Where room They Now? The cast Of American Pie It"s to be nearly 20 years since Jim, Finch, Oz, and also Kevin make a pact to shed their virginity, however what are they all up to now?

Jason Biggs as Jim Levenstein in American Pie
one of the most quotable teenager movies native the 1990s, American Pie had actually us all reciting "this one time at band camp" with glee. Jim, Finch, Kevin, and also Oz make a lasting affect on ours adolescent brains as four dudes who desperately want to get laid and also prove your manhood to each other. No one supposed a comedy with a first time writer and also director or a bunch of greatly unknown early-20s gibbs to succeed, but it did, and with paris colors.

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American Pie grossed end $235 million at the box office, spawning three sequels and also multiple direct-to-video spinoffs. The film inspired whole generation of teen sex comedies that tried to measure approximately the magic that its distinct blend that vulgarity and heart.

Now nearly twenty years later, through the image of Jim humping an apple pie still simply as new in ours brains, we"re curious as to what the cast of American Pie is increase to. Some had actually immediate success after the film just to slowly fade away into obscurity, rather still have blossoming careers and also are quite successful. One of two people way, the duties they play in American Pie were a specifying moment in all of their careers.

Alyson Hannigan Seann william Scott American Pie Then and also Now
Alyson Hannigan to be already reasonably well-known because that her role as willow Rosenberg on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When she play a lesbian (opposite Michelle Trachtenberg) top top Buffy, her sexuality to be a little bit wackier in American Pie. Who could forget her jaw-dropping, "This one time, at tape camp," revelation at Stifler"s party, which make Jason Biggs spit out his drink (and shed his virginity).

While she did reprise her duty as Michelle Flaherty in American Pie 2, American Wedding, and American Reunion, most people came to know her as Lily Aldrin ~ above How ns Met her Mother. Hannigan starred top top the renowned sitcom because that nine seasons opposite Jason Segal prior to the collection ended in 2014.

While she hasn"t done lot acting because then, for the previous year, she has been hosting Penn and Teller: silly Us, returning because that their brand-new season in a couple of weeks. Because that the most part, Hannigan seems to be concentrating on elevating her two daughters with husband Alexis Denisof, whom she met ~ above Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The two have remained close friends v Joss Whedon—acting together godparents to his son, Arden—and providing them the ultimate nerdy bragging rights.

15 Seann wilhelm Scott

Seann wilhelm Scott American Pie Then and also Now
Seann william Scott will certainly forever be recognized as Stifler, the rowdy, foul-mouthed jock in American Pie that perpetually acted favor a twelve-year-old boy. That too appeared in every the official American Pie sequels, yet he played Stifler therefore well the he was regularly typecast in comparable roles in the years the followed. In fact, he had actually a start comparable to Ryan Reynolds—playing outrageous, a**hole characters and also livening them up with physical comedy. Regrettably for Scott, his career didn"t quite take the same turn for the better that Reynolds" did.

After American Pie, he appeared in a number of college comedies prefer Road Trip and also Dude, Where"s my Car? along v the forgettable 2005 remake of The Dukes that Hazzard—alongside Johnny Knoxville—but not a entirety lot else with substance. There was The Rundown, whereby he starred the contrary The Rock and also Christopher Walken, in addition to a few other dramatic films, but honestly, nobody really want to see him in those species of roles. This year, he exit the sequel to his 2011 hockey comedy film, Goon, i beg your pardon is large in Canada for apparent reasons. Aside from that, the bulk of his paydays indigenous the previous ten years have been indigenous a voice function in the Ice Age franchise and also the American Pie sequels.

Chris Klein together Oz in American Pie Then and Now
prefer so numerous of his fellow American Pie actors, kris Klein to be typecast instantly following the film"s success. Frequently appearing in sex comedies and low spending plan indie features, periodically he would popular music up in a memorable role (that just around broke our cumulative hearts) like second Lt. Jack Geoghegan in We were Soldiers.

From 2002-2005, he only made one film, The United says of Leland, in i beg your pardon he had a supporting role playing Michelle Williams" boyfriend. Blame the on the fail of his crate office dud, Rollerball, or the finish of his engagement to Katie Holmes, but Klein"s exhilaration career took a stumble throughout that time. It"s also when his drinking problem spiraled out of control and he racked up his first DUI offense. Needless come say, the wasn"t basic road back from together a dark place.

Luckily, American Reunion, the fourth official American Pie sequel, rescued that from the depth of obscurity. He had actually a memorable rotate as Elijah Wood"s uber vain neighbor, Drew, in the oddball TV comedy, Wilfred, together with some TV movies and also guest starring roles. Regardless of getting married and also having a boy in the past two years, he"s still working and will star in the romantic comedy, The Competition, opposite Thora Birch this year.

13 Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth as Nadia in American Pie Then and Now
No teen boy cultivation up in the nineties can forget American Pie"s headlining hottie Nadia, played by design turned actress, Shannon Elizabeth. She also was cast in a variety of teen sex comedies instantly following the success of the film, in addition to a couple of horror movies like Thir13een Ghosts and also Cursed. In addition to reprising her duty as Nadia in both American Pie 2 and also American Reunion, she additionally showed up in That "70s Show together Brooke, whom Kelso (Ashton Kucher) impregnates after ~ graduation.

Elizabeth was married to fellow actor Jason Reitman for a while, yet they divorced in 2006. That"s additionally around the moment when her job pretty much tanked together well, leave her through very few roles v 2011. Interestingly enough, she discovered a 2nd career playing in celebrity poker tournaments—even contending in the World collection of Poker. Return still taken into consideration a sex symbol by many, Elizabeth has actually gone behind the scene nowadays, directing and also producing music videos and feature films under she company, Ganesha Productions. She additionally splits she time in between South Africa and LA, to run an animal rights non-profit called animal Avengers.

Eugene raise has had a really successful job both before and also after American Pie. A very regarded comedic actor, raise is a regular writing partner to Christopher Guest, creator that This Is Spinal Tap and also other mockumentary movies like Best in Show and also A Mighty Wind. Levy has appeared in every one of the American Pie sequels and also spinoffs, including the direct to video films (the only actor to perform so). He also played Seann william Scott"s (Stifler) dad in the 2011 hockey comedy, Goon, which to be pretty hilarious.

Along through live activity comedy, raise has additionally dabbled through voice acting for animation. His most recent role? Dory"s father in Finding Dory, which grossed over a billion dollars worldwide. Not a negative thing to have actually on her resume. Equally exceptional are the countless honors he"s received simply for being among the funniest Canadians alive. In 2008, he to be graced v a lifetime accomplishment award that sorts called the governor General’s Performing arts Awards. Currently, he has actually a TV present with his son called Schitt"s Creek that"s in its 4th season. Judging by exactly how it brushed up the Canadian screen Awards critical year, it"s safe to say that Eugene Levy"s still in ~ the top of his game.

11 Jennifer Coolidge

We deserve to all jointly thank American Pie for popularizing the ax MILF, and also Jennifer Coolidge for playing the best MILF since Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate. Stifler"s mom had actually it going on, and Finch fell under she lusty spell. If she"s regularly typecast for her buxom appearance, Coolidge is a jar comedic actress and former Groundlings member. She also is a part of the Christopher Guest pool of actors, appearing alongside Eugene levying in Best In Show, A Mighty Wind, For your Consideration, and Mascots. Girlfriend might additionally remember her together Paulette in the Legally Blonde movies, Elle"s manicurist who she teaches the Bend and also Snap move to.

Since then, Coolidge has actually done a bunch the voiceover for animation—much favor Eugene Levy—lending her unique brand of humor to Robots, Igor, Gravity Falls (as Lazy Susan), and The Emoji Movie. She additionally played Betty in The mystery Life that the American Teenager and also Sophie in Two damaged Girls. When she"s no acting, Coolidge lends her talents to animal activism—promoting various causes on she social media pages.

part of the pact to obtain laid in addition to Jim, Finch, and Oz, Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) was probably the many likable man of the bunch. Due to the fact that the initial film, Nicholas has dabbled in various an imaginative projects while still remaining reasonably under the radar. Prior to American Pie 2, he appeared in a season six story arc ~ above Party of Five together Claudia"s musician boyfriend, Todd. He additionally got to portray both frank Sinatra Jr. And Walt Disney in Stealing Sinatra and also Walt prior to Mickey, respectively.

Around the time American Wedding came out, Nicholas began directing films, in addition to starring in them, starting with a wacky comedy referred to as L.A. DJ about two men from a trailer park who try to make it huge as superstar DJs. His second feature film, Honor—a crime drama—is right now in the pre-production phase. As well as the five films in assorted stages of production he"s currently connected in (including James Franco"s new film, Zeroville), Nicholas safety his time touring v his band. Affected by the "90s bands that were well-known when American Pie came out, Nicholas capitalizes top top his reputation by play both original tunes and covers of songs from the American Pie soundtracks. Clever dude.

9 Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari had a promising job after showing up in American Pie. That same year, she had a supporting duty in the Oscar-winning Sam Mendes film, American Beauty, likewise earning she a BAFTA nomination. Quickly thereafter, she reunited with Jason Biggs for Loser, which was universally panned by critics. Bouncing in between romantic comedies and thrillers, Hollywood didn"t seem to recognize what to make of her. She did have some success through Rob Reiner"s Rumor has It in addition to story arcs top top Six Feet Under, American fear Story (as the black Dahlia), and Chicago Fire, but it yes, really wasn"t until last year the her career has had a actual resurgence.

Suvari has been giving multiple voices for the Cartoon Network display Clarence and had a supporting duty in Becks, i m sorry is right now making its rounds on the festival circuit. She"s also set to star in the upcoming TVLand show American Woman alongside Alicia Silverstone and also Jennifer Bartels. As well as acting, Suvari has also been an support for children and also women"s rights.

While the didn"t have a huge role in the film, Lawrence Pressman"s Coach Marshall personality was, nevertheless, memorable. As Stifler and the others were dead set on acquiring laid before graduation, Coach Marshall provided an impassioned speech—ironically encouraging them come score. Pressman reprised his role in American Wedding, but didn"t show up in the other two sequels, rather making a variety of guest star appearances on TV shows like The West Wing, The Practice, and Without A Trace. That did reunite with number of of the American Pie actors because that American Dreamz, which is coincidentally no a part of the American Pie franchise.

Unlike many of his castmates native the film, Pressman has actually been a functioning actor since the 1970s, appearing in practically every major TV show since then the you have the right to think of (including Doogie Howser!). While he play a coach in American Pie, Pressman is usually cast as a judge or physician in almost everything that does. You"ve likely seen the in any variety of shows, but at this time you can find him together Shelly"s husband on Transparent.

7 john Cho

john Cho only had a bit component in American Pie together the MILF guy, yet that iconic moment significant the first time he would acquire recognized top top the street together an actor. While it didn"t all of sudden make him an overnight sensation v starring roles (or even consistent characters who actually had actually names), it at some point led come the start of Harold & Kumar franchise with Kal Penn. In between those films, that starred in a number of failed TV shows, including 2009"s Flash Forward and 2014"s take self with Karen Gillan. He also had a reoccurring duty on Sleepy Hollow as a police officer rotate demon.

However, uneven pretty lot every other actor ~ above this list, most people have forgotten about his component in American Pie in lieu that a an ext recent role. Cho was cast as Hikaru Sulu in the J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek, reprising his function for 2 more films and also counting.

Affectionately recognized as the Sophomore Chick, Eden Riegel was not a member of the main actors of American Pie, but due to the fact that she was the girl Stifler was trying to sleep with, she warrants inclusion. Riegel"s duty in American Pie actually came while she to be enrolled in Harvard researching to end up being a lawyer. The following year, she additionally interned at the White residence under chairman Bush.

Acting was primarily a hobby of hers at the time, however she left Harvard in 2000 to expropriate a duty on All mine Children as Erica Kane"s daughter, Bianca—the first openly happy character top top a soap opera. She continued to be in that function for ten years and also then started a family members in 2011. She periodically takes guest functions on various other soap operas or TV shows choose Castle, NCIS, and Criminal Minds, yet these days, Riegel"s career mainly is composed of voice exhilaration for video clip games consisting of the Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Call of Duty, and Dead or Alive franchises.

5 chris Owen

There"s always that one nerdy guy who somehow thinks he"s God"s gift come woman. Daria had actually Upchuck, The large Big Theory has Wolowitz, and American Pie had actually the Shermanator. Played by chris Owen, chuck Sherman let everyone think he was scoring large time, resulting in an embarrassing step at prom whereby he pisses his pants. Owen appeared in a variety of other well-loved teen movies leading as much as American Pie, consisting of Can"t hardly Wait and also She"s every That, yet the success didn"t stick. He had actually a bit component in Van Wilder: Party Liaison with Tara Reid and also one the the American Pie spinoffs, American Pie Presents: tape Camp, yet nothing top top the level the the original American Pie.

Owen make the efforts his hand in ~ a few serious roles, but the only one of note was together Norm the bag boy in the 2007 adaptation that The Mist. In 2012, he was rumored to have been working as a waiter at a sushi restaurant in Santa Monica, CA despite showing up in American Reunion with the rest of the American Pie cast. Since then, he"s had actually guest functions on Criminal Minds and also Hand that God, v two low-budget horror films likewise coming out in the next year or so.

beside from playing Vicky in American Pie, most people know Tara Reid from her party girl days, showing up in tabloids together Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Her subsequent films additionally reflected that lifestyle, starring in many of teen movies and also sex comedies favor Van Wilder with Ryan Reynolds. However, quite much every little thing she got herself affiliated in was crap, garnering her three Razzie compensation nominations between the films My Boss"s Daughter and also Alone in the Dark.

Reid recorded a lucky streak for a while v a minor duty on Scrubs as one of J.D."s love understanding (and Dr. Cox"s ex-sister-in-law). Shortly thereafter, she started hosting her very own travel present on E! referred to as Taraverse, i m sorry was usually a reality present of she partying approximately the world. As the release of American Reunion revitalized attention in her and her American Pie castmates, Reid signed on v The Asylum for their Sharknado franchise. Since then, she"s showed up in all 5 films, and even launched a perfume called Shark by Tara. She"s collection to appear in a bunch more low budget plan horror movies through the finish of the year, including one dubbed Trailer Park Shark through her American Pie castmate, thomas Ian Nicholas.

3 Natasha Lyonne

Natasha Lyonne has end up being one the the many recognizable young actresses in TV and film. Yet even still, many people remember she for her duty as Jessica in American Pie, doling the end sex advice to Kevin and Vicky. However, her stint in the American Pie franchise put her on a route to success together an indie icon. She generally lands supporting roles as the quirky, funny girl (and oftentimes, the lesbian), like in But I"m A Cheerleader and also even American Wedding. She"s had actually guest starring duties in New Girl, Weeds, Girls, and Portlandia—making it s her a regular in the comedic community.

Nowadays, she"s starring in Orange Is The new Black together her former American Pie castmate, Jason Biggs. Lyonne plays--what else—a lesbian, and also one of the most likable characters on the show. Up following for the typecasted actress are two feature films, including A effective & Stupid Gesture, the Netflix original movie around the origins of National Lampoon.

Musing quite guy, Paul Finch, scored large time v an older mrs in American Pie, having actually perhaps the most amazing sex scene in the whole movie—while concurrently sticking it to Stifler by boning his mom. Unfortunately for Eddie Kaye Thomas, most of his lucky ran out after the American Pie franchise. Thomas was in a slew of failure TV shows from 2000 onwards, lastly landing something lasting v CBS"s Scorpion, i beg your pardon premieres its 4th season in September. He additionally had a couple of guest starring duties in Law & Order and The X-Files in between, while appearing in gross out comedy movies like Freddy obtained Fingered and the Harold & Kumar franchise.

Aside native that, he was in, well, a bunch the movies that nobody"s ever heard of, save for Nick and also Norah"s infinite Playlist with Michael Cera and also Kat Denning in 2008. Alright, so possibly his luck didn"t operation out completely. Most civilization don"t realize this, but Thomas is the voice the Steve"s friend, Barry Johnson, on American Dad!. That needs to be a nice pretty sweet gig, especially because he"s had the duty since 2005.

1 Jason Biggs

You"d think the a guy who would have sex with an apologize pie would certainly get better comedy roles, however Jason Biggs career was pretty up and also down until American Reunion. While that did have some standout functions in Saving Silverman and Prozac Nation, everything rather consisted mostly the cheesy romantic comedies. Like a bunch of various other American Pie actors on this list, that did have actually roles in a couple of Kevin smith films and also even a Woody Allen film.

After American Reunion, he voiced Leonardo ~ above the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, but was changed in 2014 by Seth Green. However that"s when things yes, really turned approximately for the American Pie star, landing the function of Piper Chapman"s fiancé Larry Bloom top top Netflix"s fight comedy, Orange is the brand-new Black. Girlfriend can practically see a small of Jim Levenstein in Larry Bloom, like as soon as he initiates call sex with Piper in season one. As well as that, Biggs has three films coming out in the next year and is currently raising a 3 year old son with his wife, writer/actress Jenny Mollen.

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Which the the stars of American Pie space deserving of bigger Hollywood roles? permit us recognize in the comments.