Who is Jon Tenney?

Jon Tenney Biography- Age, Childhood, and also Education

Born Jonathan Frederick Tenney ~ above the 16th December 1961, in Princeton, new Jersey USA, that is the kid of Frederick Haworth Tenney, who was a research physicist, and also his mommy Dr. Lillian Sandra Baum, a psychiatrist.

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From his mom side, he is of Polish-Jewish descent, if his father has actually English ancestry. The attended Vassar College, native which he acquired a Bachelor of arts degree, majoring in drama and also philosophy. Later on he enrolled at the Juilliard School’s drama division with group 19 (1986-1990).

Career Beginnings

Jon’s career began in the mid-‘80s, appearing in minor duties in the TV collection and tv movies, such together “Spenser: for Hire” (1986) and “Nasty Hero” the complying with year, till 1988 once he was preferred as Feke in his first recurring function in the TV series “The Dirty Dozen”. In 1990 he secured his first notable role as Peter Bauer in the TV collection “Equal Justice” (1990-1991), and during the ‘90s the had much more success, enjoy it popularity with duties in the movie “Watch It” in 1993, and the very same year together Behan in “Tombstone”.

Rise to Stardom

The duty of Behan had actually put the on the map that popularity and also he used the inert to continue with significant roles. He to be Levine in the comedy movie “Beverly Hills Cop III”, climate played man Milner in the adventure drama movie “Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home”, and also co-starred in the family-adventure film “Lassie”, all in 1994. He continued to develop further his fame in the second half of the decade, co-starring in the romantic comedy-drama movie “Fools rush In” (1997), through Matthew Perry and also Salma Hayek, and also playing Patrol Sgt. Francis X. Donovan in the TV collection “Brooklyn South” (1997-1998). He perfect the decade through the regular duty of Mitch environment-friendly in the TV series “Get Real” (1999-2000).



She is ideal known to the world as Susan Mayer in the TV drama series “Desperate Housewives” (2004-2012), and additionally as Lois roadway in the TV series “Lois & Clark: The new Adventures that Superman” (1993-1997). The 2 were married native 1994 till 2003, and also have a daughter together, Emerson Tenney, born in 1997.Sometime later, Jon started a romance v producer Leslie Urdang, a movie producer and theatre executive. She came to limelight through the film “Rabbit Hole” (2010), which to be well welcomed by the public and critiques, leading to an Academy award and gold Globe compensation nominations for the key star the the film, Nicole Kidman.

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Jon Tenney News and Facts

Jon has actually made a good comeback to the big screen in recent years. With his duty in the fear “I view You”, bringing him newfound fame. He to be featured in several short articles that depict his dedication, including one by Variety.Jon has additionally appeared in a couple of stage plays, consisting of “The real Thing” command by Mike Nichols, since of which he left Juilliard School. Jon additionally made an figure on Broadway in 1985, as a instead of in the beat “Biloxi Blues”. The guest-starred v his ex-wife Terri in the TV series “Lois & Clark: The brand-new Adventures of Superman” in 1996.