago when that was play for the new York Knicks in 2006, the initial Starbury line, created with retailer Steve & Barry"s, cost less than $15, with around 1 million pairs reportedly being sold in the very first six months. Starbury it is long for around three years, prior to Steve & Barry"s shut under in 2009 (also Marbury"s last year in the NBA).

When Marbury started promoting the return of Starbury in 2015, he referred to as out Michael Jordan, LeBron James and other sneaker symbols for unfair overpricing your products.

Home young your paying 200 for Jordan"s and they do them for 5 dollars. The shoes room made in China in the exact same places. Continue to be calm us coming!

- i AM tranquility STAR (
StarburyMarbury) October 4, 2015

Jordan has been robbing the hood since. Children dying because that shoes and the only face this dude provides is ns don"t care. The time will change!

- ns AM tranquility STAR (
StarburyMarbury) October 5, 2015

Real world know. I"m turn off the kids getting killed for Jordan"s. I dislike that this dude won"t change that. Greedy!

- ns AM tranquility STAR (
StarburyMarbury) October 6, 2015

Marbury likewise dismissed James as just a "follower" of MJ"s.

In 2014, a Nike employee described to a college of Oregon class that a $100 pair of pair of shoes costs around $28.50 to do in Asia and also ship to the U.S., according to the Portland company Journal. Famous American shoe companies would then market the shoe to wholesalers for around $50 (after some expenses on your end), and the save would include a 100 percent markup, bringing the cost to $100.

"My brand is because that the civilization who can"t afford, and those in need," Marbury said.EPA/Rolex Dela PenaFor the latest release, the Starbury elite Lightup, Marbury want something adaptable and also fun. The shoes collar is detachable so the you can make it either a high- or low-top. The sneakers likewise pair v a smartphone application that controls lights on the bottom of the shoe. With the app, the lights acknowledge the to win of every little thing music is playing on the phone.

"These pair of shoes can easily be offered for $300, but we offer this technology shoe for only $48.98," Marbury said.

"Creating the pair of shoes with technology for human being to have the ability to control the lamp from their phone to be something totally different than any shoe ever before made. Ns think people are starting to love the idea of something different from other brands. Do a difference has always been most crucial to Starbury due to the fact that it takes several care and also thought to execute so."

While there have actually been plenty of shoes through neon bright before, the Starbury app brings a unique element to the sneaker. Starbury product manager Yang Chen claimed that the upstream -- accessible online only in the U.S. And China -- has currently sold the end of its initial inventory. Various other lines the Starbury shoes cost $15 and $33.

Marbury started playing in the Chinese Basketball association (CBA) in 2010 v Shanxi Zhongyi. His contract had a service partnership come establish and promote the Starbury brand in China"s market, however the arrangement fell through. Marbury ongoing to occupational with numerous Chinese shoe manufacturers and also retailers to carry his shoe line back. Through his substantial success in the CBA and also growing social influence, the Starbury brand slowly took root again.

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From being unable come afford the most expensive shoes cultivation up in Coney Island to developing his very own as a basketball star in China, Marbury sounds together committed as ever before to his Starbury venture.

"There"s a distinction when you desire something and when you need something," Marbury said. "This is needed, for this reason I"ll continue doing it."