<1971>Testo di Dennis PotterLyrics by Dennis PotterMusic by Brian LambertMusica di Brian LambertDall"album "Coven"From the Album "Coven"Theme native the movie "Billy Jack"Tema dal movie "Billy Jack"

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La copertina originale dell"incisione di The initial Caste. The initial Caste"s initial disc cover.
This song"s blog post is that human greed and also violence is futile. The songwriting team the Dennis Lambert and also Brian Potter wrote this. They composed songs because that Dusty Springfield, The 4 Tops and Glen Campbell.In 1969, this to be a hit for a short-lived Canadian band called Original Caste as merely "One believe Soldier." initial Caste"s version got to US #34 and went come #1 in Canada.Coven"s variation was supplied as the template from the 1971 independent movie Billy Jack.In 1973, Coven released a re-recorded version of the track which got to US #79. In 1974, their version from 1971 to be reissued, getting to US #73.The tune was written during the anti-war motion of the so late 60"s. Additionally going on at that time was the six Day battle of 1967 in Israel. The "Kingdom ~ above a mountain" is none other than The temple Mount in Jerusalem. It sit on Mt. Moriah. The people of the valley space the Muslim or Palestinian world who live in the Kidron Valley surrounding to Mt. Moriah. The rock with the treasure under it is the rock that the Muslims claim Mohammed ascended and the Jews insurance claim was the base in The holy of Holies. The treasure underneath "the stone" i m sorry is up to 120ft.under the temple mount is wherein the an alleged hidden endowment of the Jewish treasury was. The Templars the the beforehand 1000 a.d. Where said to have found this treasure. The song carefully discusses details the "The Crusades". The civilization of the Valley that did not want to share was none various other than the leader the the Muslims, Saladin the Turkish leader that had limited visitation of other religions to Jerusalem which subsequently intitiated the crusades. Saladin(the Muslims) did gain back the temple Mount. So, the song"s message is that us fight wars and shed blood because that greed in the surname of our God"s but God just want"s "Peace on Earth" as was composed on the stone when it to be turned over. The One believe Soldier riding away just says that masses dice in battle on both sides and also only one or a few are left. It sarcastically claims go ahead and do evil but you will certainly not escape her deeds on judgment Day.(Da/From Songfacts )One tin Soldier is a ‘60s era anti-war tune written through Dennis Lambert and also Brian Potter. The Canadian pop group "Original Caste" first recorded the song in 1969. The monitor briefly reached restricted popularity locally and reached Number 34 ~ above the American pop charts in at an early stage 1970.The us rock group Coven tape-recorded the tune as component of the sound track because that the movie Billy Jack. This release, title as "One tin Soldier: The Legend of Billy Jack", got to number 40 on Billboard"s warm 100 in autumn 1971, if a slightly different version videotaped by guy Chandler (titled "One believe Soldier (The Legend of Billy Jack)") charted in summer 1973. Coven never ever recorded another far-ranging hit, coming to be a so-called one fight wonder."One believe Soldier" tells the summary story the a concealed treasure and two feuding peoples (the mountain People and the valley People) to describe how inhumane some people can be as soon as greed is involved. The Valley people are aware of a "treasure" ~ above the mountain, buried under a stone; castle send a post to the Mountain civilization demanding those riches. Once told they can share the treasure, the Valley people instead mount your horses, swords drawn, and ride as much as take the by force. After ~ killing all the hill People, the victors move the stone and find nothing more than a an easy message: "Peace top top Earth".The song has actually been spanned by various other groups, including Gimp, Me first and the Gimme Gimmes, and Killdozer. Luanne platter (Brittany Murphey) sang the song on the King that the Hill Soundtrack. The has also been mistakenly attributed to Joan Baez, who never recorded it.This tune was also covered through Voices for Peace, a tape consisting the a group of voice actors consisting of Greg Ayres and also Tiffany Grant. Ayres sang this very rock-ish variation of the song.The original Caste variation is still played on Canadian oldies stations. (en.wikipedia)

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Listen, children, come a story that was written long ago"Bout a kingdom on the mountain and the valley people below.On the mountain was a treasure buried deep beneath a stone,And the valley human being swore they"d have actually it for their really own.Go ahead and hate your neighbor, walk ahead and also cheat a friend.Do that in the surname of heaven, you deserve to justify it in the end.There won"t be any kind of trumpets blowin" come the judgment dayOn the bloody morning after ~ one tin soldier rides away.So the human being of the valley sent a message up the hill,Asking because that the hidden treasure, loads of gold because that which they"d kill.Came solution from the kingdom, "With ours brothers we will certainly share,All the secrets of the mountain, all the riches hidden there."Now the valley increased in anger, "Mount your horses, attract your swords,"And they killed the hill people, for this reason they won their simply reward.Now castle stood alongside the endowment on the mountain, dark and red,Turned the stone and looked beneath it, "Peace top top earth," was all it said.