Fairy Tail: 10 points You no Know around Natsu and also Lucy’s connection Lucy Heartfilia and also Natsu Dragneel"s connection is arguably among the finest parts the Fairy Tail. Did girlfriend know every one of these details around their bond?

In Fairy Tail, the guild through the same name has a call that"s widely recognized by the civilization of Fiore. Native Sorcerer Weekly - a magazine on wizards - Lucy Heartfilia learns of a civilization filled with adventure and leaves behind her home and wealth in the wishes of ending up being a member the this famous guild.

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It seems favor fate is ~ above Lucy"s side together she bumps into a Fairy Tail guild member in she travels, unbeknownst to her. After dealing with the stranger come a meal, they component ways, both ~ above their own quest. However, they meet again together he conserves Lucy from the clutches of an enemy and admits that he"s a member of Fairy Tail. In fact, he"s Natsu Dragneel, and also he"s taking her home - come Fairy Tail!

Lucy"s father has hired the Phantom lord guild to record Lucy and deliver her home to him. By this request, Lucy is taken hostage and also Fairy Tail is beaten to the ground, literally - the guild had actually iron poles sticking out in every i beg your pardon way. During the battle, Lucy is taken to a cell and watched through the Phantom Lord"s master, Jose.

When Jose to meet Lucy, she tip him right into thinking she needs to usage the restroom, but what she yes, really does is offer him a good kick appropriate in his privates. The difficulty is she"s prefer a princess trapped in the greatest room, however that doesn"t stop her indigenous believing in Natsu and falling from her tower. An excellent thing she believed in him, together he division her fall and they return to the guild. This is a foundational piece in the to trust these 2 builds between them.

once Lucy is talk to Mira in ~ the Fairy Tail guild"s bar, Mira insinuates that various other guild members view Natsu and Lucy together a couple. However, Lucy never ever thought of them in the light, but now that she"s become aware, she cannot stop imaging stunner fantasies.

Before this, Lucy perceived Natsu as only a friend the she"s involved cherish. Now, she starts to check out him in a various light, however small that light might shine. It"s not sufficient for her to voice she feelings or display him a cute face, however it"s enough to start playing with the red wire of fate.

not an illustration goes by the Natsu and also Lucy don"t discover themselves in a compromising situation. Back unintentional, the level of embarrassment from the first encounter come the last considerably decreases. It"s clean that as their relationship continues to strengthen, the familiarity between them grows.

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You can say this comes through the friendship they"ve built over the years and battles they"ve fought together, however it could likewise be reflective of the feelings building within every of them. That course, Lucy quiet reacts, yet it"s not always so loud and also violent as before.

7 Unshakable Faith

it wasn"t belief at an initial sight, yet there to be a tentative amount of trust provided that Natsu aided Lucy escape from the clutches of an enemy. This trust continues to construct to the pivotal suggest with Phantom Lord"s system to capture Lucy and her falling native the tower.

As they continue to adventure together and face foes the pose life-threatening situations, their trust in each various other steadily climbs. Through the last season, Lucy"s trust in Natsu is blind. She"d think in him regardless if the demon seed in ~ him grew. Climate again, Lucy would certainly do everything in her strength to prevent an outcome that didn"t result in everyone"s happiness.

Natsu and Lucy external inspection quickly and were quick friends, even partners within the guild. Castle became part of Fairy Tail"s the strongest team which included Erza, Gray, Natsu, Happy, and Lucy. Of course, this main team steadily thrived as much more characters were presented throughout the anime.

We know that Lucy and Natsu have actually blind trust through each other, that they rely on each various other as girlfriend should. At the start of the series, Lucy is found writing a book, which also served as a kind of diary for her adventures. Close to the end, it"s less of her writing such tales and also venting she emotions, and an ext confiding in Natsu. He returns the gesture, specifically when they confront impossible odds. If survival is slim, then all the much more reason come voice exactly how much her friends mean to you, and you come them.

5 Is This Courting?

Natsu was increased by a dragon - a dragon. His senses space acute, and also he walk well surviving in the wild. He"s no someone the notices things when it concerns himself. In fact, that focuses much more on his instincts and constantly trusts his gut intuitions.

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Natsu makes it a habit to display up at Lucy"s home uninvited, look v her belongings, and also be approximately her at all times. This instances just can be Natsu"s way of courting Lucy. Of course, telling Lucy the her odor is quiet might likewise be a way of flirting because that Natsu.

The Eclipse opens. Dragons invade the Kingdom. Humanity is under attack and also the just ones who can save them room wizards, specifically dragon-slayers. Natsu is not about to permit his friend or the human being fall victim come mighty dragons, especially when the was increased by a kind-hearted one himself.

However, this doesn"t aspect into the grief and also despair everyone is feeling. Lucy an ext so 보다 the rest. She cries for the fallen, for she friends top top the battlefield, for her future self. Grabbing ~ above Natsu native behind, she buries her challenge in his back. He"s a rock in the storm, a stable presence. As soon as one is weak, the various other is strong for both that them. They calm the other"s fears and also keep pressing forward right into a promise future.

3 Romantic Gestures

What"s an ext of a romantic gesture 보다 protecting the one friend love? defense is favor the manifestation of love in physical form. It"s a gesture the is seen and felt. This legendary forehead kiss is one checked out time and also again transparent the seasons. Natsu"s affection is definitely coming throughout loud and clear.

Natsu has actually taken the upon self to safeguard Lucy, also if she"s qualified of expelling opponents with her very own Celestial magic. As soon as Natsu thought Lucy to be dead, he shed all reason and also gave in come the demon within that thirst because that Zeref"s blood. Great thing Gray was there to cool the down. It goes to display just how fiercely Natsu cares for Lucy.

Those the the Fairy Tail guild often fight each various other in a show of camaraderie, or simply since nothing fires castle up an ext than a good fight - at least for Natsu. Top top the other hand, Lucy desire to spend her spare time relaxing, writing, or speaking with her guildmates.

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The times we perform see Lucy use violence versus Natsu is as soon as she"s annoyed through him, or he"s excellent something inappropriate. More often than not, this violence is aimed in ~ an opponent with Natsu fighting together her. If Natsu is more than ready to wage a war against Gray, he"s much less able come lift also a finger against Lucy. Of course, unless it"s accidental, together as once Natsu comes out of the sky and aims straight for Lucy to rest his fall. Hit on, Lucy!

1 Acknowledging Feelings

In the final season do we watch a explanation of love? absolutely not. Together their confidence in each other, love is an emotion felt between this pair. The critical episode leaves off with a cliff-hanger, as though saying that it"s as well premature to voice your love since they have actually many an ext adventures to go on.

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Another means to analyze this finishing is that they instinctively know they love each other, for this reason why speak it when the emotion is more than words can capture? It"s not about what we as viewers want, it"s around what the characters want, and also these two clearly wish to reap their time together and also continue life their stays as they complete quest after quest.