Dragon Ball: 15 characters Who’ve Died and also Come ago The many Dragon round Z personalities die and also come back about as regularly as comic publication characters. However who came earlier the most?

Ginyu force Goku Gohan Vegeta in Dragon ball Z
If you believed comic book characters came back from the dead a lot, you haven’t checked out anything until you’ve watched Dragon ball Z. Periodically the entire cast gets wiped the end when an entire planet it s okay blown up. Main personalities die and also come ago to life ~ above the present multiple times, usually many thanks to the legend Dragon Balls the show is called for. After all, once you have the right to get any kind of wish you desire by bringing with each other the seven Dragon Balls, a many the good-hearted personalities think to bring back their dead friends.

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Several people have additionally died and come back the exact same amount that times, for this reason they may be greater on the list even though they space the same. Due to the fact that Dragon round Super is tho airing, few of those deaths might be absent in this list. But who has been revived the most of our merry band of fighters? find out in Dragon ball Z: 15 personalities Who’ve Died and also Come earlier The Most.

Gohan's knife breaks in Dragon Ball
The oldest son of Goku, Gohan has gained through the Dragon Ball series reasonably unscathed-- which, in the Dragon sphere universe, means he"s only passed away two times. He an initial died through a the majority of other characters on this list once Kid Buu blew up the Earth. However, the earth was later restored thanks to the Namekian Dragon Balls and many personalities on this list were resurrected as a result.

The second time Gohan passed away was much an ext permanent. The was killed by Androids 17 and also 18 later on Trunks" timeline. Castle overwhelmed the with energy blasts if he remained in his at sight Saiyan form. His body was discovered by Trunk.

Gohan most likely would have actually been greater on this perform if Piccolo didn"t save sacrificing self to save Gohan. He even saves Gohan from obtaining his 3rd death count in Dragon sphere Super, sacrificing himself and getting even higher on this list. What a good way come repay your teacher, Gohan!

Kid Buu die in Dragon Ball
We begin off v a many of an extremely "technical" deaths, i m sorry is why Buu is in ~ the bottom that the list. This is because Buu has taken on many forms the have interacted with each other: there"s the big ball of joy (unless you try and take his food), there"s his irradiate side good Buu and also his dark side evil Buu, supervisor Buu, kid Buu, and the reincarnated Uub. In a head scratching revolve of events, among Buu"s deaths is thanks to his various other form. When good Buu gets turned into chocolate, he is eaten by evil Buu, who then turns into Super Buu. The could additionally be argued later that as soon as Vegeta pulls the an excellent Buu the end of at sight Buu, bring about him come change, which can mean that Super Buu "dies" in a way.

But kid Buu dies the good old-fashion way: by fighting Goku. He gets eliminated by Goku"s Super soul Bomb and also later the is reincarnated as Uub many thanks to King Yemma.

Cell returns and is about to kill Trunks in Dragon Ball
Trunks wouldn"t it is in on this perform if his future equivalent didn"t come back in time to help, yet he did and also here we are with Trunks having actually a fatality count that two. Once Super Perfect cell returns, the fires a complete Power death Beam with Trunks" chest. After ~ vomiting blood, Trunks dies. His death inspires Vegeta to walk all-out on cell (to less-than-successful results). When Cell is defeated, stems is taken to Kami"s Lookout and also resurrected by Shenron many thanks to the Dragon Balls. His partnership to his father grows after this when he finds out exactly how strongly Vegeta reaction to his death. For this reason at least he can make his death a real bonding moment!

Trunks is also one of the many characters who die as soon as Kid Buu blows increase the Earth, only to later be revitalized again by the Dragon Balls. As long as Trunks continues to be young, he need to be fairly safe for awhile. After ~ all, children in Dragon Ball rarely seem to dice - normally it"s the adults sacrificing us left and right in the show.

12 master Roshi - 2 times

Dragon Ball grasp Roshi
master Roshi, the perverted grandpa the the Dragon Ball franchise, is surprisingly long lasting for such an old guy. Though he often serves together comic relief, understand Roshi has demonstrated his willingness come sacrifice himself for the great good on 2 occasions. And he to be rewarded by being restored both times!

Master Roshi is an extremely old however will never die of old period or natural reasons due come the Immortal Phoenix. However, he dies while trying come take under King Piccolo with the evil Containment Wave, a method that traps demons. The technique is very dangerous and an overwhelming and Roshi fail in the process, in order to dying. He is later resurrected thanks to a Dragon ball wish.

Roshi is an additional of the an excellent people from the Dragon ball franchise who was transformed into chocolate and then spend by at sight Buu throughout the Fusion Saga. Understand Roshi, and many the his friends, were brought back to life as soon as the Namekian Dragon Balls were used to revive everyone killed after the martial arts competition in son Buu Saga.

This arrogant prince has died much more times 보다 he"d care to admit. He an initial died at the hand of Frieza, who beat the up and then provided him a death Beam v the chest as soon as he wouldn"t shut up about Frieza losing to Goku. Yet he came back when the Dragon Balls revitalized him.

Vegeta"s 2nd death was even more noble. The blows himself up when he do the efforts to destroy Majin Buu. However, this sacrifice turned the end to be in vain together the bitty Buu just reformed and went ago to his destruction. Vegeta wasn"t as lucky, becoming rock and disintegrating. This time he was brought earlier by the Namekian Dragon Balls.

In the future, like plenty of other characters on this list, Vegeta was killed by Android 17 in the future Trunks" timeline. Therefore Vegeta died three times, and was revitalized twice, however thankfully still stays on in the series, many thanks to alternative timelines.

10 Android 17 - 2 times

The pair of Android 18, Android 17 has confronted death a lot more times: 4 specifically, with only two resurrections. The very first time that gets eliminated is once Cell self-destructs top top King Kai"s planet. At the time he self-destructs, Android 17 was trapped inside of Cell. Yet he it s okay revived, in addition to everyone on planet killed that was eliminated by Cell, due to a great made top top the Dragon Balls.

He also dies when Kid Buu blows up the Earth yet gets resurrected by the Namekian Dragon Balls in addition to the rest of the population.

Android 17 likewise died two times in alternative realities at the hand of Future Trunks. As soon as Trunks returns, that knocks Android 17 down and also blows that up using his power wave. Then, both him and also Android 18 room taken out v a Shut down Remote offered by Trunks, i beg your pardon was created from Dr. Gero"s old plans.

psychic Yamcha? Yeah, he"s passed away three times end the food of Dragon ball and managed to come earlier twice. 2 out of 3 ain"t bad, right? He first dies when one the the Saibaimen, the creatures developed by a Saiyan scientist and also released through Nappa, jumps on him and also then self-destructs. He is ultimately brought ago with the Namekian Dragon Balls.

The following time Yamcha dies is top top Kami"s Lookout. He is one of several personalities there who are turned right into chocolate and eaten by Majin Buu. Everyone, including Yamcha, returns later on thanks come the Namekian Dragon Balls. Gotta love those.

Future Yamcha apparently passed away two different ways (thanks come inconsistencies between the anime and also the History of Trunks special). In the anime, the gets eliminated by an energy wave to his stomach native the Androids. However, the history of Trunks special instead shows him dice from a kick to the neck.

8 Tien - 2 times

A sent fighter, Tien quiet manages come die 3 times end the course of the series. He very first dies as soon as he tries to avenge his best friend Chiaotzu"s fatality to Nappa. He provides all his energy in a Tri-Beam assault that the fires at Nappa. This blast unfortunately stops working to death Nappa, similar to Chiaotzu"s self-destruction, and even worse, it outcomes in Tien"s death due to the fact that he has actually no power left. The is later revitalized at the very same time together Chiaotzu thanks to the Namekian Dragon Balls. Tien is later killed, in addition to everyone rather on Earth, when Kid Buu blows the earth up. The is again restored because of the Namekian Dragon Balls.

Tien dies two various ways in the future. Both time he die by the hand of Android 18. The anime shows him gaining killed with an power wave hitting him in the chest. However, the history of Trunks special reflects him dice by a punch to his stomach.

for the #1 guy world usually associate v power in this show, son ogong dies a couple of more times 보다 you would expect-- three times, to it is in exact. He very first sacrifices his life by stop Raditz in place so he deserve to be killed by Piccolo through a unique Beam Cannon. Goku is inevitably captured in Piccolo"s strike as well and dies. His friends carry him ago with the Dragon Balls.

Later, son ogong sacrifices self again as soon as he is fighting against Cell. That teleports Cell method to King Kai"s planet when he is around to punch up. Goku manages to save everyone, yet dies in the explosion. The does not come earlier until numerous years later, thanks to Old Kai.

The 3rd time goku dies he is not resurrected. This happens during the Future Trunks timelines. Goku suffers indigenous a love virus, which causes him to come to be extremely exhausted when doing an easy things like flying. It only worsens as soon as he turns Super Saiyan. He die from the virus, but because his fatality was by organic causes, Goku can not be brought back by using the Dragon Balls.

6 cell - 3 times

The ultimate production of Dr. Gero, a other member top top this list, cell has died four time in Dragon Ball at assorted stages that his life. In one version, he is eliminated while quiet in his check tube when Krillin and Future Trunks fire energy waves in ~ him. The poor tiny thing didn"t even have a opportunity to turn right into the ultimate killing machine. The takes his revenge through breaking the end of his test tube and also stealing Future Trunks" time machine however.

Cell also dies (taking Goku through him) as soon as he self-destructs ~ above King Kai"s planet. Cell"s... Uh cells deserve to regenerate and also reform his damaged body and he returns to terrorize our heroes again.

At one point, Cell end up getting killed by Gohan. The two room in a beam fight, v Gohan utilizing a Father-Son Kamehameha that virtually gets overwhelmed by Cell"s Solar Kamehameha. However, Vegeta hits Cell through his energy and gives Gohan the opportunity to death Cell with his power. But he again regenerates indigenous a single cell.

A future version of cell is likewise destroyed by Future Trunks. Yet this time, Trunks doesn"t kill him once he"s tho in a test tube. Instead, Future Trunks uses a love Dome strike to death Cell.

The knavish Frieza never seems to truly die, coming earlier again and also again to shot and defeat Goku and also ultimately failing every time, regardless of causing a lot of destruction and mayhem in his wake. The an initial times he die is many thanks to Future Trunks, who chops him come pieces v his sword and then to reduce him come ash through an energy blast. He comes back, but additionally gets eliminated in the movie Dragon ball Z: fusion Reborn, Frieza return to planet only to get killed by Gohan, that punches that in the stomach and also makes the explode.

Frieza returns to stroked nerves our heroes in the Dragon Ball: Resurrection "F" movie. The is resurrected at the beginning of the film thanks to a wish made come Shenron by his minion Sorbet. He is brought ago in the piece Trunks chopped the into, yet is fully reassembled thanks to Sorbet"s own minions. Frieza may have finally been able to beat goku if whis did no go back into the past three minutes, which enabled Goku to use a God Kamehameha to send him back to Hell.

4 Chiaotzu - 3 times

This oft-forgotten little guy has passed away four times in the history of Dragon Ball and came ago for three of them. His very first death occurred when Chiaotzu test to kill King Piccolo. That tried to stop him by wishing ~ above the Dragon Balls for Piccolo come die, yet he was unable to complete his wish prior to King Piccolo eliminated him v a powerful blast. Then the Dragon Balls brought him back.

He later sacrificed himself by self-destructing top top Nappa to shot and kill him, yet ultimately failure to take him out and only got killed in the process (two because that two, huh Chiaotzu?). This time the came ago thanks to the Namekian Dragon Balls. The last time Chiaoztzu died (and come back) was as soon as Kid Buu blew up the Earth and killed anyone on it. As soon as again, the Namekian Dragon Balls brought him back.

The future variation of Chiaotzu i m so sad was not resurrected ~ being eliminated by the Androids.

It"s not easy being green. Piccolo has passed away five times over the Dragon Ball series, yet he to be brought earlier three times. He yes, really does know just how to walk out with a bang!

He was first killed by an affect Bomb native Nappa in stimulate to conserve Gohan from being killed. That then came ago to life thanks to the Namekian Dragon Balls. Later, the was eliminated when Majin Buu go out up the Earth, yet Piccolo (and the rest of the planet) were revitalized by the Namekian dragon Porunga. The 3rd time Piccolo died was as soon as he was (again) protecting Gohan indigenous Freiza"s fatality Beam blasts.

There room two deaths Piccolo did not come ago from (thanks to an excellent ol" alternate timelines). First, he was killed in Future Trunks" timeline by androids. Second, he sacrificed himself together the planet blew up. He can have been lugged back, yet Piccolo refused in bespeak to keep the earth safe without the side results of the black color Star Dragon Balls destroying it again. So, he saw Heaven many thanks to King Yemma.

Technically, a 6th time Piccolo died would be freshly in Dragon ball Super, when again when protecting Gohan.

2 krylin - 3 times

Krillin has been the butt of most jokes, in large part since he"s been killed by just around every villain in Dragon Ball. OK, not every villain, yet enough villains come have died five times. He is an initial killed by Tambourine, King Piccolo"s son, that kicks the in the head and also crushes his frontal lobe. Krylin was brought ago by the Dragon Balls. He was then blown increase by Frieza, just to later be resurrected by the Namekian Dragon Balls. Later, Krillin would certainly be turned into chocolate and also eaten through Majin Buu. When again, that was conserved by the the Namekian Dragon Balls.

In the Dragon round GT, krillin is killed by a brainwashed Android 17. The shoots a Photon Flash with Krillin"s chest. He"s not also safe in alternative timelines! In Future Trunks" timeline, krillin is murdered through the androids (Android 17 in the anime and by Androids 17 and 18 making use of finger beams in the history of Trunks special).

So yeah, bad Krillin seems to be destined to die fairly a lot, however at the very least he comes earlier just together much!

The planet of universe 7 sure does seem to experience a lot transparent the Dragon ball series. It has been damaged four different times (with surely an ext to come). The first time remained in Dragon sphere Z by child Buu. That was revitalized thanks to a great made to Porunga. The second time to be by Frieza in Dragon round Z: Resurrection ‘F’ & Dragon ball Super. But Earth came to be saved by Whis, who offered a Temporal Do-Over, an ability that allowed him come travel earlier in time three minutes right into the previous to stop earth from gift destroyed.

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The 3rd time it was destroyed, along with every one of existence, by Future Zen-Oh in Dragon round Super. Whis once again conserves the day when he travels into the future and also stops the Future can be fried Kai and Future bius from being killed. This consequently stopped Zamasu and Goku Black"s damage of Earth. The fourth and final time cosmos 7 was ruined happened as result of a side impact of the black Star Dragon Balls, i beg your pardon were used in Dragon ball GT. Just like the an initial time, this was reversed v a wish to Porunga.