Sydney Carton

A London lawyer who had great potential yet has fallen right into a life of alcoholism and vice. He offer as an informal legal advisor to Stryver, and also he look at remarkably choose Charles Darnay.

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Roger Cly

A british spy who swears that his only motive is patriotism.

Jerry Cruncher

An odd-job guy for Tellson's financial institution whose side project is to act as a "resurrection man," which entails digging increase dead bodies and also selling their components to scientists.

Monsieur Ernest Defarge

Former maid of medical professional Manette and also currently a revolutionary that helps orchestrate the French change from his wine-shop in the Parisian suburb the Saint Antoine. That assumes the surname of Jacques 4 when engaging in revolutionary activity.

Monsieur Theophile Gabelle

A French postmaster whose harassment by revolutionaries reasons Charles Darnay to go back to Paris.


A resides of Saint Antoine who is executed for the killing of Monseigneur.

Jacques One, Jacques Two, and also Jacques Three

French revolutionaries linked with Defarge.

Jacques Five

Another combine of Defarge; the mends roads.

Jarvis Lorry

A respectable yonsei gentleman that is a confidential clerk at Tellson's Bank. He is also an old friend of medical professional Manette. He lugged Lucie Manette top top the passage back to London after she father was imprisoned.

Dr. Alexander Manette

A Parisian doctor who was imprisoned in the Bastille because that eighteen years, the is a loving father to Lucie Manette.

Solomon Pross a.k.a. John Barsad

A spy and informer that serves together a turnkey in the Conciergerie in Paris; brothers of miss out on Pross.

Monseigneur a.k.a. Marquis Evrémonde

A proud and brutal French aristocrat who shows no regard because that the lower classes. His pair brother (now dead) was Charles Darnay's father, make Darnay next in heat to inherit once Monseigneur is murdered through revolutionaries.

Charles Saint Evrémonde a.k.a. Charles Darnay

A French emigrant to England that renounces his French title and also inheritance. After being acquitted that charges that he acted as a spy, the marries Lucie Manette.

Mr. Stryver

An ambitious London lawyer with a large ego. He is one old girlfriend of Sydney Carton's who informally payment him to assist him.


Coachman that the Dover mail coach.

Mrs. Cruncher

The wife of Jerry Cruncher, she is a religious woman who husband accuses she of praying against him.

Madame Thérèse Defarge

Monsieur Defarge's ruthless wife and the ringleader the the Saint Antoine female revolutionaries. She constantly knits a register of those who deserve to dice at the hands of the revolution.

Lucie Manette

Doctor Manette's daughter, that was born in France but brought come London at a young age. She to be a ward the Tellson's Bank and also thought she was an orphan until Mr. Jarvis Lorry took her to Paris to fulfill her father. She marries Charles Darnay.

Miss Pross

Lucie Manette's loyal, red-faced maid.

Marquise Saint Evrémonde

Wife of Monseigneur's twin brother and also mother of Charles Darnay.

Lucie Saint Evrémonde

Young daughter of Charles Darnay and Lucie Manette.

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The Vengeance

A nickname because that a girlfriend of madame Defarge who is a top revolutionary in Saint Antoine.

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