During the an initial 1,000 year of the Christian Church there were countless saints who loved animals. Lock lived with them, rescued them, nursed them and saved them indigenous hunters. In turn, many saints were aided by animals.

We have noted some of these saints below in stimulate of their feast days. Us hope that the details on castle is useful and also that you can ask your priest to remember them during services on their feast work for their love of animals.The Saints and also Their Feast Days

St Basil

St Basil (330 advertisement – 379 AD) significantly influenced the east Church and also said in this prayer in the ‘Liturgy of St Basil’:

‘The planet is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. O God, enlarge within united state the feeling of fellowship with all life things, our brothers the pets to whom thou has provided the planet as their house in typical with us. We remember through shame that in the past we have exercised the high dominion of guy with cruel cruelty, so that the voice of the earth, which should have gone as much as Thee in song, has actually been a groan that travail. Might we realise the they live, no for us alone, however for themselves and also for Thee, and that lock love the sweet of life.’

St Anthony Abbot: Feast day – 17 January

St Anthony Abbot

St Anthony abbot (251 ad – 356 AD) lived as a hermit in Egypt and was followed approximately by a pig whose disease he had actually cured.

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St Gertrude

St Gertrude of Nivelles (626 ad – 659 AD) to be the patron saint of cat and likewise gardeners, travellers and also widows. She was born into a noble household who live at King Dagobert’s court in Belgium, whereby her father offered as market of Dagobert’s palace. As soon as Gertrude to be 10 year old, King Dagobert tried to arrange a marriage between her and the kid of an Austrian battle each other in bespeak to kind a politics alliance, but Gertrude refusSt Gertrudeed come marry him because she want to end up being a nun in the church instead, saying that she would just be married come Jesus Christ.

Gertrude did come to be a nun, and she operated with her mother to start a monastery in ~ Nivelles, Belgium, whereby they both offered as co-leaders. Gertrude aided build new churches and hospitals, and she took treatment of travellers and also local people in require (such together widows and orphans). She additionally spent numerous time in prayer vigils. Gertrude was recognized for giving hospitality come animals and people. She was kind to the cat that hung approximately her monastery, offering them food and affection.

St Cuthbert and the Otters

St Cuthbert (634 advertisement – 687 AD) was a Scottish shepherd boy until he was fifteen, once he ended up being a monk in Melrose Abbey. Later, he became a hermit, life on Farne Island in a little cell. There he do friends through the birds, offering them his protection from hunters and also sharing meals with them. He is the patron saint that otters, and after stand waist-deep in the phibìc Sea throughout his nightly prayer vigils, two otters would come and also warm his feet.

St Philip Neri and also his Dog

St Philip Neri (1515 advertisement – 1595 AD) was an uncommonly late saint come be came to with animals. Although the is ideal known as the founder of the Oratory Movement, he adopted vegetarianism on the grounds of pet welfare, not just on the grounds of abstinence. Once, pass a butcher’s shop the said, ‘If everyone was prefer me, castle wouldn’t death animals’. That also collection captive birds cost-free which, through their own choice, would certainly not leaving him. Animals were attracted to him. In ~ one time, someone discovered a young bird in the chapel and also brought it to him. Philip said them no to squeeze the bird or pains it, but to open the window and allow it paris away. But later on he worried whether he had done the appropriate thing, as it to be so tiny that it wouldn’t understand where to go. On one more occasion the was offered a brace the live partridges for a meal, however he set them free. The would also insist on flies being let out of the window instead of gift swatted. He released captured mice right into places of safety and expressed pity for pets on their way to slaughter. He cared for humans as well as for animals and saved one ex-Dominican heretic from execution.

St Melangell is the Welsh patron saint that animals. In 604 ad the Prince of Powys, Brochwel Ysgithrog, go hare hunting at Pennant in the Derwyn Hills. His hounds sought their prey into a bramble thicket and, complying with them, he found a young woman praying and given up to divine contemplation, through the hare lied under the wrinkles of she garments. The baying hounds likewise came under she calming influence and the exasperated prince offered up the chase and also sat to listen to she story of escape and exile native Ireland. Impression by her piety and also courage, he made a vow to current her through his lands because that the organization of God, that they could be a perpetual asylum, refuge and also defence. Melangell live there as a solitary for 37 years, after i m sorry a church v a shrine was constructed over she cell. She church stayed a location of sanctuary throughout the center Ages and the hares ongoing to be protected in the parish. The preservation society, Cymdeithas Melangell, now promotes pet welfare

St Hubert (c 656 – 727 AD) is inaccurately known as the patron saint of hunters. As the legend tells, he lived in a woodland in the Ardennes as a hunter. One good Friday, when every one else was at Church, that was searching in the forest, pursuing a magnificent stag. Suddenly, as the stag turned round, a crucifix appeared between his antlers and a voice said, ‘Hubert, unless you revolve to the Lord and lead a divine life, girlfriend shall conveniently go down to hell’. Hobtration dismounted his horse and also prostrated himself, saying, ‘Lord, what would You have me do?’ and also the reply came, ‘Go and also seek Lambert and he will instruct you’. Hubert then went to Bishop Lambert who ended up being his spiritual guide. Hubert gave all his wealth to the poor and also studied for the priesthood, living a holy life, fasting and also praying. Eventually he ended up being Bishop that Liege in 708 AD.

St hubert later came to be honoured by sportsmen as the originator of ethical hunting behaviour, although that renounced searching after he had his vision. In fact, his hunting life had been seen by God as an unholy life, which would lead him come hell.

St Petroc – fourth June

St Petroc is Cornwall’s most well known saint and early hunting saboteur. Petroc is stated to have been the son of a Welsh chieftain. He learned in Ireland prior to settling in Cornwall in the fourth century.

Petroc started a monastery in ~ what is now called Padstow (Petroc’s Stow). Around 30 years later he established another monastery at little Petherick, wherein he built a mill and also a chapel. In his critical years, Petroc live as a hermit on Bodmin Moor. He built a cabinet there for self by the river and a monastery for twelve monks who adhered to him.

St Petroc passed away at Treravel while on a trip visiting his other monasteries. The was buried at Padstow which ended up being the center of his cult.

His relics were later on moved come Bodmin wherein they remain to this day. In 1177 a disgruntled canon take it them off to the abbey that St Mewan in Brittany. Many thanks to the intervention of King Henry II castle were returned to Bodmin amidst great celebrations. This event has been revitalized as component of the Bodmin Riding and Heritage Festival. The yes, really reliquary survived the Reformation and the devastation of the shrine.

Petroc was substantially revered because that centuries transparent Cornwall and Brittany, (where he is known as St Perreux). The saint had a special affinity through wild animals. One of his emblems is a stag – in storage of one the rescued indigenous hunters. According to legend he likewise once trained a dragon.

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St Columba (521 advertisement – 597 AD) began life as a boy of a royal household in Ireland. In 563 the climbed right into a flimsy watercraft with twelve monks and set out come sea, unsure the his destination. They came down on the barren island that Iona, off the coastline of Scotland, whereby they started a monastery i m sorry would become the virtual centre of Celtic spirituality. Columba live on Iona for more than thirty years, copy manuscripts and also making missionary journeys come Scotland. Life top top the island mellowed his once fiery temper and replaced it with a calm and gentle spirit.

The following is taken from Adamnan that Iona’s Life of St Columba, and tells the tale of a horse’s understanding of the impending death of the Saint.

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After this the saint left the barn, and in going ago to the monastery, rested fifty percent way at a ar where a cross, i beg your pardon was after that erected, and also is standing to this day, fixed into a millstone, might be it was observed on the roadside. When the saint, as I have said, bowed down with old age, satellite there to rest a little, behold, over there came up to him a white pack-horse, the same that used, together a willing servant, to bring the milk-vessels indigenous the cowshed to the monastery. That came up to the saint and, strange to say, set its head ~ above his bosom, inspired, i believe, by God to perform so, together each pet is gifted through the understanding of points according come the will certainly of the Creator; and knowing the its understand was soon around to leave it, and that it would watch him no more, began to utter plaintive cries, and like a human being being, to melted copious tears on the saint’s bosom, foaming and also greatly wailing. The attendant see this, began to journey the weeping mourner away, yet the saint forbade him, saying: ‘Let that alone, as it is therefore fond that me, let that pour the end its bitter grief right into my bosom. Lo! thou, as thou arts a man, and also hast a rational soul, canst understand nothing the my exit hence, except what i myself have actually just said you, however to this brute beast, devoid of reason, the Creator self hath evidently, in part way, made it well-known that its understand is walking to leave it’. And saying this, the saint blessed the work-horse, i m sorry turned far from the in sadness.