Why Lisa Kudrow was Fired indigenous Frasier Lisa Kudrow was originally cast as Roz Doyle in Frasier prior to being fired throughout rehearsals. Here"s why the friend star to be replaced.

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Lisa Kudrow was initially hired come play Roz Doyle ~ above Frasier but here"s why she to be fired indigenous the classic sitcom. Frasier Crane debuted during the third episode that Cheers, played by Kelsey Grammer. The character to be originally available to john Lithgow (Pet Sematary), who turned it under to focus on his movie career. Frasier was presented as the brand-new love attention for Diane, however while he was only intended to appear in a couple of episodes, Grammer proved to be so good in the duty the character ultimately became part of the show"s ensemble.

The character at some point earned his own spinoff in 1993 with the aptly title Frasier. The show uncovered Frasier acquisition a new radio project in Seattle wherein he likewise has come look after his estranged, ex-cop father Martin and also snooty brother Niles, play by David Hyde Pierce (Hellboy). The show"s impeccable comic writing and the chemistry in between the cast saw it come to be just as famous as Cheers, and also the display would run for eleven seasons, finishing in 2004. There"s right now talk the Grammer reprising the function for a rebirth series, though this hasn"t been confirmed yet.

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Another fan favorite personality from Frasier is Roz Doyle, the producer of Crane"s radio show. In spite of an at first snippy relationship between Roz and also Frasier, they ultimately grow to be an extremely close friends. Peri Gilpin memorably played the character, though she was originally edged out of the part by another actress, Lisa Kudrow.

Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe in Friends
Frasier co-creator Peter Casey once explained on writer Ken Levine"s blog that after countless actresses auditioned because that Roz, it came down to Lisa Kudrow and Peri Gilpin. When Gilpin appeared to it is in the apparent choice, the showrunners chosen the enduring quirkiness Kudrow carried to it. Sadly, the soon became clear during rehearsals because that the pilot that Kudrow"s take wasn"t rather the best fit. The producers felt her Roz wasn"t forceful or assertive when compared to Grammer"s Frasier, i m sorry is the dynamic they were seeking. After the 3rd day of rehearsals, Kudrow to be fired and also quickly changed by Peri Gilpin.

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While Lisa Kudrow admits she was at first heartbroken end being removed from Frasier and also losing out on what she knew would be a major opportunity, she dusted herself off and moved on. She would uncover the perfect function for she talents in Friends the next year, which ended up being one of the biggest sitcoms of all-time. Kudrow no doubt would have actually been a good choice because that Frasier, yet ultimately, that feels like Friends was a much far better fit.