re-publishing Our wealth (a.k.a.

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re-publishing the Wealth)

In a nationwide radio deal with on February 23, 1934, Huey long unveiled his “Share our Wealth” plan (also known as Huey Long"s "Share the Wealth" plan), a regime designed to administer a decent conventional of living to every Americans by dispersing the country wealth amongst the people. Lengthy proposed capping an individual fortunes in ~ $50 million every (roughly $600 million in today"s dollars) with a restructured, progressive federal taxation code and sharing the result revenue with the public through government benefits and also public works. In succeeding speeches and writings, the revised his graduated taxes levy on wealth over $1 million to cap fortunes in ~ $5 - $8 million (or $60 - $96 million today).

Share Our wealth Proposal

Cap personal fortunes at $50 million every — tantamount to around $600 million today (later diminished to $5 - $8 million, or $60 - $96 million today) Limit yearly income come one million dollars each (about $12 million today) limit inheritances to 5 million dollars every (about $60 million today) insurance every family members an yearly income of $2,000 (or one-third the national average) cost-free college education and also vocational cultivate Old-age pensions for all persons over 60 Veterans benefits and also healthcare A 30 hour occupational week A four week vacation for every worker higher regulation the commodity production to stabilize prices

Long advocated totally free higher education and vocational training, pensions for the elderly, veterans benefits and also health care, and also a yearly stipend for all family members earning much less than one-third the nationwide average revenue – sufficient for a home, an automobile, a radio, and also the simple conveniences. Long additionally proposed shortening the work-related week and also giving employees a month holidays to boost employment, along with greater federal government regulation of economic activity and production controls. He later on proposed a blame moratorium to provide struggling families time to pay their mortgages and other debts before losing their building to creditors.

Long charged the the nation’s financial collapse was the an outcome of the huge disparity between the super-rich and also everyone else. A restore was difficult while 95% the the nation’s wide range was organized by only 15% of the population. In Long’s view, this concentration that money amongst a handful of rich bankers and industrialists limited its access for average citizens, who were currently struggling v debt and also the effects of a shrinking economy. Since no one could afford come buy goods and services, enterprise were required to reduced their workforces, thus deepening the economic crisis through a terrible ripple effect.

“Our present plan is that we will permit no one man to own much more than $50 million,” long told the radio audience that millions. "It might be necessary, in functioning out the plans the no man"s fortune would certainly be an ext than $10 or $15 million. But be that as it may, it will certainly still be an ext than any one man, or any kind of one man and also his children and also their children, will have the ability to spend in your lifetimes; and it is not essential or reasonable to have actually wealth piled up beyond the point where we cannot stop poverty among the masses.”

Long believed that the was ethically wrong for the government to enable millions of american to endure in abject poverty when there existed a surplus of food, clothing, and also shelter. That blamed the mass enduring on a capitalist mechanism run amok and also feared that imminent civil unrest threatened the democracy. By 1934, nearly half of all American family members lived in poverty, earning much less than $1,250 annually.

Reality Check

A Roadmap for the Future

Huey lengthy never received credit for the government reforms that resulted from his re-publishing Our riches movement. The an excellent Depression persisted for six years after Long’s death, and also the federal government gradually adopted policies to manage the economic situation and administer for the general public good. Countless of today’s commonwealth programs resolve causes championed through Huey Long:

Social security Veterans services College Financial assist National public works FDIC financial institution insurance labor rights, minimum wage and 40-hour job-related week standards Farm help Public energy regulation Graduated revenue Tax and Inheritance tax Medicare and also Medicaid Food Stamps Housing assistance

“The same mill that grinds out the extra affluent is the same mill that will certainly grind out the extra poor, because, in order the the extra affluent can end up being so affluent, they should necessarily take much more of what ordinarily would certainly belong to the average man,” said Long.

To construct grassroots assistance for his program, lengthy announced the formation of the Share ours Wealth society with the slogan "Every male a King", and he motivated the windy to write to that to discover more. Long’s post struck a chord v a public desperate because that relief. By April 1935, his Senate office received an mean of 60,000 letters a week.

To to organize a network of re-superstructure Our wide range clubs approximately the country, long enlisted the assist of Reverend Gerald L. K. Smith, a charismatic minister native Shreveport through a gift for public speaking. Blacksmith traveled the nation, drawing substantial crowds in assistance of Long’s program, and also by the finish of 1934, the movement currently had 3 million members.

By the summer of 1935, there were an ext than 27,000 share Our riches clubs through a member of much more than 7.5 million. Loyal followers met every week to talk about Long’s ideas and also spread the message. There to be no dues, simply fellowship and discussion, and also membership was open up to all races. White supremacists fee that long was attempting to organize blacks to vote. Lengthy countered the Share Our wealth was expected to assist all poor people, and black world were welcome to participate because they to be the poorest world in the nation – a radical inclusion because that a deeply segregated society.

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Meanwhile, the conservative nationwide media dismissed Long’s program, lampooning lengthy as a "hick", "buffoon", "communist", "socialist" and "fascist dictator". Long countered that the national newspapers to be the pawns that the wealthy wall surface Street financiers that were intimidated by his program. Liberal journalists alleged the a prominent wall Street bank hired a public connections firm come plant an adverse stories about Long in the media.

Long by-passed the negative press by distributing his very own newspaper, The American Progress, and also he spoke straight to a nationwide audience v radio speeches and speaking engagements. After ~ addressing a crowd of 15,000 in Pittsburgh, a local official estimated that Long might easily victory 250,000 votes in his district if the ran because that President. By 1935, lengthy was the third-most photographed man in America, after chairman Roosevelt and also celebrity aviator Charles Lindburgh.

A political poll by the Roosevelt re-election team, the an initial national poll of that kind, revealed that lengthy was siphoning crucial Democratic support from FDR"s campaign. Democratic National Committee Chairman James Farley approximated that Huey might draw as much as 6 million well-known votes in the 1936 election. According to aides, Roosevelt hope to “steal Long’s thunder” through embracing some of his causes.

Long’s fast rise in national popularity is credited with Roosevelt’s Second brand-new Deal of 1935, a more liberal version of his new Deal agenda, which contained proposals because that Social protection (old age pensions), the functions Progress management (public works projects), the nationwide Youth administration (financial aid and employment because that students), the nationwide Labor relationships Board (rights of union to organize, minimum wage and also 40-hour occupational week), the general public Utility Holding agency Act (regulation of windy utilities), the farm Security administration (assistance to farmers), and also the Wealth tax Act (graduated income and inheritance taxes).