It"s a people full of automobile commercials, and also we"re all just living in it. That being said, there space a couple of ads that stand out from the rest, whether it be due to the fact that they"re inspiring, memorably strange, or hilarious (mostly the latter). There was the Mazda commercial native the beforehand 2000s in i m sorry a tiny kid whispers "zoom-zoom" (which would autumn into the strange category). There was additionally that great Super key commercial because that Volkswagen about a shaggy dog running up and down the stairway to gain in form to chase cars more efficiently. And also who can forget the recent iconic Allstate "Duet" advertisement — not a auto ad, however a auto insurance ad. Us digress. 

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One of the most enjoyable recent automobile commercials would certainly be a in march Buick ad called "Quadruple Take," in i m sorry four various versions the the exact same woman sit in a Buick and also make quips around how lock can"t parallel park, how hard spin course is, and also how awesome Buicks massage chair mode have the right to be. It"s a nice funny commercial and #TBH, currently we type of want to buy a self-parking Buick.

Aside native the laughs, fans were rapid to notice that the actor (or 4 of the exact same actor) looked pretty familiar. Here"s whereby you can know her from.


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If the actor starring in the new Buick commercial looks familiar, that"s due to the fact that she is. And also you might not know her name however you probably recognize her singing or dancing chops — it"s Vanessa Curry! Before becoming a Buick spokesperson, Curry found fame together a member of The Pussycat Dolls where she functioned as a vocalist and also dancer. She join the group in 2012 for the supervisor Bowl. Before that, she to be a Laker Girl, permitting her to develop the dance an abilities needed to join the group, per International service Times. 

Since leaving the group, Curry has focused her initiatives on acting. She"s landed duties in "Glee," and also "CSI: NY." Additionally, she"s also worked as a model both in print and on display for brands choose Covergirl, city Decay, and KKW Beauty, per IMDb. Curry loves she job and even loves the Buick advertisement as much as us do. "New Buick advertisement out here really capturing my Gemini brain," she wrote after share the video to she Instagram in March. Every little thing your sign, this advertising is hilarious and also Curry was the perfect relatable yet aspirational star to lug the function (or, again, four roles) come life!