Bizzy Bone is mourning the loss of his longtime manager Nena Jackson. The Bone Thugs-n-Harmony legend take it his grief to Instagram top top Wednesday (November 18) and also admitted he was struggling with Jackson’s recent death.

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“No one knows but i have actually suffered a significant loss in my life,” he wrote alongside a video clip of himself through her. “Rest in heaven my manager for over 20 years. It no register. I refuse come let she go. #RipNena this really adjusted my life currently and i feel some sort of way. I deserve to not describe it.”

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The Grammy Award-winning artist spoke very of his monitoring team in an old press release. While cultivating his “Walk In my Shoes” campaign, i m sorry intended to address the plight the homelessness and also his spirituality journey, Bizzy showered Jackson and fellow manager Kanardo Davis with praise.

“I’m functioning with specialists who know the nature that this business, human being that ns respect and also trust,” the said. “Our target is around success in everything we do and also together we will accomplish those goals due to the fact that this is just how we roll.”

Speaking on Bizzy, Jackson applauded she client’s initiatives to get back on the right path.

“Now, into my 2nd project v Bizzy, I recognize some things that the civilization may still be puzzled about,” she said. “Bizzy is a genius. The knows exactly what that is doing and also everything has a spirituality purpose. Although number of independent jobs surfaced as soon as Bizzy struggled to save his head over water, I think that this will certainly be Bizzy’s best solo project ever. He took his time to work-related on this album and also now the old Bizzy Bone is back, with a brand-new flavor and a brand-new attitude.”


Bizzy has faced many hardships throughout his life. In 1980, he was kidnapped at 4 year old by a mother’s boyfriend and also held captive because that over 2 years. Throughout that time, he was shuffled approximately homes and also physically, sexually and mentally abused. V the aid of the television display America’s many Wanted, the was at some point found and returned to his family.

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Diving headfirst into music, he and his Bone brethren at some point reached i know well Hop legend status however suffered an additional monumental tragedy as soon as their mentor Eazy-E passed away in 1995. sends out our condolences come Bizzy and Jackson’s love ones.