The Administration

The president of the United says is very powerful and is subsequently responsible for decisions every day that impact America"s future. So, how can one person handle all the responsibilities and pressures forced by one position? In this lesson you will learn about the administration, the human being who work-related within the executive, management Branch to assist the chairman plan and also carry out laws. Every President has an administration made up of thousands of human being who job-related in the White House, the Cabinet, and also the executive Office of the chairman to assist them carry out the huge job of chairman of the united gaianation.nets.

Executive Office that the President

The executive, management Office of the president (EOP) was developed by chairman Franklin Roosevelt in 1939 to provide support come the President required to make the decisions to administer effectively. The EOP is the President"s appropriate arm and is made up of several agencies responsible for a wide range of tasks. Offices of the EOP include: the White House, nationwide Security Council, Office that Management and Budget, and Council of economic Advisors, and several more.

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The White residence Office

The President"s closest advisors and personal staff comprise the White residence Office, which is the main point of the EOP. Members that the President"s personal staff occupational in the White home Office and are appointed by the President. They space not subject to Senate confirmation.

The chef of staff is the most powerful member the the White home Office. In addition to overseeing the EOP, the cook of employee manages the White house Office. The task varies in different administrations and varieties from primary adviser come the chairman to managing daily work of White House. The chief of staff frequently decides who will satisfy with the President.

White home Staff

There are number of other main staffers close come the President that report to the chief of staff consisting of the President"s personal secretary, counselor, senior advisors, and press secretary just to surname a few. Many of the President"s height aides work-related behind the scene to assist in critical areas together as foreign policy, defense, the economy, and also political affairs.

The push secretary has come to be an increasingly necessary position and is maybe the most visible member that the President"s staff. The press secretary handles relationships with news reporters and mass media in general, consisting of the Internet and social media.

Visit the Briefing Room come learn an ext about this crucial job.

National security Team

A really important firm in the EOP is the national Security the supervisory board (NSC). The NSC was created in 1947 to attend to the Soviet Union in the Cold War. The NSC meets at the President’s request to recommend him on foreign, domestic, or army mattes that influence the nation"s security.


Members of the national Security Council obtain an upgrade on the fatality of Osama bin Laden in the White House case Room in 2011. 

National security Team

The NSC is made up of the President, angry President, Secretary of, chairman the the joint Chiefs the Staff, director of the CIA, and also other optimal military, international affairs, and intelligence officials. The president chairs the NSC throughout their meetings in the situation Room.

Read situation Room to learn more.

Office of Management and Budget

Aside from the White residence Office, the largest and also most influential executive office is the Office of Management and also Budget (OMB). The OMB"s job is to prepare the federal budget and see the it is enforcement by the other agencies. The OMB monitors the security of funds appropriated by Congress.

In addition, the OMB works with the chairman to collection policies concerning the administration of finances because that the government and the acquisition of services and also goods because that the federal government as a whole.

Office that Management and also Budget

Developing a federal spending plan is a complicated and an extensive process that begins more than a year prior to the fiscal year for the spending plan starts. After evaluation hearings and also revision through the OMB, the President’s budget record is sent out to Congress.

Council of financial Advisors

The President also chooses 3 of the nation"s top financial experts to serve on the council of economic Advisors (CEA) to inform and also advise him or her on the the the nation"s economy and form economic policy.


President George W. Shrub meets with advisers in the Oval Office in 2009.

Council of economic Advisors

The 3 members that the CEA, which must be shown by the Senate, each have actually a staff that has advisors and also assistants. The CEA likewise assists the president in prepare the yearly Economic Report the is published and also presented to conference not long after the budget is submitted.

Visit the council of financial Advisors to learn more about the CEA.

Visit board of directors of financial Advisors- research study to learn an ext about the economic Report. Right here you can click on the many recent financial Report the the president or access previous reports.

Other workplaces of the EOP

In addition to the White residence Office, national Security Council, Office of Management and Budget, and also Council of financial Advisors, there room several other agencies in ~ the EOP that assist the President:

Visits the websites over to learn an ext about the EOP.

The President"s Cabinet


Visit Ben"s overview to learn an ext about the President"s Cabinet.

The President"s Cabinet

Another crucial part of a presidential management is the formal repertoire of the President"s the next advisors, or Cabinet. The Cabinet includes the vice President and the heads, or "secretaries", of every of the fifteen executive, management departments. Every department has specific areas of obligation to control.

The room is not gaianation.netd in the Constitution; however, short article II walk the chairman "may require the opinion the the principle officer in each of the executive departments." The constitution does no specify how countless executive departments have the right to or must be created. Chairman George Washington had four executive department top in his Cabinet.

Vice chairman of the joined gaianation.nets

The Vice chairman is the only chosen position, as well as the President, in ~ a presidential administration. The Vice president serves as a member that the cabinet in addition to three various other duties mentioned in the Constitution:

becomes President if the chairman is unable to serve Presides as President that the Senate Opens and also counts electoral votes in a Presidential election


Joe Biden, the Vice chairman of the United says of America in 2014.

Vice president of the joined gaianation.nets

The office of the Vice chairman is situated close to the President"s office, likewise known as the Oval Office, in the West soup of the White House.

Visit Vice-President"s Office to take a look in ~ the office.

Visit Vice president to discover more.

Members that the Cabinet

In addition to the evil President, the cabinet consists of 15 room secretaries, or heads of every department, that are chosen by the President and must be approved by a majority vote in the Senate. Hearings are hosted to recognize whether appointees will certainly be confirmed.


President Barak Obama and also members of his cabinet.

Congress and also Executive Departments

The Cabinet has grown over the years since the number of executive departments has actually increased. Executive departments are developed by Congress and are subject to that is oversight. Separation, personal, instance committees in Congress might subpoena cabinet officials to aid in your investigations.


The bush Cabinet, 2008.


The Clinton Cabinet, 1993.

Members that the Cabinet

Executive department are also subject come some regulate by Congress. Because that example, congress must provide appropriations or money to lug out programs developed by the departments.

Read The President"s cabinet to learn more.

Organization of executive, management Departments

Executive departments space organized right into a pyramidal structure with the cabinet member together the height officer. Separation, personal, instance departments room often made up of a substantial array of organizations and also agencies.


The organization chart for the department of Education.


The organization chart because that the department of Defense.

Top executive, management Departments

The very first three executive departments created by Congress, the departments of, Treasury, and also Defense, are still among the most necessary today.

The room of advises the president on foreign policy matters. The head the the department, the Secretary of, is the top-ranked member that the Cabinet and also a member the the nationwide Security Council.

former Secretary the Condoleezza Rice speaks v Russian chairman Vladimir Putin in 2005.

Watch Condoleezza Rice come learn around her time cultivation up in Alabama.

Department that Treasury

The department of Treasury proposal economic, tax, and fiscal policies; and it collects, spends, and also manufactures the money compelled by the country. The interior Revenue company (IRS) is simply one the the countless divisions within the department. The Secretary that the Treasury is a major policy torture to the President and manages the general public debt.

Visit Treasury come learn an ext about the department of Treasury.

Department that Treasury


Department the Defense

The department of Defense (DOD), initially the department of War, is oversees the armed forces and provides the military forces vital to protect against war and protect our country. The DOD is the largest executive department and carries out many of the President"s duties together Commander in Chief.


National security Advisor Condoleeza Rice, Secretary the Colin Powell, and Secretary that Defense Donald Rumsfeld listen to President George W. Bush speak around the Middle east in 2002.

Department that Defense

The Secretary that Defense and other secretaries (army, navy, and also air force) have to be civilians. However, the joint Chiefs of Staff, which recommend the Secretary that Defense and also President, covers the top-ranking armed forces officers from each of the armed services.

Visit DOD come learn much more about the room of Defense.

Department of Justice

The department of justice is the fourth oldest executive, management department and the nation"s largest law firm. It represents the citizens in put on impose the law. The commonwealth Bureau the Investigation(FBI) is one of the many well-known departments of the department.


The Robert F. Kennedy department of Justice building in Washington, D.C.

Department that Justice

The Secretaries that, Treasury, and also Defense together with the lawyer General consisted of the initial Cabinet and are considered the most important members due to the prestige of their departments. The attorney General, head of the department of Justice, is the just head that an executive, management department the is not referred to as Secretary.

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Visit justice 101 come learn an ext about the room of Justice.

Other executive Departments

In enhancement to the top 4 departments, there are eleven other executive departments who heads room members of the President"s Cabinet. Visit the websites listed below to learn about them.