Whenever a record iscreated or changed, the operating system activates the save Bitor amendment bit. Uneven you choose to use backup methods thatdepend on a date and also time stamp, back-up Exec provides the save bitto determine whether a paper has to be backed up, i beg your pardon is animportant element of your backup strategy.

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Whenever a document has beenbacked up utilizing either the complete - back up files - using archive bit(reset save on computer bit) or Incremental - readjusted Files - Reset ArchiveBit backup method, backup Exec turns the archive little off,indicating to the system that the document has to be backed up. If thefile is changed again prior to the next full or incremental backup,the little is turned on again, and Backup Exec will ago up the filein the next full or incremental backup. Backups utilizing theDifferential - changed Files backup method include only documents thatwere produced or modified due to the fact that the last complete backup. Once this typeof differential back-up is performed, the archive bit is leftintact.

Consider the followingbackup strategy scenario:

Fred desires to carry out abackup strategy for the office fileserver. Fred knows the allbackup strategies start with a full backup (backup of an entiredevice utilizing the full back-up method), so he creates a SelectionList because that his server and also submits the job to run at the end of theday ~ above Friday.

Since most records on theserver, such as operating mechanism files and also application files,seldom change, Fred decides that he have the right to save time and media byincorporating incremental or differential backups in his mediarotation scheme. Fred opts to usage incremental backups, for this reason heschedules the script to operation at the end of the day, Monday throughThursday, v the incremental back-up method.

Here"s what happens:Fred"s Friday tape contains all of the data on the fileserver andBackup Exec changes all of the files" statuses to backed up. At theend of the day on Monday, the incremental job runs and only thefiles the were developed or changed (had the archive bit re-set bythe operating system) room backed up. As soon as the incremental jobcompletes, back-up Exec will revolve the archive little off, reflecting thatthe papers have been backed up. Top top Tuesday through Thursday, thesame events happen.

If Fred"s fileservercrashed ~ above Thursday morning, ~ he got it running, the wouldrestore each backup in the stimulate in which that was developed (forexample, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and also so forth).

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If Fred had decided toperform differential backups ~ above Monday v Thursday, the wouldhave only needed Friday"s and Wednesday"s tapes: Friday"s tapebecause it included every one of the data, and also Wednesday"s ice cream becauseit consisted of every paper that had actually been created or changed sinceFriday"s backup.