There to be plenty that music ~ above this sitcom, as well as its Netflix spinoff, Fuller House. That includes episodes through the coast Boys, small Richard, and the opened title sequence and its song, “Everywhere girlfriend Look.”

Who sings the Full House layout song? here’s what us know around this above sitcom and the artist behind its opening credits song.

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‘Full House’ episode titled ‘Air Jesse’ | Walt Disney television via Getty images Photo Archives/Walt Disney television via Getty Images

Who sings the original ‘Full House’ design template song?

There’s many of hearts and also hands to host onto in this sitcom. Full House premiered in the 1980s, presenting fans come the people of the Tanner household for number of seasons. That contains Danny Tanner, the father figure who owns the san Francisco home.

Almost every episode of this collection starts off v the iconic location sequence, finish with the cast members smiling and the Full house theme song. The initial Full House design template song, “Everywhere girlfriend Look,” was written by Jesse Frederick and also Bennett Salvay and performed by Jesse Frederick.

This is the very same artist who performed the themes for shows prefer Perfect Strangers, household Matters, and Step through Step. However, a different artist carry out the theme song for the Netflix spinoff series, Fuller House.

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Carly Rae Jepsen adapted ‘Everywhere you Look’ for ‘Fuller House’

When Netflix developed their own series featuring the complete House characters, Fuller House, they integrated the very same theme song. This time, “Everywhere girlfriend Look” to be performed by Carly Rae Jepsen, the artist behind songs prefer “Call Me Maybe” and also “I Really prefer You.”

Full House is basically my childhood,” Jepsen said during an interview with Rolling Stone. “It was my favorite TV show growing up… It to be casually stated in one of those phone calls, and I said, ‘What? We need to make time for this! ok come in the center of the night, every little thing it is.’”

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There were a few musical moments in ‘Full House’

The theme song isn’t the only song featured in this sitcom. The personality Uncle Jesse, shown by man Stamos, to be a musician who had his own band — Jesse and also the Rippers, which later became Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets.

He performed alongside little Richard, the beach Boys, and also even a choir throughout his wedding. Danny Tanner, together a fan of music, sometimes played the guitar. Joey played the harmonica. Because that the spinoff series, Fuller House, Stephanie Tanner common her love because that music.

She casually discussed that she had a effective DJing career, i m sorry she paused to relocate in with her sister. She later wrote initial music, motivated by her daughter. Over there was also a musical marriage proposal between DJ Tanner and also her high school sweetheart, Steve.

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Full residence is accessible on Hulu. Illustration of this Netflix original spinoff series, Fuller House, are accessible on the streaming platform.