Welcome to gaianation.net’s guide to MLA works Cited Pages! This guide serves as a one-stop shop for every little thing you must know about creating an yes, really MLA works cited page.

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Creating one MLA functions Cited Page:

Let’s obtain started v an explanation that what precisely a works cited page is and why producing one is necessary!

Note: This overview is no affiliated through the modern Language Association. The was emerged by gaianation.net’s in-house librarians to offer as a fast guide and snapshot of several of the guidelines uncovered in the MLA Handbook, nine ed.

Citing sources in MLA

When students and scholars create a research study paper, they look for out info in books, websites, journal articles, and many other species of sources. The information from this sources, linked with the scholar’s very own thinking and knowledge, assist in the development of a last project.

However, just placing details from books, websites, newspaper articles, newspaper articles, and also other source types into a project without a reference is not acceptable. Without a recommendation or citation, it’ll look prefer the paper’s author came up with every little thing themselves!

That method it’s vital to contact out when info is contained from outside sources and originated elsewhere.

An MLA works cited page shows every the resources that to be consulted and included in a project. Each resource has a equivalent in-text citation in ~ the paper.

In-text & parenthetical citations

In the body of a research project, add a brief reference next to a quote or paraphrased details that came from a source. This is called a citation in prose or a parenthetical citation.

In-text citation Example:

Langdon’s field of expertise is revealed in chapter 1, when he is presented to a team of college students. “Our guest tonight needs no introduction. He is the author of many books: The Symbology of secret Sects, The art of the Illuminati, The lost Language the Ideograms, and when ns say he composed the book on religious Iconology, I median that fairly literally. Plenty of of you use his textbooks in class” (Brown 8).

In the instance above, the writer displays that the quote was taken from Brown’s book, on web page 8.

Even though this details is helpful, the quick reference to Brown and also page 8 isn’t enough information come truly know the beginning of the quote. Other relevant information, such together the complete name that the author, the location of the book, the publisher, and also the year the publication was released is missing.

Where deserve to the reader uncover that information? In the MLA functions cited list!

Full references in the works cited list

The MLA functions cited list is the final page the a study project. Here, the reader have the right to take the moment to truly know the sources contained in the body of the project. The reader have the right to turn to the MLA works cited list, look for “Brown” and see the complete reference, i m sorry looks prefer this:

Brown, Dan. The DaVinci Code. Knopf Doubleday, 2003.

Included in the over reference is the full name of the writer (Dan Brown), the title of the resource (The DaVinci Code), the publisher of the publication (Knopf Doubleday), and also the year the book was released (2003).

The information listed in the reference provides the reader with enough information to look for out the original resource themselves, if that or she would like.

Works cited Example:


Organizing the works Cited Entries

There space two options: alphabet order and non alphabet order.

Alphabetical order

The majority of recommendations are organized in alphabetical order by the very first item in the reference, i m sorry is typically an author’s last name. As soon as a source doesn’t have actually an author, the location is placed very first in the reference. Numerous films and movies, for instance, start with the title, due to the fact that no author is present.

Either way, whether the recommendation starts through the last surname of the author, or a title, the entries are inserted in alphabetical order.

Works cited MLA example, organized in alphabetical order.

Benjamin, Chloe. The Immortalists. Penguin, 2018.

Black Panther. Command by Ryan Coogler, performance by Chadwick Boseman, Marvel Studios, 2018.

Egan, Jennifer. Manhattan Beach. Scribner, 2017.

Non-alphabetical order

The bulk of reference lists are arranged in alphabetical order. However, it is agree to only organize “annotated bibliographies” in alphabet order, chronological order, or subject order.

Here’s much more information around the organization and creation of an MLA annotated bibliography.

Formatting writer Names in MLA

If girlfriend need assist structuring or formatting the author’s name (or many authors’ names) in her references, this ar will help.

One Author

Let’s start with the suitable structure for one author’s surname (taken from section 5.6 the the official Handbook). If the source you’re attempting to point out was developed by one separation, personal, instance author, structure the name as follows:

Last name, an initial name.

The last surname of the author is put at the begin of the reference, adhered to by a comma, and the very first name the the author. Break up this information with a period.

One author with a center name or middle initial

Work cited Examples:

Burroughs, wilhelm S.

Yeats, W. B.

Alcott, Louisa May.

Wondering just how to organize two or much more works by Louisa might Alcott in her paper? It may be tricky come determine just how to alphabetically kinds the references, due to the fact that each MLA work cited entry starts with Louisa may Alcott.

Citing multiple sources with the exact same authorTo create a appropriate MLA functions cited list as soon as there room multiple resources by the exact same author, location the recommendations in alphabet order by the title. Only include the author’s surname in the an initial reference. In location of the author’s surname in succeeding entries, ar three dashes, complied with by a period. (Follows rule from ar 5.126 that the Handbook.)

Works cited Example:

Below is a visual representation of a appropriately organized and also structured MLA layout works cited list. Every three sources in this MLA functions cited page example are by the author, Louisa might Alcott.

Alcott, Louisa May. “Eight Cousins.” task Gutenberg, 2018, www.gutenberg.org/files/2726/2726-h/2726-h.htm.

– – -. Tiny Women. Bantam Classics, 1983.

– – -. Rose in Bloom. CreateSpace, 2018.

Citing a source with two Authors in MLA

According to ar 5.7 the the main Handbook, the very first listed author’s surname on the resource is the very first author seen in the reference. The second noted author’s name on the resource is the second author inserted in the reference.


The very first author’s name is put in turning back order, complied with by a comma and the indigenous “and.” The 2nd author’s name is noted in conventional order, adhered to by a period.

Last name, very first name of author 1, and very first name Last surname of author 2.

Work quote Examples

Brust, Steven, and also Emma Bull.

Jory, John, and Mac Barnett.

Citing multiple resources with the same co-authorsWhen there are multiple sources on a recommendation list by the exact same co-authors, to organize those specific references alphabetically by the titles. Only encompass the names of the coauthors in the very first entry.

Jory, John, and Mac Barnett. The damaging Two. Amulet, 2017.

– – -. The destructive Two get Worse. Amulet, 2017.

Here’s a complex scenario…

There may be times once you’re attempting to include additional resources by one of the co-authors, or the lead co-author together with a various individual.

Here is an instance of just how a works cited web page in MLA would certainly be organized. Contained is a resource solely created by one of the coauthors (John Jory) and also a source by john Jory with a various coauthor, Avery Monsen.

Works quote Example

Jory, John. The poor Seed. HarperCollins, 2017.

– – -. Giraffe Problems. Random House, 2018.

Jory, John, and Mac Barnett. The damaging Two. Amulet, 2017.

– – -. The devastating Two acquire Worse. Amulet, 2017.

Monsen, Avery, and Jory John. Every My Friends space Dead, Chronicle, 2010.

Summary the the over examples:

Jory John’s work, The bad Seed, is listed an initial in the referral list since the single author’s surname is organized very first in alphabet order.The second entry consists of the 3 hyphens and a duration in location of man Jory’s name because it is redundant to create out and display the author’s surname again in the list.Entries three and also four room by the coauthors Jory John and also Mac Barnett. The hyphens in the fourth resource replace the authors’ names in the third for the same reason as above: that unnecessary to write out both co-authors’ name twice. The devastating Two book is placed prior to The damaging Two gain Worse as the titles are placed in alphabet order.The fifth entry is by man Jory and also Avery Monsen. Monsen’s surname is displayed first on the source, i beg your pardon is why her surname is listed first in the entry. Remember: writer are placed in the stimulate they show up on the source.

Citing a resource with 3 or much more Authors in MLA

When there space three or more authors provided on a source, that is unnecessary to incorporate all individuals’ name in the recommendation list.

Only include the an initial listed author’s last name, followed by a comma and their first name, followed by an additional comma and also the abbreviation “et al.”

Work cited Example

Robertson, Judy, et al.

Et al. Is one abbreviation supplied in scholastic works. It equates to “and others” in Latin. Change the second, third, and also any extr authors’ names through “et al.” on your work-related cited page in MLA.

The above example to represent a journal article written by Judy Robertson, Beth Cross, Hamish Mcleod, and also Peter Wiemer-Hastings. Rather of consisting of all 4 authors’ name in the entry, only the very first listed author’s name is included.

Works cited Example:

If including an additional reference through Judy Robertson, but with different co-authors, incorporate her surname again in the recommendation list.

For example, take it a look at this journal write-up by Judy Robertson, Judith Good, and Helen Pain. The MLA work cited entrance would begin with Judy Robertson, et al. And also not 3 hyphens because there are various co-authors than the first.

Works cited Example:

Robertson, Judy, et al. “BetterBlether: The Design and also Evaluation that a discussion Tool because that Education.” international Journal of fabricated Intelligence in Education, 1998, pp. 9, 219-236, ijaied.org/pub/1026/file/1026_paper.pdf.

The entries are detailed in alphabetical order by the location of the source since the an initial positions room the same.

Citing writer with suitable titles in MLA

There space times once an author is graced through a prestigious location such together a Duke, Sir, Saint, and also others (see ar 2.83 that the Handbook for more examples).

When an author has a details title, it should be omitted indigenous the body of a job and additionally omitted native the referral list.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle must be in the job as Arthur Conan Doyle.

On a work cited page in MLA, it would be presented as:

Doyle, Arthur Conan.

Citing Authors through Suffixes in MLA

If an author has a suffix in his or her name, such as Junior (Jr.) or a roman numeral such together II, III, IV, or V, this details is had in the recommendation list.

The individual’s surname is put in reverse order, through the last name presented in the an initial position. Automatically following the last name is a comma, complied with by the an initial name and middle name. After the very first and center names, a comma is placed, and also the suffix of the separation, personal, instance is placed at the end with a period. You need to not incorporate the comma preceding the suffix, however, if it is a numeral.

For example, Cal Ripken, Jr. Would be structured as

Ripken, Cal, Jr.

Frederick wilhelm III would be structured as:

William, Frederick III.

Citing Pen names in MLA

If the author’s pen surname is one the is fine known, that is agree to usage the pen name in ar of the author’s real first and critical name.

For example, note Twain, Dr. Seuss, George Orwell, and O. Henry are all acceptable to use in a functions cited MLA section, together their pen names room well known.

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If the author’s pen name is less familiar, girlfriend can encompass the author’s real name in base in the reference.