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Biography of Guy Hovis

by Beau Hagler (SHS Researcher)


Beau Hagler (SHS Researcher)

Guy Lee Hovis, Jr. was born September 24, 1941, in Tupelo, Mississippi. He is best known for his appearances on The Lawrence Welk Show as a singer. He is currently the director for senator Trent Lott of Mississippi (Cox, Mississippi Almanac 137)

Hovis attended the University of Mississippi where he studied accounting (Cox, Mississippi Almanac 137). While at Ole Miss, he and three Ole Miss fraternity brothers, Allen Pepper, Trent Lott, and Gaylen Roberts, formed a music group and called themselves the Chancellers (“Guy Hovis: Bio.”). Hovis left for Los Angeles after he graduated. Two years later he joined the army and did a tour in Vietnam (“Guy’s Life.”).

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Hovis did a lot of performing while in the army and met several other performers and their agents (“Guy’s Life”). Prior to his stint in the army, Hovis was on the Art Linkletter’s show House Party and was part of a duo known as Guy and Davis for ABC Records. He appeared with such stars as Johnny Carson, Mike Douglas, Mery Griffin, Jim Nabors, Bob Hope and Dinah Shore. Hovis was nominated by members in the recording industry as both producer and artist of the year (Cox, Mississippi Almanac 137).

In 1970 he and then wife Ralna joined the Lawrence Welk Show. They stayed with the show through 1982 and recorded fifteen albums (Cox, Mississippi Almanac 137). The show was canceled in 1982, but the cast continued to give live performances until 1988 (“Guy’s Life”).

In 1989 Guy returned to Mississippi when his old friend Senator Trent Lott of the United States Senate asked him to act as his State office director (“Guy’s Life”). Hovis currently lives in Jackson, Mississippi, and still does some recording (“Guy Hovis: Bio.”). He also works on his farm in Tupelo (“Guy Hovis: Bio.”). Guy still performs two times a year at the Lawrence Welk Theater in Branson, Missouri. He also does concerts for festivals and churches ( “Guy’s Life”).

Guy is married to Sara Lundy with whom he has three children and five grandchildren. They were married in 2002 at the Monmouth Plantation in Natchez, MS.

Interview with Ralna English and Guy Hovis


1941–September 24 Guy Lee Hovis Jr. was born in Tupelo, Mississippi.1967  Graduated from Ole Miss with a degree in accounting and moved to Los Angeles.Began his fame on Art Linkletter’s show “House Party.”1969 December After various gigs at Hollywood night clubs, Hovis got the break he was hoping for.1970  Hovis and his wife Ralna joined the Lawrence Welk Show as singers.1982 The Lawrence Welk Show was canceled, but its cast continued to do live performances across the nation until 1988.1984  Guy ands his wife Ralna filed for a divorce.1990 Hovis came back to Mississippi and became the state director for Trent Lott.

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1999 Guy Hovis is currently residing in Jackson and can still be seen on stage two times at year at the Lawrence Welk Theater in Branson, Missouri, and at various Mississippi festivals and churches.2002 Guy Hovis marries Sarah Lundy Moorehead at Monmouth Plantation in Natchez, MS2005 Performed at the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony in Washington, DC

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