When it involves NFL records, lot of of statistics are sources of pride, together they help players live forever. However some documents make players famed for the wrong reasons. Because that example, i get it Staubach right now has his name alongside a statistic in the background books that he more than likely wishes he never had.

Staubach walk a many of good things during his NFL career. He invested 11 years as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Throughout those 11 seasons, roger Staubach carried home 2 Lombardi Trophies. The was also named to six NFL agree Bowls.

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Staubach carried home six various awards as the Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback. Few of these accolades incorporate the 1971 NFL Bert Bell Award, 1971 Super bowl MVP Award, 1978 Walter Payton male of the Year Award, and the NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team. Staubach will go under as one of the best quarterbacks in the background of the Cowboys.

“As the complete quarterback, I have to contact my own plays.”Roger Staubach, prior to #SuperBowl through pic.twitter.com/bIOtg1iasY

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Roger Staubach was inducted into the pro Football room of call in 1985. That success capped off his legendary NFL career. Through all the success that i get it Staubach accomplished, there room two Super key statistics the Staubach would most likely prefer come forget.

Roger Staubach has the many career fumbles in the NFL supervisor Bowl

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback i get it Staubach own the document for the many career fumbles in the at sight Bowl. Staubach fumbled five complete times in the Super bowl throughout his NFL career. He is also tied because that the most fumbles in a solitary Super key game, as he fumbled 3 times in Super key X.

During the 1975 NFL playoffs, Staubach fumbled 5 time in 3 games. Three of the fumbles come in the Super key game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Pittsburgh Steelers defense sacked Staubach 7 times.

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Steelers defensive lineman L.C. Greenwood accounted for 4 of the 7 sacks top top Staubach. On peak of Staubach"s three fumbles, he threw three interceptions. The star quarterback accounted for all three of the Dallas Cowboys" turnovers.

Fun reality re: the 1975 #Steelers- they go not offer up a TD in the an initial quarter every season till Super key X vs. The #DallasCowboys once Roger Staubach hit attracted Pearson for six. What a team. #HereWeGo #SteelCurtain #NFL100 pic.twitter.com/6OJKQpF57x