If you’ve attended a wedding or high college reunion in the last few decades, you’ve certainly heard, and also probably boogied down to “Play the Funky Music” by Wild Cherry. The funk-flavored track was a number one hit because that the tape in 1976. “Play the Funky Music,” was in reality released during the 2nd era of Wild Cherry’s existence. The team was originally established in Steubenville, Ohio in 1970 by singer-guitarist rob Parissi, and also their sound had a definite absent edge come it. The team played rather a couple of live gigs, and also even signed a recording contract, publication a pair the albums, and issuing a pair of singles. Things never ever really captured fire because that the band, so Parissi folded the group.

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In 1975, after some time far from the music business, Parissi began up a brand-new version of Wild Cherry. The reborn group featured Allen Wentz on bass, Bryan Bassett ~ above guitar and also Ronald Beitle top top drums, and also later, Marc Avsec ~ above keyboards. Wild Cherry gathered a solid reputation together a live act, however they were a straight-ahead rock band about the time that disco music was growing in popularity. Parissi has recalled in interviews the the group was struggling to uncover work since many absent venues to be closing in favor of dance clubs.

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Legend has actually it that during one live gig, some audience members maintained teasing the band, and cajoling them come “play part funky music, white boys.” Parissi put pen to paper, and wrote “Play the Funky Music.” that based the text on the band’s experiences being a hard-working rock and roll tape in the period of disco. The track was consisted of on the group’s debut LP, Wild Cherry, exit in 1976. The album, i beg your pardon was developed by Parissi, additionally featured covers of “Nowhere to Run” by Martha & The Vandellas, “Ninety-Nine and a half Won’t Do” by Wilson Pickett, and “I feeling Sanctified” by The Commodores, as well as several original tunes penned through Parissi.

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