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Disney introduced Flynn Rider, a.k.a. Eugene Fitzherbert, in 2010’s Tangled. The smug rogue who ended up being Rapunzel’s partner-in-crime sculpted out a an are among Disney’s pantheon of handsome animated guys. Due to the fact that then he’s appeared in the fantastic animated display Tangled: The Series. And also now, Flynn rider is the star the his own book. is happy to specifically announce the an initial book in Disney’s brand-new Lost Legends series. Behold, shed Legends: The rise of Flynn rider by Jen Calonita. And we have the cover reveal, too.

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That illustration is adorable.

Lost Legends is a brand-new middle grade collection featuring the adventures the Disney’s most lovable roguish heroes as kids. And as mentioned over this first installment is all about Flynn Rider. Allow us to share the official synopsis:

Twelve- year-old Eugene Fitzherbert requirements a plan. It’s no that he doesn’t love his time in the orphanage that raised him—Miss Clare and the boys space his family. As is his best friend, Arnie, with whom he’s often in cahoots, acting out passages from his favourite Flynnigan rider books, or pretending they’re Lance Archer, the top thief who takes indigenous the affluent to give to the poor. However Eugene to know that many orphans his age set off to do their very own way, and the orphanage currently doesn’t have actually the means to assistance them all. Besides, he wants to check out the civilization with Arnie, and maybe, just maybe discover his parents someday.

So when a traveling circus involves the kingdom promise a life of adventure, brotherhood, and riches, Eugene jumps in ~ the chance to sign up with them. He also convinces Arnie come come too. However soon it becomes clear the there’s much more to this ragtag crew 보다 meets the eye, and also they may have actually a dubious plot in the works. It’ll take new heroes—namely, Flynn Rider and Lance Strongbow, to save the day.Getting in the head the one Eugene Fitzherbert take it a little research. Author Jen Calonita tells, “I had actually Tangled ~ above a long-term loop playing in the background when I wrote this book! I could hear Flynn in my head with every line, which to be so lot fun. But my best Eugene/Flynn info came from chris Sonnenburg, the executive, management director/creator of Tangled: The Series. Any time I had a question around Flynn, I might text him and also he’d immediately reply with the most amazing backstories and also information!”

Lost Legends: The climb of Flynn rider arrives top top shelves on September 21, 2021.

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Amy Ratcliffe is the managing Editor because that and also the author of A Kid’s overview to Fandom, easily accessible for pre-order now. Follow she on Twitter and also Instagram.