Tanya Tucker

Tanya Tucker Biography

Tanya Tucker is a renown American nation music star born top top October 10, 1958. She was born Tanya Denise Tucker. However, most of she fans understand her by just the very first and critical name. She to be the youngest in a family of four youngsters born come Juanita and also Jesse Tucker. Her early on life is well traced to Wilcox, Arizona, United says of America.

She made she debut fight “Delta Dawn” in 1972. By then, she was still 13 year of age. However, Tanya has never lost her grace over the decades and soon rotate to be a famed music star without losing her fans. In the course of she career, she also peaked at the ranks in between top-10 and also top-40 hits.

She has achieved several awards and several nation music association award nominations. Some of the hit song which lugged her come the headlines include to mention however a few; “What’s her Mama’s Name?”, and the “Lizzie and also the Rainman”.

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Tanya Tucker Age

Tanya is 62 years old together of October 2020. She to be born on October 10, 1958, in Wilcox, Arizona, the United states of America.

Tanya Tucker Family|Husband

Tanya had a relationship with Jerry Laseter, a Nashville musician prior to their engagement v actor Ben Reed. They dated when again in 1999 before their wedding. The an outcome of your pregnancy brought about the discontinuation of their initial relationship. However, she still went on v her partnership with Ben Reed and also with him to be blessed v a daughter, Presley Tanita, and son, Beau Grayson.

Tanya Tucker Children

She has three children; Presley Tanita and Beau Grayson whose father is Reed Ben, and also Layla LaCosta who father is Jerry Lacester.

Tanya Tucker network Worth

Tanya has an approximated net precious of $50 million. However, as her vintage go on, she is supposed to own more.

Tanya Tucker Career

Exhaust made her very first entry come the market with Mel Tillis, that was therefore intrigued through her capacity that he invited her dramatic to perform. In 1969, the household moved to las Vegas, where she routinely performed. She recorded an exhibition tape that picked up the consideration of musician Dolores Fuller, who sent out it to machine Billy Sherrill, the head the craftsmen and collection at CBS Records.

At the allude when device Billy Sherrill got a demo ice of Tucker, the immediately significant her to a document bargain in ~ Columbia Records. Her style has demonstrated to be immortal as far earlier as she tape-recorded her presentation single “Delta Dawn,” at age 13. The solitary earned a Grammy an option for “Best Female nation Vocal Performance” and also propelled Tucker into the national spotlight during the begin of her young years.

In 1972, she earned the “Top new Female Vocalist” award by the Academy of country Music. Through a fiercely developing vocation at together a youthful age, the Tucker furor proceeded with her an initial number-one single, in 1973, “What’s your Mama’s Name.”


Exhaust achieved a strange accomplishment for a woman down home craftsman at the time with a 1974 Rolling rock main story through the voice; “Hello, I’m Tanya Tucker, I’m 15, The gold guaranteed collection crested in ~ number two on the collection diagrams. With a synergistic association v Glen Campbell,

Tucker readjusted to one more mark in the mid-1980s and also was ago in the optimal 10 through “Would I have the ability to See girlfriend Tonight,” co-composed by hitmaker Deborah Allen (Patty Loveless). Only a couple of year after the fact, Tucker encountered one more hit through “Each Love In turn,” co-composed by Paul Overstreet (Randy Travis, Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton).


With 4 extra numbers, one renown hits in between 1986-1988. Tucker’s vocation, around two decades effectively in progress, was demonstrating to it is in one because that the record books.

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She has got recent respect with her unique screen at the nation Music room of Fame and Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. On this occasion, she allows guests come step into Tucker’s well-off individual life. “Tanya Tucker: solid Enough to Bend” go through might 2015 and highlights substantial numbers the Tucker’s preferred things from different times of she vocation. From her pink Harley Davidson come her an extremely own heat of salsa, Tucker’s life is chronicled in an in ~ no other time seen path for pan to get very close through the legend.

Tanya Tucker Songs

What’s her Mama’s Name down to My critical Teardrop strong Enough to Bend i Won’t Take much less Than her Love What perform I do With Me Some sort of trouble Here’s some Love Don’t believe My Heart have the right to Stand another You Hangin In call Me about It Walking pair of shoes Dream Lover The male That Turned mine Mama on One Love in ~ A Time Lizzie and the Rain guy I’ll Come earlier As an additional Woman Just one more Love Delta Dawn two Sparrows In A Hurricane Love Me favor You used To would certainly You Lay v Me If her Heart Ain’t liven Tonight mountain Antonio Stroll the a small Too so late If It doesn’t Come straightforward Texas My eight Stay open All Night have the right to I check out You this evening Don’t walk Out oh What that Did to Me Blood Red and Going under It’s just Over because that You