Tradition says that the apostles obtained the holy Spirit top top Pentecost in an top room, yet is the really what the scriptures says? Or go it suggest a various location?


The scriptures says, “When the job of Pentecost had come, they were all with each other in one place” (Acts 2:1). Whereby was that one place? legacy places the receiving that the heart on Pentecost in the upper room of acts 1. The practical worker met in the upper room after the ascension, however ten work elapsed between the ascension and also the events explained in acts 2. The story does not suggest that they were still in that top room in acts 2. Much more likely, the faithfulness assembled in among the courts of the Temple.

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Deuteronomy 16:16 enjoins all guys of Israel to current themselves before the lord (at the Temple) ~ above the day of Shavuot. Due to the fact that the disciples to be in Jerusalem, they could not fail come go up to the Temple. The disciples met every work in the holy place where they worshipped God continuously (Luke 24:52-53). If castle did therefore on simple days, exactly how much an ext so would certainly they have remained in the holy place on a holy day. Also though Luke go not explicitly state the the occasions of acts 2 took ar in the temple courts, the story infers the location.

The outpouring at Shavu’ot emerged at the time of morning sacrifice and prayer. Follow to acts 3, Simon Peter and John retained the times of prayer in the holy place courts.

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The grasp instructed His disciples to continue to be in Jerusalem till they received the holy Spirit. Men and also women anticipating magnificent revelation would certainly logically congregate in the house of God. Simon Peter taught to a vast multitude the Jews from almost everywhere the world. Only in the holy place courts would such a varied throng rally on the day of Shavuot. 3 thousand civilization immersed us in an answer to his message. The Temple had actually pools to accommodate massive immersions.The Greek native oikos (οικος), which many English Bibles translate as “house” in acts 2:2, is ambiguous and can to express to any type of building or structure. Rabbinic literature refers to the holy place as “The home (HaBayit, הבית).”

All this evidence points to the exact same conclusion: The putting out that the spirit reported in acts 2 took place in the courts of the temple in Jerusalem—not in the upper room pointed out in plot 1.