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Born:November 19, 1938 (age 82)CincinnatiOhio...(Show more)Awards and Honors:Peabody compensation (1997)America’s Cup (1977)...(Show more)Notable household Members:spouse woman Fonda...(Show more)

Ted Turner, byname the Robert Edward Turner III, (born November 19, 1938, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.), American broadcast entrepreneur, philanthropist, sportsman, and also environmentalist who established a media realm that contained several television channels that that created, notably CNN.

Early life

Turner flourished up in an affluent family; his father own a successful billboard-advertising company. In 1956 Turner enrolled at Brown University yet was expelled three years later, supposedly for having actually a woman in his dormitory room. Turner joined the family members business, which was based in Atlanta, and also became the basic manager of among the company’s branch workplaces in 1960. Following his father’s suicide in 1963, Turner took over the ailing organization and restored it come profitability.


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Media empire

In 1970 Turner purchased a financially troubled UHF television station in Atlanta, and within 3 years that made it among the few truly lucrative independent station in the unified States. In 1975 Turner’s company was among the first to use a brand-new communications satellite to broadcast his terminal (later change the name WTBS, or TBS, the Turner broadcast System) to a nationwide cable television audience, thereby substantially increasing revenues. Come reflect the business’s shift from billboards, Turner change the name it Turner communications Company, and also in 1979 the venture came to be known together Turner broadcasting System, Inc. Turner walk on to create two other highly successful and innovative cable television networks: CNN (Cable News Network; 1980), the first 24-hour news channel, and also TNT (Turner Network Television; 1988). Through the Turner broadcast System, he also purchased the Atlanta Braves major league baseball team in 1976 and also the Atlanta Hawks skilled basketball team in 1977. In 1986 the bought the MGM/UA to chat Company, which contained Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s library of more than 4,000 films. Turner collection off a storm the protest when he authorized the “colourizing” of few of the library’s black-and-white motion pictures.

The large debt burden continual from these purchases compelled Turner to nearly immediately offer off not only MGM/UA but likewise a re-publishing of the Turner transfer System, Inc., despite he retained control of it. He additionally kept property of the MGM movie library, which included many Hollywood classics. In 1991 that married actress-activist jane Fonda; they divorced in 2001.

Turner resumed the development of his media realm in the 1990s v the development of the Cartoon Network (1992) and also Turner Movie classics (1994). He likewise oversaw the acquisition (1993) of 2 motion-picture manufacturing companies, brand-new Line Cinema and Castle rock Entertainment. In 1996 the media giant Time Warner Inc. Obtained the Turner Broadcasting system for $7.5 billion. As part of the agreement, Turner became a vice-chairman the Time Warner and also headed all of the linked company’s cable television networks. Once Time Warner an unified with Internet company AOL in 2001, Turner became vice-chairman and senior adviser of AOL Time Warner Inc. In 2003 that resigned together vice-chairman of that company, and also three years later on Turner announced the he would certainly not look for reelection come its board of directors.

Philanthropist, conservationist, and sportsman

Turner to be a noted philanthropist and environmentalist. That donated some $1 exchange rate to establish (1998) the United nations Foundation, and he produced (2001) the Nuclear danger Initiative, i beg your pardon sought to protect against the use of tools of mass destruction. He listed extensive resources to conservation efforts through his Turner structure (created 1990). Turner was among the biggest landowners in the unified States, and many that his ranches were affiliated in sustainability and ecotourism. The oversaw initiatives to rebuild and also promote the country’s bison herd, and also in 2002 that cofounded Ted’s Montana Grill, a restaurant chain the reportedly had actually the world’s “largest bison menu.” He also cocreated and cowrote the man children’s collection Captain Planet and also the Planeteers (1990–96), i m sorry centres on teenaged ecological activists.

In addition, Turner to be an avid sportsman, particularly known as a yachtsman. The piloted Courageous to success the America’s Cup in 1977. He also founded and also sponsored the Goodwill games (1986–2001), citing his hope of easing Cold war tensions v friendly athletic competition.

Turner to be the recipient of many honours, including a Peabody award in 1997. In 2006 he received the Bower compensation for business Leadership indigenous the Franklin Institute—a premier science and technology education and development centre in Philadelphia. In April 2007 junior Achievement—a nonprofit educational organization that offers hands-on company training program to youths throughout the world—inducted Turner into its U.S. Company Hall that Fame. In 2008 Turner released his autobiography, Call Me Ted.

In 2018 Turner announced that he had actually been diagnosed v Lewy body dementia.

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