Give me a bar long enough…


Undoubtedly you’re acquainted with Archimedes famous quote:

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on i beg your pardon to place it, and I shall move the world.”

If did you do it studied any kind of physics, then you know Archimedes is talking about the principle of leverage, i beg your pardon essentially method that through the appropriate use of devices you deserve to do a lot more than you might through straight brute pressure methods.

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It’s an essential concept in physics and also baseline because that a lot of of design principles, yet for a little business owner, it deserve to likely typical the difference between long hatchet success or exhaustion and failure!

Leverage for Business

What is leverage for a tiny business owner? You very first have to acknowledge that most small businesses operate with the service owner involved in every far-ranging role and also decision. There might be 5 employees, 10 employee or even 50 employees, yet everything flows back through the owner. That’s a good approach because that making points consistent, yet there are only so numerous hours in the day and ultimately the owner’s time and focus become the major constraint on the business.

Leverage, because that a tiny business owner, is implementing people, processes and automation that efficiently remove the owner native the day to day operations. Through leverage, the organization is open up for growth and can scale, without leverage it’s destined to choke. The more growth there is, the harder it is come run.

Here’s an illustration that could make this a tiny clearer:


Strategically utilizing leverage (streamlining processes, automating, delegating, etc.) takes an ext effort up front (think the it together training, finding out curve, implementation time) however really kicks in as volume continues.

An example of leverage would certainly be automating the distribution of a key part of your product or service…once that automated (which likely costs money and also takes time to set up) you will stop spending time and effort…without the automation, you proceed to do an ext and an ext as your volume grows.

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A customer of our recently implemented an virtual application kind for prospective clients to to fill out. As soon as the form was populated, the system immediately processed around 80% of the information, leaving simply a couple of things for the team to track under to watch if the potential client was a standard fit. The previous technique was a fully manual process, including multiple call calls, many redundant research and also a lot much more time and effort for each application. Our client is finding it much simpler to grow and also manage things with this new approach…!

Are you making use of leverage in your business? What might you delegate, automate or systematize? girlfriend don’t have to do whatever at as soon as (in fact you shouldn’t try), yet even a small bit that leverage over time deserve to make a big difference. Share your thoughts in the comments listed below – I’d love to hear them.

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