The commemorated song is currently being supplied as one anthem to assist others coping v the ns of a loved one.

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It was a lucky-break power at Nashville's Bluebird Café in 1988 that introduced the careers the Garth Brooks and also songwriter Kent Blazy.

That night Brooks was given the opportunity to song one song. Unknown at the time, Brooks made decision one he had co-written through Blazy the ahead year. It to be a song about their wives, a haunting, love-sick track dubbed "If Tomorrow never Comes." It had been turned down by music execs countless times, and also the men were considering reworking it.

But somebody from Capitol records was in the crowd the night who well-known the song's potential. "If Tomorrow never ever Comes" would certainly go ~ above to come to be a No. 1 hit, and the rest, together they say, is history.

Fast forward to last week. It was six days before his wife Sharon died, and also Blazy was back at the Bluebird singing the song he had written for her years before—the tune that had readjusted their lives. The night, The Tennessean was in the crowd.

"If tomorrow never ever comes, will certainly she know just how much ns loved her?" Blazy sang, putting his heart into the text of the song Brooks do famous.

For the previous 25 years, the Bluebird Cafe has actually been dedicating the entire month that January to raise money for alive Hospice. Every night of the month singers and also songwriters perform, donating your proceeds come the nonprofit company that provides care and also support for terminally ok patients and their families. Blazy is among those artists, and also for the critical nine years he's take away the phase for the cause. However this year it's personal. This time Alive assisted his wife dice the way she wanted—at home.

Blazy recalled Sharon's mind cancer diagnosis five years ago, and also the battle of the years that followed. In her last days, Blazy stated Alive carried them "honor and also peace." He referred to as them angels.

This year, to celebrate the 25th anniversary that the concert series, 100 country music stars will certainly take the stage to advanced money because that Alive. And according come The Tennessean, ~ above February 1st, Blazy will execute it again—this time through Brooks by his side.

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Blazy states he plans come borrow the etc he provided to create the track for the huge event, which currently resides in the country Music hall of Fame.

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A many has readjusted in the 30 years due to the fact that they composed the song, but its text ring truer than ever. "So tell the someone that you love/ just what you're reasoning of/ If tomorrow never ever comes"