The Arctic bring to mental encounters with distinct wildlife, fascinating background and living cultures, remote hikes throughout untracked tundra, and also spectacular icebergs drifting against a background of polar wilderness.

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The Arctic offers all of this and also more. But what precisely is the Arctic? that far more than a single country or location: the a vast region encompassing the northern reaches that the globe. Let’s take a closer look at at wherein the Arctic is, and also how you can gain there. 

Where specifically is the Arctic?

The Arctic is the polar region to the phibìc of the planet. The generally explained as everything north that the Arctic Circle. The covers roughly a 6th of the globe, and people have actually been travelling and exploring this area for countless years. 

What is the Arctic Circle?

The Arctic one is a line of latitude that circles the globe at roughly 66°33′ phibìc of the equator. 

Where is the Arctic Circle situated on a map?

You can uncover the Arctic Circle in the direction of the optimal of the map, cross the north parts the Russia, Alaska and also Canada, and including the Arctic Ocean.


What is the Arctic Circle?

The Arctic circle is more than simply an arbitrarily line. The marks crucial geographical change between the North and also the rest of the world. 

North the the Arctic Circle, over there is at least one whole day each year when the sun doesn’t rise, and one entirety day as soon as it no set. This creates a distinct polar environment, v breathtaking sunsets the last for hours before transforming into sunrise. 

Many tourists are drawn to the Arctic to witness the ‘midnight sun’. In ~ midnight in the middle of summer, the sun hovers just above the horizon, and the excellent colours the sunset sweep the otherworldly sky for hrs until the sun rises again. In winter, the aurora borealis (northern lights) streaks across perpetually dark skies in a spectacular swirl that green, purple and other hues, i m sorry dance favor ribbons across the sky.

Midnight sun in Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway

Who own the Arctic Circle?

No one own the Arctic Circle, back it crosses through countless countries including Canada, Russia, Norway and also Finland.

Most countries have indications to mark the location where the Arctic circle crosses significant roads or various other landmarks, and taking a photograph as you overcome this crucial line the latitude is a to mark for countless Arctic travellers. 

Which nations are in the Arctic?

There space eight nations with territory in the Arctic region: Canada, The Kingdom of Denmark (including Greenland), Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the USA (Alaska).

These eight countries have developed the Arctic board of directors to resolve issues essential to the region. The Council’s goal is to encourage cooperation, coordination and interaction ~ above matters such as advance and the environment.

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Is over there an Arctic Ocean?

Yes, the Arctic ocean is the smallest, shallowest ocean container on the planet, spanning an area practically twice the dimension of Australia. Connected to the Atlantic and also Pacific Oceans, it has many large bays and seas including the Barents Sea, Greenland Sea, Chukchi Sea, Norwegian Sea, the Denmark Strait and others.

During the winter, lot of the Arctic ocean is usually covered in sea ice. The ice cream provides an important habitat for Arctic life, indigenous the birds that grow on its underside, to the polar bear that usage it as a platform for searching seals. It additionally plays an important role in global ocean circulation, i beg your pardon helps save our climate stable.

In the summer, much of this ice melts, opened up waterways for ships to check out in find of wild landscapes, Arctic wildlife and adventure in wide, open up spaces.