The Hunger Games franchise may have divided its fanbase (read: #TeamPeeta vs. #TeamGale), but one thing is certain: There would certainly be no Katniss without the assistance of Peeta. The ride-or-die character played by josh Hutcherson was paramount come the series. Though Hutcherson had actually an energetic film career prior to the 2012 movie — certification in Zarthura: A space Adventure, Journey come the facility of the Earth and The kids Are all Right — his function as Peeta together Jennifer Lawrence was truly his breakout moment.

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As his fanbase grew, so did attention in the actor"s personal life. For years, pan wondered if Hutcherson was date or in a committed relationship. Considering the fact that the Bridge to Terabithia star maintains a pretty low profile, it appeared Hutcherson remained in no rush to confirm or deny romance rumors. However, one rumor, in particular, turned the end be a cold tough fact. Keep analysis after the run to find out who has stolen Hutcherson"s heart.

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In a September 2020 interview through Entertainment Tonight, Hunger Games star mock Hutcherson opened up up around his life in quarantine with longtime girlfriend Claudia Traisac. At the time of the interview, the two had been with each other for 7 years. " been really good," he revealed. "I think it"s make-or-break for many people. It"s a most time to spend with someone, however we uncovered a really an excellent balance supporting one another and giving an are when it"s needed and also being close as soon as it"s needed."

He continued, "It"s all around communication and I think in this time we"ve identified a the majority of things v that, therefore it"s been great. Quarantine has actually been daunting in many ways, yet on that front, an extremely happy." every Elite Daily, the 2 met ~ above the set of Escobar: paradise Lost. Quickly thereafter, Traisac "was introduced to the "crazy world" the the Hunger Games movie ... Visiting ~ above sets and also press tours," follow to Entertainment Tonight.

In march 2019, Elite Daily reported that the actor post his first (and only) photo of Traisac top top Instagram in September 2017. The actress then posted a pic of Hutcherson to she Instagram in December the the very same year. Hey, whatever works (and it definitely seems to be working).