Love the Emmy-nominated TV show, “Whose line is it Anyway?” Relive the top 10 “Whose Line” games and grab her ticket come the live, interaction comedy performance based on the show, Whose Live Anyway?

Cast members include Greg Proops, Jeff B. Davis, Dave Foley and also Joel Murray. You will do it be left gasping as these funny-guys create scenes right prior to your eyes. Audience joining is key, and you never recognize if you will do it be brought up on phase to join the fun!

10. Hollywood DirectorThis video game starts ours innocently enough, with 3 of the performers tasked through acting the end a an easy scene; climate a 4th performer acts together director and yells “cut!” offers the actors note on just how to enhance the scene. V each brand-new suggestion, the step becomes sillier and sillier, offering a good showcase because that the can be fried goofiness the is at the heart of this show.

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9. Living SceneryA good exercise in physics comedy, living Scenery calls for 2 performers to act out a scene as they usage two various other performers together the various props needed in the scene. Mostly, this game serves as an forgive to make the people-as-props together uncomfortable as possible. Native jet-skis to be ridden, bathrobes to it is in adorned, or tree to choose coconuts from, this video game has all of the performers obtaining up close and also personal.

8. NewsflashThis game involves the magic that green display screen technology. 2 performers act as newscasters in the studio, that then litter it over a 3rd person that is report on a break news story that’s being presented on the green screen. It’s approximately the third person, who can’t watch what’s on the green display behind him, come guess those being shown solely through hints from the other two performers. Frequently times, the green display screen images space either exceptionally ridiculous or incredibly disgusting, which provides it extra funny as the reporters lob clues through grimaces or expressions of shock.

7. Sound EffectsThe finest of the games that usage audience participation, Sound impacts has 2 performers act the end a scene with sound effects noted by two poor, unsuspecting members of the audience. Proving that the most important dominion in improv is “yes, and…” the performers roll with any and every destructive sound impact they provide. The fun that originates from watching this game entails the gibbs reacting to every bad attempt at a gunshot, bird contact or alarm system made through the audience members, while see them cracked up from the absurdity of it all.

6. Party QuirksSimilar come honorable mentions Let’s make a Date and Weird Newscasters, Party Quirks has actually multiple performers act the end a scenario with a strange quirk or identity. In this game that scenario is a party, wherein one actor needs to guess what personalities the other three room playing. This video game makes the list over the other two mentioned above due to the slim ridiculousness the watching all of these wacky personalities interact in the very same space. Component of the funny of watching this game is see what new, stunner idea because that a character the show can come increase with, and seeing the revolution and commitment the the performers have to these duty on a moment’s notice.

5. PropsA video game so straightforward that it can be play at home, Props is just about trying come come up v as countless funny points as feasible with strange spring props. While no a super associated game, the one the really embodies the spirit of the show: give an improver simply an inkling of one idea, and they’ll revolve it into something hilarious.

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4. HoedownYee-haw! always a crowd pleaser, Hoedown has actually all four performers sing a jaunty southern tune one city at a time. Vice versa, a many the other games are for this reason rapid-fire v the jokes, this one has much an ext of a slow-build, together each performer works up towards a hard-hitting punch line at the end of their verse.

3. Irish Drinking SongLike Hoedown, ireland Drinking Song has actually all four performers sing a tune, this time as a rowdy bar tune one line at a time. This video game requires some of the many rapid-fire improv chops out of any kind of one ~ above the show, i beg your pardon is what provides this game so entertaining come watch.

2. Biggest HitsThis video game is simple enough: two performers play TV pitchmen trying to market the newest compilation album, when one or two other performers song the song that are on the album. Biggest Hits earns the number 2 spot ~ above the list merely because all of the relocating parts come together in a coherent and also awesome way.

1.Scenes from a HatScenes indigenous a hat is a true embodiment that the “anything have the right to happen” heart of the show, and why it earns the optimal spot. The premise is at sight simple: scenes are randomly pulled the end of a hat, all audience suggestions and every one of the performers need to act castle out. What provides this game so exceptionally fun is just how unpredictable the is, anything from “If statues can speak” to “world’s worst human to be stuck with at a party” come “Outtakes indigenous the Hillbilly nationwide Theater’s Shakespeare Festival” can be traction from the hat and all of it is totally hilarious. More than any other game, this is the one whereby one gag or throwaway line have the right to have the both the audiences and the various other performers totally howling. Wacky ideas performed ~ above the point out is whatWhose Lineis every about, and nowhere is that any an ext evident than in this video game here.


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