The president through the most youngsters was President john Tyler, who served from 1841 to 1845. He had 15 children between the years 1815 and 1860. He had actually them through two various wives. Eight were v his first wife, Lettia Tyler, and also the other seven were through his second wife, Julia Gardiner.

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Some that the children ended up being doctors, veterans that the polite War, and powerful politicians. Other died at a young age, and some of them vanished into history virtually unknown. However, every one of them were able to point to your father as one of the presidents that the united States.



President Tyler"s Children

Tyler"s famed Children

Robert Tyler, the second child of the president, to be born in 1816 and became a effective lawyer and also politician. Later in his life, he came to be the Alabama democratic State Chairman, and the editor that the Montgomerey Advisor.

Another kid who attempted to obtain into the ar of politics, law, and also writing to be John. The did not really succeed at any kind of of those professions; however, he is famous for defending his father"s honor in a Richmond newspaper.

David Gardiner, the an initial of Julia"s children, served in the Confederate army during the civil War. Afterwards, he became a lawyer and served in a variety of positions in Congress.

Lachlan Tyler was likewise a physician who ended up being a operated doctor in the United claims Navy.

Another successful member of the Tyler household was Lyon Gardiner who was the chairman of William and Mary College because that 31 years.

Born in 1821, Lettia Tyler Semple, take it on the duty of mommy to her younger siblings ~ her mommy suffered a stroke. However, when her father married Gardiner, the two women despised each other and continued to fight for the remainder of your lives.

Another controversial number in the Tyler family members was Tazewell. He offered in the polite War, and also became a doctor. However, he passed away of alcoholism at the age of 44.

Tyler"s Not-So-Famous Children

Tyler had actually a daughter, Elizabeth, that was born on July 11, 1823, and also passed away on June 1, 1850. Her half-sister, Julia Tyler Spencer, to be born on Christmas work in 1849, and also died on may 8, 1871.

Tyler"s unfortunate Children

Tyler"s an initial child, Mary, to be born in 1815, and also remained relatively unknown because that the majority of her life. In fact, she passed away in 1848, in ~ the period of thirty three, and also twelve years prior to the last of her siblings to be born.

Mary"s sister ann Contesse was born in April that 1825 and died in July the 1825; however, the reason of her fatality is not currently known.

Another ominous daughter of Tyler"s to be Alice Tyler Denison who passed away from colic at the period of 27.

John Alexander drank contaminated water in Mexico in 1883, and also then died from dysentery together a result. Before that, he had actually a troubled past. The ran far from home when he was 14 year old and also tried to sign up with the Confederate Army, yet was rejected since of his age.

Robert Fitzwalter, born in 1856, check to attend Georgetown College. However, that did not have enough money, and was forced to become a farmer.

Tyler"s last Living Child

The critical of President john Tyler"s youngsters was Pearl Tyler Ellis. She to be born top top June 20, 1860. She went to sacred Heart College, to be married to william Mumford Ellis and also lived close to Roanoke for the majority of she life.

Mary was born in 1815, and also Pearl died on June 30, 1947. The is astonishing! 132 year passed in between the birth of the an initial child and also the fatality of the last!


President Tyler"s function as President

John Tyler had a really interesting role in the government throughout his time, as he to be the very first person to succeed to the office of chairman after a death. President wilhelm Harrison passed far on April 4, 1841, only a month after the had become president, and the nation did no know how to respond or what to do. Eventually, they decided that it would certainly make the most sense because that Tyler to serve as president.

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He to be a really controversial president, and also although he initially represented the Whig party, that turned against most of their political stances during the course of his career. By the end of his term as president, many of the Whigs resigned indigenous his cabinet, and they walk not want him to belong to their political party any kind of longer. In spite of the troubles that he brought about within the government, the will constantly be remembered for his annexation of the Republic that Texas in 1845.