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Frederic native VirginiaA possible explanation for the title is that the NY police room confiscated large quantities the marijuana in a time when civilization were quiet naive to the affects of setting ablaze this quantity of weed. The was burned near the 59th st bridge. Once can guess how groovy human being in the area felt.HR Pufnstuf was a cult children’s present winner because that 1969’s Saturday morning television. That was usually about great versus evil through life size puppets and a boy stranded on their island. Paul Simon sue Sid and Marty Krofft because the opening track for the cartoon closely resembled “The 59th Street bridge Song”. That won and also they offered him credit transaction at the finish of the show.On May, 2017, Paul Simon quit by The Late show with Stephen Colbert, and in a cold open segment, Colbert make the efforts to obtain Simon to play Simon & Garfunkel"s 1966 standard "The 59th Street Bridge tune (Feelin" Groovy)."Simon told Colbert, "I loathe that song," speak it was naive and "doesn"t feel choose two thousands seventeen."Seventhmist native 7th HeavenI constantly wondered if Paul"s groovy feelin" came from a few hallucinogenic substances. Fred indigenous Lake Havasu City, AzDuring Simon and Garfunkel"s an initial concert in Chicago, he began "59th Street leg Song" once the spotlight top top them change to red. Paul started to chuckle and said "Everyone - destruction the red light. This tune was written under the influence of red lights."Barry native Sauquoit, NyHere"s some obscure trivia:On November second 1867, the newspaper "Harper"s Bazaar" was founded; and just under one-hundred years later on February 12th, 1967 the Harpers Bizarre’s extended version that "The 59th Street Bridge track (Feelin" Groovy)" entered Billboard"s hot Top 100 chart at place #88...(See the next short article below}.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn February 12th 1967, "The 59th Street Bridge track (Feelin" Groovy)" through Harpers Bizarre gotten in Billboard"s hot Top 100 chart at position #88; and also on march 26th it peaked at #13 (for 2 weeks) and spent 11 main on the optimal 100...Was track five from their debut album, "Feelin" Groovy"...One other track native the album also made the optimal 100; "Come to The Sunshine" (#37)...Their last peak 100 entry was a extended version of Johnny Horton"s 1959 #1 document "The fight of new Orleans"; their version got to #95.Stephen from Cape Coral, FlHas everyone ever considered that "The 59th Street bridge Song" is really around an early morning dog walk? look at again at the words.Bottyguy native Raleigh, NcI"d choose to correct the very first commenter. There is a walk/bikeway throughout the queensboro bridge. You deserve to google it. The comment native Paul Simon however doesn"t indicate whether he was walking, driving, or skipping throughout the bridge.John from Joplin, Mo/queens, Ny, MoOne interesting comment? The 59th street bridge doesnt have actually a a pedestrian walkway! LOLJay indigenous Brooklyn, NyHey look, part idiot"s dance on the bridge talking come the lampposts. This is together a fun song, and one of the couple of truly happy songs ever written by Paul Simon.Bubba indigenous Anaheim, CaLed Zeppelin performed a variation of Feelin Groovy live in the boogie center section of totality Lotta Love..bubba Anaheim hill caMeredith from Wauwatosa, WiThis song was also covered by Harpers Bizarre, yet I like hearing Simon and Garfunkel song it. This tune is very cute and fun to sing follow me with!Nick native Bethlehem, PaHi Michael,It to be the flip next of "At The Zoo" in America, I have actually the 45 with the snapshot sleeve mirroring S&G"s deals with on two animals" bodies. The imported duplicates must have actually a various flip. To be "At The Zoo" released as a solitary in Germany?Be good,NickNick native Bethlehem, PaHi guys,A tiny enlightenment around "The 59th Street bridge Song". It to be released as the flip side of "At The Zoo". The factor Paul didn"t desire it on the A next is due to the fact that he feel "we"re a people group, how can we it is in feelin" groovy?" He composed this while walking end the bridge beforehand in the morning (6AM or so), and also he loved the part of the day as soon as the sunlight is coming up, and how new you feel even after gift up all night.Sally from southern Orange, NjOn a PBS tribute come Paul Simon, Elmo and also Grover sang this. I assumed it to be so sweet :-)Jane indigenous White river Jct, VtI think it reminds me to sluggish down v life and also be in the moment more... We are always moving too fast, and also this human being is even more sped up this day than it was in the so late 60"s beforehand 70"s with everything "instant" and also computerized. Therefore this tune takes me earlier to a slow time and also it never falls short to make me smile.Michelle indigenous Boston, MaNot to it is in cliche, however Simon and also Garfunkel are renowned to it is in marijuana users. Ns have always believed the this song at the very least partly had to execute with smoking cigarettes marijuana.Ashley from Moncton, CanadaI love this song. Ns think it may be the meaning of mellow.see more comments
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