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And turning the urban of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes condemned them through an overthrow, making them an exsample depend those that after need to live ungodly... II Peter 2:6
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Lot,Abraham"s nephewThis is a true story!
When Abram listened and obeyed God"s speak to to leaving his house andGO,he took with him his nephew, Lot.

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One day when Abram"s males who had tendency Abram"s livestock were quarrelling with Lot"s guys who often tended Lot"s cattle, Abram argued that they part ways due to the fact that Abram hated quarrels.

Abram asked Lot i beg your pardon direction the would choose to go, also though Abram had the ideal to choose first. However Abram hated quarrels therefore if Lot determined east he would certainly go west,and if Lot made decision west, climate Abram would go east.

Lot looked towards the east and saw the fertile plains the the Jordan.This land also had the communities of Sodom and also Gomorrah.This looked so great to Lot that Lot decided to walk east; therefore Abram travel west toward the land of Canaan.

One day, after males of God had actually visited Abram come tell him about Isaac"s birth,Abraham learned around God"s plan to damage Sodom and also Gomorrah because they had an extremely wicked human being living there.Genesis chapter 18 claims that Abraham pleaded, "Will You also destroy the righteous through the wicked?"Abraham begged God to not damage the city if over there be discovered 50 righteous people.

Because God loved Abraham so much, God i agreeed to check the city because that 50 righteous people and also not destroy Sodom if He might find 50good people. then Abraham bravely speak again, "I recognize that ns am yet dust and ashes, however let me ask the you not damage the city if over there be 45righteous people!"God agreed.Then Abraham said, "Please don"t be angry v me, Lord; yet would you you re welcome not damage the city if over there be discovered 40righteous people?"God agreed."What about 30righteous people?"God agreed."20 good people?"God agreed."10 good?"God agreed.

But as soon as the angels entered Sodom, they only uncovered 4 good people, Lot and his wife, and also their 2 daughters.

Angels to be sent into the city of Sodom to acquire Lot and his family out. But Lot was hesitant to leave since he and also his family members loved the city of Sodom. Climate angels even had to traction at their arms and also drag them the end of the city. They were told to run for their lives and also to "not watch back".

But Lot"s wife did no obey God. She turned and also looked in ~ Sodom burning, sorrowfully. She turned right into a pillar of salt.

In the Gospel that Luke, when Jesus is talking around the time that He will involved rescue united state from this burning earth, He states in thing 17, "Remember Lot"s wife." Why walk Jesus to compare Lot"s mam to who who might love his life ~ above earth much more than one eternity v Jesus?

Lot and also his two daughters flee indigenous the burn city after ~ his wife turns to look back.

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Melchizedek, monk of the many high God and also the king that Salem (Jerusalem)
Once as soon as an military fought v the civilization of Sodom, this army carried away the city"s inhabitants together with Lot and his family. Abraham gathered up 318 the his best fighting men and they went and rescued Lot and also the various other people and brought them earlier home. Melchizedek concerned meet Abraham; he brought him bread and wine and tithes. The tried to get Abraham to store all the goods that were rescued; but Abraham would certainly take no gifts.