during transformation...A) a prokaryote is adjusted into a eukaryoteB) a cell absorbs DNA from external the cellC) foreign DNA is placed into the plasmidD) a cell is mutated

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scientists have the right to transform tree cells by...A) using the bacterium Agrobacterium tumefaciensB) removing the tree cells walls and also then mixing the cells with DNAC) injecting DNA into the plant cellsD) all of the above
a recombinant plasmid gets inside the cell by A) inducing mutationsB) injecting itself into the cellC) transformationD) recombining v the cell
which that the following has all rather in it?A) plasmidB) changed bacteriumC) international geneD) recombinant DNA
which that the following steps is NOT vital in producing recombinant DNA?A) reduced out a piece of DNA from a DNA moleculeB) splice a item of DNA into DNA from an additional organismC) use a restriction enzyme to cut DNAD) check out the DNA succession of the piece of DNA to it is in cut and also spliced
a gene that provides it feasible to identify bacteria that bring a plasmid (and the foreign DNA) native those that don"t is called a(n)...A) resistance geneB) antibioticC) hereditary markerD) clone
which the the following is often used together a genetic marker?A) a international geneB) a gene for antibiotic resistanceC) a DNA sequence the serves together a bacterial beginning of replicationD) a nucleotide labeled with a fluorescent dye
the transformation of a plant cell is successful if...A) the plasmid that gone into the cabinet reproduces within the cellB) the international DNA is incorporated into one of the cell"s chromosomesC) the cabinet reproducesD) a plasmid has entered the cell
suppose a bacteria culture were mixed with recombinant plasmids include a gene for resistance come penicillin. The bacteria society was climate treated with penicillin. I beg your pardon of the complying with statements is not true?A) those bacteria that contain the plasmid will certainly surviveB) the penicillin will kill the bacteria the were transformedC) the gene for antibiotic resistance is express in the bacteria the surviveD) this bacteria the are efficiently transformed will certainly survive
what kind of method do scientists use to make transgenic organisms?A) hybridizationB) inbreedingC) inducing that mutationsD) genetic engineering
what is an advantage of using transgenic bacteria to develop human proteins? A) the person proteins produced by transgenic bacteria work much better than those created by humansB) transgenic bacteria can develop human protein in large amountsC) the human being proteins produced by transgenic bacteria last much longer than those produced by humansD) transgenic bacteria can create human proteins used to do plastics




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