‘A Walk come Remember’ is a faith-based coming-of-age drama the is innocent, sincere, and also grounded in context with what it intends to be. Although a bit predictable, the film is additional elevated through the great performances the its cast and its well-written characters. When some can see it as a common tale of teenager romance the ends on a bittersweet note, the movie serves much more as a teenager’s expansion from gift trapped in his own inner chaos to detect the true purpose of his life.

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Plot Summary

Corrupted through the bad influence and also peer press of his so-called friends, Landon Carter attempts to prank a brand-new student. But this prank does not go together planned and also gets the young gravely injured. Together a result, Landon is offered a an option by his college principal: he can either gain expelled or just devote all of his time to neighborhood service. For obvious reasons, he goes because that the latter and that’s when he gets the possibility to actually understand Jamie Sullivan, a college nerd who is the daughter the a neighborhood Baptist. Carter despises her and also even hates exactly how she keeps rambling around god and faith every the time. However he is tied down to her when he i do not care a part of the school play. That asks her if she’ll help him exercise his lines and also that’s when she casually alerts him not to fall in love with her.

At first, behind closed doors, once his friend aren’t around, Landon acts every nice roughly Jamie and also shows she a next of himself the no one else has actually seen. However when he’s about his toxic significant friends in school, that again treats Jamie together a complete stranger. It takes the a while come realize the Jamie isn’t the one he need to be hating, yet it’s his own group of friends who have been holding him ago all this while. With this realization, Landon goes with a slow catharsis till one day, at the school’s play, the sees a completely different next of Jamie. Landon eventually openly accepts his love for Jamie but his pleasure is shortlived. Jamie expose it come him that she has actually been suffering from Leukemia for two years and has now stopped responding to treatment. This, the course, leaves Jamie v two choices—he deserve to either drift earlier to his old life or he have the right to make the best of his minimal time v Jamie.

A search of Faith

When Landon an initial gets to know about Jamie’s disease, his confidence dwindles and also he rushes to his father because that help. However in these moments that helplessness, the realizes the he need to now do everything he possibly have the right to to provide her the best possible life if she’s through him. The moments that follow in the movie primarily emphasis on Jamie’s happiness and also how she refuses to give up on she faith. She cases that prior to Landon came along, she had already accepted what God had in keep for her. But for once, after falling for Landon, she to be being forced to it is in mad at God. Yet even after ~ questioning her own beliefs, Jamie manages to obtain a tight on them. Jamie, till the really end the the film, remains the same. But it’s Landon who totally changes.

It wasn’t just Landon’s friends that shaped him right into the rebellious teenager the he at first was. But it was also his father’s abandonment the made him look at the world about him through a cynical outlook. Unlike his friends, Jamie showed him that he, too, could be loved and accepted. And also this acceptance that allows him to heal from the trauma the his childhood abandonment. Even in she death, Jamie mirrors him a hopeful light and also this, in turn, liberates that to see the optimistic in himself. There’s a specific scene in the movie wherein Jamie speak him mother just how he currently wants come aim because that university. Almost unrecognizable to she now, his mother first questions him and also then realizes the her son is not the exact same anymore.

The Ending: “But our love it’s like the wind. Ns can’t see it but I have the right to feel it.”


In the last moments the the movie, Jamie passes away and also the film takes a time jump. This time run reveals the Jamie’s native left a deep note on Landon and he still resides by everything that she taught him. However, Landon still struggles to organize onto his belief in God. In the ago of his head, he still believes that Jamie go not acquire the miracle that she deserved. The believes the Jamie deserved to live through him because that the remainder of her life.

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His grief blinds him till he meets Jamie’s father. Jamie’s father, who as soon as despised Landon, now knows just how much that loves his daughter. He opens up his eyes to the truth that Jamie did eventually get the miracle she wanted. “You are Jamie’s miracle,” that says and also makes that realize that Jamie constantly wanted to acquire married come a guy she loved in her residence church and also he do that possible for her. He gave her the life she always dreamt of. Through this, Landon’s belief is revitalized and that learns that Jamie might not in reality be with him all the time, but he’ll constantly feel her visibility with whatever that she taught him.