What is the minimum age at which you can acquire a class C driver patent without either driver education or gift a hardship case? (Chpt. 1)
Restrictions relating come time/speed/location in ~ which the driver may operate the vehicle and also referring to passenger in the car.

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What action should you take it if friend fail to receive the renewal notice card reminding you that your driver patent is around to expire? (Chpt. 1)
Upside-down red triangle through white triangle inside the reads "YIELD"

What does a “Narrow Bridge” sign look like, and also how need to the driver react when he watch one? (Chpt. 5)
Yellow rhombus with damaged lane marker and also two currently curving right into it. The bridge ahead is no as wide as the road. Sluggish down and use caution.

What is the form of a “Keep Right” sign, and how have to the driver react as soon as he watch one? (Chpt. 5)
White rectangle through "U" block and also arrow to the right. One should keep to the appropriate of the sign.

Yellow rhombus v curving line and also arrow.

The sign is a white rectangle the reads "SLOWER TRAFFIC save RIGHT." One have to keep right once seeing it. Continue to be in the right-hand lane if you space driving slow than other vehicles ~ above the roadway.

The phrase way that you must enable the adhering to vehicles come proceed prior to you do: those on your appropriate at an intersection, approaching, on through street, exiting and also entering highway, institution buses, emergency vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles.
brakes, lights, horn, muffler, safety and security glass, license plates, windshield wiper, rearview mirror, former seat-belts, tires, and fuel cap
A muffler and exhaust system – every 1968 or later on models need to be equipped v an exhaust emission system to help reduce air pollution.
Describe the types of tools which Texas state regulation specifically forbids ~ above passenger cars moved within the state. (Chpt. 2)
red light showing from the front; bell, siren, or exhaust whistle; muffler cutout; anything three inches indigenous left, 6 from other places
How need to you react when a traffic officer tells you to execute something i beg your pardon is ordinarily taken into consideration to be against the law? (Chpt. 5)
Once the brakes have been applied, about how many feet does a vehicle which was going 70 mph travel before it pertains to a stop? (Chpt. 8)
When is it essential to stop prior to proceeding when you overtake a college bus loading or unloading children? (Chpt. 4)
About how plenty of feet will the typical driver walking 50 mph travel from the minute he sees danger until he access time the brakes? (Chpt. 8)

Does a posted speed limit of 55 mph mean that you may drive 55 mph on the highway under every conditions? (Chpt. 8)
No. During periods of heavy traffic, incl weather, short visibility, or other bad driving conditions, speed have to be adjusted so that mishaps will be avoided.
You need to never journey on the left fifty percent of the roadway as soon as you room within how plenty of feet native an intersection, bridge, or railroad crossing? (Chpt. 6)
What have to you do if you discover you room in the wrong lane to do a rotate as you get in an intersection? (Chpt. 6)
When 2 cars meet at the intersection the a two-lane road with a fourlane road, i m sorry one should yield the ideal of-way? (Chpt. 4)
You should use her headlights between one-half hour after sunset come one-half hour before sunrise, or any other time as soon as persons or vehicles can not be seen plainly for at least1,000 feet.
DWI, drug offense, intoxication manslaughter, intoxication assault, fail to stop and render aid, causing death or major injury while in vehicle, any kind of felony during operation, pass a college bus, evading arrest, unlawful use of driver license
Locate the vehicle owner and give them your name and resolve or leave her name and resolve in the windshield
If girlfriend are compelled to show proof that financial obligation for the future, how many years should such proof be retained up? (Chpt. 3)
yellow rhombus v black cross

When parked parallel, her curb side wheels mustbe no more than how plenty of inches indigenous the curb? (Chpt. 7)
When following one more car, what is a great rule to identify the street at i m sorry you have to follow behind? (Chpt. 9)
To what agency and in ~ what time period must a readjust of address be reported for driver license purposes? (Chpt. 1)
affected concentration, judgment, and sensory and perceptual skills, loss in coordination, "edginess"
Stop completely before entering the crosswalk or intersection, then proceed as soon as you have the right to do for this reason safely. Vehicles top top the intersecting roadway may not need to stop
Describe the form of authorize which would certainly let you recognize that you were on a in a city or urban area. (Chpt. 5)
What is the maximum variety of inches the you may lawfully enable an object to extend beyond the left fender of your car? (Chpt. 2)
When beginning or cross a road, street, or highway indigenous a exclusive road, alley, building, or driveway after avoiding prior come the sidewalk, friend shall productivity the right-of-way to all approaching vehicles and also pedestrians.
If a son runs into the road 45 to 50 feet front of her car, what is the highest possible speed from which you deserve to stop with great brakes without hitting him? (Chpt. 8)
What is the maximum speed limit because that passenger car on Texas Highway numbered by this state or unified States exterior an city district? (Chpt. 8)
Such circumstances including in a “no happen zone”, and attempt of passing by driving turn off the paved section of the highway.
In Texas and also many other states, you might pass top top the right just when problems permit you to perform so safely, such as:1. The road is clear of parked vehicles or other things and also is large enough for 2 or much more lanes in every direction.2. You space on a one-way road.3. You may pass ~ above a led shoulder when the automobile you are passing is slowing or stopped on the key travelled portion of the highway, disabled, or preparing to make a left turn.Do no pass on the right by driving turn off the paved portion of the highway
When a driver is wait to do a left turn, what is the procedure he must take as soon as the light transforms green? (Chpt. 5, 6)
Turn ~ above the left rotate signal light prior to entering the intersection, wait for the coming traffic, than make a left turn, if safe.
You have to use her headlights in between one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour prior to sunrise, or any type of other time when persons or vehicles can not be seen plainly for at least 1,000 feet.
500 feetOther occasions: once following closely behind another vehicle (within 300 feet). When driving on lighted roads. Once driving in fog, heavy rain, sleet, snow, or dust.
Evidence of gaue won responsibility should be presented to the appropriate authorities at the moment a person uses for a driver license, registers a motor vehicle, or obtains a motor vehicle inspection certificate.

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A legal responsibility insurance plan in at least the minimum amounts listed above, or a typical proof of liability insurance type promulgated by the Texas department of insurance and issued by a liability insurer.