The California Mini-Corps regimen (CMC) is a statewide regimen designed to administer direct instructional solutions for migrant student in qualities K-12 v a cadre of trained college tutors.

The California Mini-Corps Program, began in 1967, patterned ~ the tranquility Corps Program. The strategy was to interact a corps of university students v rural migrant backgrounds and also recruit castle to occupational as teacher assistants in migrant influenced schools. The Mini-Corps students became role models which raised the aspirations of migrant students.

Today, the CMC program includes two major goals:

To provide direct instructional tutorial services to boost migrant student scholastic achievement v a structure of trained university tutors. To construct a cadre the future bilingual-bicultural, credentialed teachers that will be much better equipped to work with migrant students.

Role the the CMC Tutor

Mini-Corps participants room full-time, undergraduate students who are pursuing careers in education. Mini-Corps participants job-related as teacher assistants in public colleges providing straight instructional solutions to migrant children. Mini-Corps participants job-related under the direction that certificated teachers and are oversaw by a Mini-Corps college Coordinator. Participants space paid one hourly wage because that their work-related in the routine and additionally receive in-service training with educational workshops.

Those in the Mini-Corps regime strive to meet the adhering to purposes:

Provides direct tutorial services (primarily in language arts and also math) to Migrant students established as “priority because that services” and who room at danger of not meeting state scholastic standards. Serves as a positive function model because that migrant students. Encourages migrant youngsters to continue their education. Conducts home visits and serves as a liaison and also advocate between the parents and also the school. help classroom teachers better understand the migrant child and his/her culture. Functions 10-17.50 hrs a week. Performs spontaneous community organization (minimum six hrs per semester).

Training and also Support

CMC Tutors receive inservice training v monthly educational workshops or by registering because that a course in conjunction v the California Mini-Corps Program. Significant emphasis is on English language arts, mathematics and on efficient methods and strategies that allow the Mini-Corp tutor to assist teachers in instructing migrant children to satisfy state academic standards.

The regime coordinator conducts classroom access time to watch the CMC Tutors working v migrant students to assistance and administer feedback the will help the tutor to develop and improve tutorial skills and knowledge. The regimen Coordinator meets and also advises the CMC Tutors on their scholastic course job-related on a continual basis.

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Criteria for Admission

Students interested in using to it is in a Mini-Corps tutor, must fulfill the adhering to requirements:

be enrolled as full time student in one undergraduate program have a financial need have actually a migrant or farm yard worker background (Experiential classroom expertise of the migrant family members life style may it is in considered.) interest in giving tutorial services to migrant youngsters be citizen of the United claims or fulfill resident criteria have an interest in a teaching field and/or pursuing a job in education. (Liberal Arts, or solitary Subject Major) be able to communicate in English and also with a high level of capability in Spanish, or in the target language of the migrant student satisfy the academic standards because that a credential (A minimum GPA of 2.0 because that freshman, 2.3 because that sophomores, 2.5 because that juniors and 2.8 for seniors.)

If you space interested in using to the California Mini-Corps program, contact:

Rosario Verdel, university Coordinator university Hall 202 (760) 750-4313 rverdel