"You want to calm yourself, Madam Umbridge. Friend don"t desire to get yourself right into trouble, now."--Kingsley Shacklebolt (OP27)

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Kingsley Shacklebolt to be a highly capable Auror and also a member of the order of the Phoenix. The resisted Voldemort’s take over of the ministry in 1997, even appearing on the Potterwatch radio program, and also was make Minister of Magic in 1998 ~ Voldemort’s demise. Kingsley was a tall, bald black wizard who had actually a deep slow-moving voice and sometimes wore a solitary gold hooped earring.

When the order of the Phoenix reformed in 1995, special effort was made to recruitment spies in ~ the to adjust of Magic (OP5). Shacklebolt was among two Aurors that joined (the various other was Tonks). He and also Arthur Weasley pretend no to get in addition to each other at work (OP7). Kinglsley was component of the advancement Guard that aided Harry in his escape from the Dursley residence to 12 Grimmauld location (OP3).Although Kingsley was claimed to be the Auror in charge of the search for Sirius Black, his find was a sham. Amongst other things, the reported the Sirius was in Tibet (OP5); Shacklebolt was so successful at protecting Sirius that the to adjust never uncovered him (OP4-9). Shacklebolt additionally took transforms guarding the entrance to the hall of Prophecies when it was thought that Voldemort would shot to steal the one regarding him and Harry (OP9). Shacklebolt dealt with with the bespeak of the Phoenix at the fight of the department of Mysteries (OP35).Kingsley"s towering size, intellect, power, and calm confidence is typically reassuring to the others approximately him. He deserve to be intimidating too: even Dolores Umbridge donate down once he reproached she (OP27). He has actually a similar effect on Muggles, partly as result of his unusual ability to dress prefer them (DH3). As soon as Scrimgeour came to be Minister and Shacklebolt to be reassigned to undercover defense for the Muggle element Minister, he quickly became invaluable to the staff at 10 Downing Street (HBP1). Kingsley impression Vernon Dursley so lot that he wanted him to be his escort as soon as the Dursley"s evacuated the residence on Privet drive (DH3).This confidence is never misplaced. That is Shacklebolt who conserves Harry and also the other guests in ~ Bill and Fleur"s wedding as soon as he sends his Patronus to warn everyone the the Ministry had actually fallen to Voldemort"s death Eaters (DH8).Shacklebolt came to be Minister that Magic ~ Voldemort"s defeat (DH36), use Harry, Ron and Neville (PC/JKR1) automatically after the battle to apprehend the rest of Voldemort"s followers.

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Harry was also asked to assist reform the Ministry, and was eventually appointed to it is in head the the Auror department (BLC). Together they Harry and Shacklebolt led the Ministry and the wizarding world into much better times. 


Wordless spells (he wordlessly modification Marietta"s memory) (OP27), dressing choose a Muggle (DH3), calmness under fire, incorruptible reformer.