Runecrafting in Old school RuneScape is a valuable skill that can be trained through both free-to-play and also pay-to-play players. V our OSRS Runecrafting Guide here, we will comment on everything you need to know around this skill and how you can improve it as you proceed your journey in Gielinor.

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The skill itself faces the make of magical runes, for this reason the straightforward surname for it. These runes are used by mages to cast a plethora the spells and also are consumed once a spell is cast.

Therefore, runes are always in demand, which makes this skill a decent way to make money in OSRS.

Complete OSRS Runecrafting cultivate Guide

Due come the tedious process of make runes, very couple of people have actually enhanced their character’s ability from Level 1 Runecrafting come Level 99.

If you room willing to put in the work, are stubborn and devoted enough, then Runecrafting deserve to be yes, really rewarding, especially for those who are mages themselves.

Basics of OSRS Runecrafting

Like any other skill, Runecrafting has its materials and requirements. Us have currently mentioned Runes. Many different varieties of Runes have the right to be make from raw materials. This raw products are Rune essence, Pure essence, and also Dark essence.


The first two types of essences have the right to be mined after completing the Rune Mysteries quest. This pursuit does not just unlock access to the Runecrafting skill yet serves together a basic Runecrafting tutorial. Completing the quest additionally rewards the player with an waiting talisman. Dark significance is a relatively brand-new item added in 2016.


To craft Runes from the you have to mine thick essence blocks then revolve those into Dark significance blocks and also then cut these into Dark significance fragments making use of a chisel.

Mining and also crafting Dark significance require level 38 Mining and Crafting respectively and also House Arceuus favor: 25% to go into the Arceuus essence mine come mine thick essence and also 100% to produce Dark significance blocks.

Runecrafting Tools

For this OSRS Runecrafting guide, we will talk about the 13 types of talismans, and also each has actually its matching Rune type. Talismans are compelled when a player desire to rotate essences into Runes that later deserve to be supplied for casting spells or offered for profit.

When a player wishes to produce runes lock must have actually a talisman and rune essences in their inventory and approach a important Altar – Runes cannot just be do anywhere.

Runecrafting altars deserve to be accessed via Mysterious damages scattered transparent the human being when the player has the necessary Talisman. Clicking on an Altar will turn all essences in the player’s perform into matching Runes.

There is another, advanced, item the is additionally used to access Altars and also that is a Tiara. Tiaras have the right to replace Talismans when accessing an Altar. Similar to Talismans, Tiaras do not provide a global passage to every Altars and also instead have the right to only be provided to access a certain Altar.

To develop a Tiara for this purpose you must have actually a Talisman that the kind you desire Tiara to adopt and carry them come the equivalent Altar. Usage Tiara ~ above the Altar and here you walk – Tiara turns right into a specific type of Tiara, you placed it on your head and also now you have actually that 1 extra space in inventory because that Rune essences!

Crafting many Runes in ~ Once

A much more experienced Runecrafter is not only able come craft greater tier Runes, but also much more Runes of lower-tier utilizing the same amount that essence.

This is extremely advantageous when utilizing Magic you yourself or marketing Runes, however, the does not grant an ext experience since XP is calculated based upon essences offered rather than the number of resulting Runes.

Combination Runes

If you thought that making multiple Runes in one walk is amazing then listen to this – you can also make so-called “Combination runes”. Mix runes are produced by, well, friend guessed it, combining other varieties of Runes.

Here’s how it works: you require to carry Rune A through Talisman A and also Pure significance to Altar B. Make certain to have actually either Talisman B or Tiara B to access Altar B. Tiara is a recommended selection because it conserves inventory space.

IMPORTANT: Click “Use” Rune A on the Altar B. If you merely click Altar B the will develop Rune B rather of the desired combination rune. Over there is a 50% success price that have the right to be increased to 100% v the Binding necklace.

There is an alternative an approach to create mix runes. You require to actors Magic imbue spell and thus conserve inventory room on Talisman A.

In order because that this come work, cast the spell just before using the Altar. Magic imbue spell requires level 82 Magic and also the perfect of Lunar Diplomacy quest to accessibility the Lunar spellbook.

The order itself also needs resources, which room 2 Astral runes, 7 Fire and 7 Water runes per cast. Making use of a Rune bag is very recommended together with a Binding necklace.

Not just any type of Runes can be an unified though, only the elemental ones, definition Air, Earth, Fire, and also Water. Note that girlfriend get an ext XP once creating mix runes at the Altar the a higher level.

For example, if you great to produce Lava runes (Earth+Fire), creating them in ~ the Fire altar will reward more XP.

Ourania Altar

Ourania altar is a special sort of Altar for multiple reasons.

First, you do not require to fulfill the usual demands of having actually a Talisman or attract a Tiara.

Second, you cannot choose which form of Rune is created. Ourania altar creates random Runes through the possibility of getting higher level Runes increasing with the player’s Runecrafting level. The only kind of Runes the cannot be produced is Wrath runes and any that the combination runes.

Third, you deserve to only handmade Runes indigenous Pure essences, unlike v lower-level Runes as soon as Rune essences suffice.

Fourth, the XP you acquire for make Runes is twin what girlfriend would obtain otherwise.

Fifth, completing tool Ardougne Diary provides a possibility of making more Runes 보다 usual, but as is with crafting many Runes, the XP got is calculate for essence used and not the resulting Runes. To amount up, Ourania altar is the finest place to level up Runecrafting if you treatment only about gaining Runecrafting XP.


OSRS Abyss

The Abyss is a an extremely strange and very special place. To be allowed accessibility there friend must complete Enter the Abyss quest. ~ doing so, you have the right to speak come the Mage the Zamorak in low-level Wilderness to it is in teleported there.

While Wilderness is dangerous, the Abyss chin is not too type to players as well. When teleported there you will instantly get skulled and your Prayer drained to 0 if you space not wearing Abyssal bracelet.

The external Ring the the Abyss is a attention multi combat zone. To acquire out the this hell the is the external ring, players need to use one of their skills: Woodcutting, Mining, Thieving, Agility, or Firemaking. The higher your level in a skill, the far better are the possibilities of you effectively getting through.

The mathematics behind success price is simple – ability level +1, so in ~ level 99 your chance is 100%.

Why even bother gaining into the Abyss i beg your pardon also method going through Wilderness on the way?

Via the inside ring that the Abyss you can access any Altar other than for Wrath and also Astral.This method that this is virtually a universal protect against for all your OSRS Runecrafting demands at whatever Runecrafting level.


OSRS Runecrafting Items


Essence pouches are essential when training Runecrafting in OSRS.They deserve to store Ruen or Pure essences and thus save inventory space. There are four varieties of pouches: Small, Medium, Large, and also Giant pouch.

The compelled Runecrafting level come make full use of them is 1, 25, 50, and 75 and they have 3, 9, 18, and also 30 slots respectively. Pouches decay over time with continuous use, for this reason make sure to fix them by talk to the Dark Mage in the inner Ring the the Abyss or spreading Contact NPC spell from the Lunar spellbook.

If you fail to fix them, they will certainly be destroyed and also you will have to find brand-new pouches. Pouches are unique and also you deserve to only usage 1 kind of pouch at a time, definition you can acquire and also use all 4 sizes, yet you can not use 2 pouches the the exact same size.

There are also Rune pouches the are specialized to Runes alone. You can put 16k Runes that three species into such a pouch, an interpretation that that is extremely advantageous to have actually one once Runecrafting and also using Magic come teleport about the world for much more efficient training.

Runecrafting Cape

Obviously, you won’t acquire to use this one till you struggle level 99 Runecrafting. The Runecrafting cape is extremely helpful for those who room stubborn sufficient to achieve level 99 Runecrafting and also wish to make money with this details skill.

It stays clear of pouches native deteriorating and allows access to every Altars without having actually to bother through bringing Talismans or wearing Tiaras.

Binding Necklace

Binding necklace is of an excellent usefulness to those who wish come craft mix runes even if it is by utilizing Magic or not. It offers a 100% success rate when making combination runes (the default possibility being 50%).

Binding necklace has 16 charges and after they room expended that crumbles right into dust. This article is a must-have because that players that wish come craft mix runes and it have the right to be looted from monster in the Abyss or created by casting Lv2 Enchant spell on one Emerald necklace. The latter option requires level 27 Magic.

Quests that Reward Runecrafting Experience



Other requirements


The climb of Arceuus


20% Arceuus Favor


Enter the Abyss





The slug Menace


30 Crafting30 Slayer30 Thieving


Devious Minds


50 Fletching65 Smithing


The Fremennik Exiles


65 Crafting60 Fishing60 Slayer60 Smithing


Lunar Diplomacy


61 Craffting40 Defense49 Firemaking5 Herblore65 Magic60 Mining55 Woodcutting


The eye of Glouphrie


5 Construction46 Magic45 Woodcutting

What Lies Below


42 Mining (if you have no access to the Abyss)


Quests That call for Runecrafting In Old college RuneScape



The slug Menace


What Lies Below


Devious Minds


The Fremennik Exiles


OSRS Diaries That require Runecrafting






Lumbridge & Draynor

Craft some Water runes.




Craft some earth runes.



Lumbridge & Draynor

Craft part lava runes at the fire altar in Al Kharid.




Craft some death runes in ~ the death altar.




Craft 140 psychic runes simultaneously.




Craft some Nature runes.



Lumbridge & Draynor

Craft 56 cosmic runes simultaneously.




Craft 252 wait runes simultaneously.




Craft 56 astral runes at once.




Craft 56 Nature runes at once.



Kourend & Kebos

Craft one or much more Blood runes.



Lumbridge & Draynor

Craft 140 or more water runes in ~ once.




Craft 100 or an ext earth runes simultaneously.


Runecrafting Training guide From Level 1 to 99

Runecrafting have the right to be one of the best an abilities to level up in Old college RuneScape, and in this section, we will discuss what you have to be doing because that each level, for this reason you can level up your runecrafting skills quicker than various other RuneScape players.

Level 1-9 Runecrafting

Use Rune or Pure significance to craft Air runes. Carry as numerous Rune pouches as you can to conserve time. Waiting altar is located south that Falador, as such it is convenient to use Falador teleport tabs to bank your Runes.


Level 9-14 Runecrafting

At this level range, you unlock the ability to craft earth runes. The earth altar is situated south the Varrock wood Yard, the place where you had actually to or must rescue bad kittens. In this case, the Varrock teleport tab should come in handy.


Level 14-23 Runecrafting

Playing with fire was never ever so safe (or boring…)! in ~ level 14 Runecrafting you have the right to craft Fire runes. The Mysterious ruins that bring about the Fire altar are located south-west the the Al Kharid Duel arena.

You have wonderful logistical option below – a Ring of dueling, which go not only teleport you come Castle wars where girlfriend can bank your do runes, but it can likewise teleport you to the Duel arena, do this stage of Runecrafting leveling a actual breeze.


Level 20-99 Runecrafting (Free-to-Play)

At level 20 Runecrafting football player unlock the ability to craft human body runes. This an approach is only viable if you space a P2P player since members get access to vastly remarkable methods.

If you are now thinking about getting a bond, you have the right to buy OSRS gold, and also get her bond cheaper!

Or you deserve to purchase membership keys from and also become a RuneScape member for a portion of its initial price on Jagex.

The body altar is located just north-west of barbarian Village, southern of the Monastery.


Level 1-99 Runecrafting (Free-to-Play)

Crafting Tiaras is an additional option that F2P players deserve to choose. To develop a magical Tiara you require one Tiara and one Talisman of her choice.

This is a costly method of maintain Runecrafting yet it is much faster than crafting human body runes every the method to level 99 Runecrafting. It is recommended for those who desire to at least method Runecrafting training speeds that are accessible to members and also have adequate funds.

Level 23-99 Runecrafting

South that West Ardougne is the Ourania Altar. This distinct altar enables for a less tedious means of leveling Runecrafting and also can be supplied to reach level 99 Runecrafting. The random nature the this Altar can be no to everyone’s liking, though.

The upside is the the high quality of Runes crafted all at once increases through your Runecrafting level. The is encourage to have actually level 71 Magic and have completed the Lunar Diplomacy pursuit to have the ability to teleport come Ourania dungeon. Ourania teleport spell calls for 6 planet runes, 1 regulation rune, and 2 Astral runes, as such it is wise to use earth staff.

There is additionally a bank there the you can access for 20 non-combination Runes each time you use it. This 20 Runes space picked at random, yet by talking to Eniola you can select which Runes to exclude from the payment.


Alternative Runecrafting Leveling Methods

The following methods space recommended for players who wish to get two birds v one rock by make money while additionally training Runecrafting or are unable, or unwilling, to use other methods or are just bored that them.

Level 23 Runecrafting

Remember every you have actually learned about mix runes because you will need that expertise now. In ~ level 23 Runecrafting you deserve to start making Lava runes. Lava runes room made by combine Fire runes and also Earth runes. The is recommended to do this in ~ the Fire altar quite than planet altar due to greater XP gains.

For raised efficiency, the is recommended to have actually level 82 Magic for Magic imbue order and also equip Ring that dueling and also Binding Necklace. This method is convenient as result of the ring permitting teleportation both to the Fire altar and Castle battles where girlfriend can bank your Runes.

It goes there is no saying that you should bring all the Pouches available. In ~ level 75 Runecrafting and once you have actually all four varieties of Rune pouches this method competes because that the point out of gift the more quickly one.

Level 27 Runecrafting

Time come visit the magical land of fairies! at level 27 Runecrafting you unlock the ability to do Cosmic runes. Cosmic runes are mostly used because that enchanting and also since most enchanted items have minimal charges, Cosmic runes are constantly in demand. The Cosmic altar is situated in Zanaris and also requires the perfect of the shed City pursuit to access it.

After completing shed City, you can gain Dramen staff, which will permit you to teleport come the Cosmic altar and also accessibility the Fairy ring teleport system. When developing Cosmic runes that is recommended to use Amulet of glory come teleport come Edgeville and also bank her Runes there. This ar is ideal due to the fact that there is a Fairy ring in proximity. Use Fairy ring *BKS* come teleport earlier to Zanaris.

At level 59 Runecrafting friend can create 2 Cosmic runes at once without using added essences. Together it constantly is through multiple rune crafting, you execute NOT receive extra XP.


OSRS Runecrafting Money make Tips

Level 40 Runecrafting

While making money v Runecrafting is feasible while make Cosmic runes, much more opportunities appear once you reach level 40 Runecrafting and also onwards. In ~ level 40 Runecrafting you unlock the capability to handmade Astral runes. Astral runes can be crafted in ~ the Astral altar after perfect Lunar Diplomacy search (see, this search is really worth completing).

The Astral altar is located at the southern suggest of the Lunar isle. It is recommended to have actually level 69 Magic for the capacity to cast Moonclan teleport indigenous the Lunar spellbook. In ~ level 82 Runecrafting friend unlock the capacity to craft 2 Runes in ~ once.


Level 77 Runecrafting

Blood runes are an expensive source and therefore worth developing yourself. You have to mine thick essence blocks in the Arceuus significance Mine (25% Arceuus donate required), rotate these blocks into Dark essence blocks ~ above the Dark altar, and then use a chisel to revolve them into Dark essence fragments.

Dark significance fragments have the right to then be supplied on the Blood altar to turn them right into Blood runes. Having actually completed the elite tasks of the Kourend & Kebos diary will boost Blood rune yield by 10%, but not XP gained, as usual.


Level 91 Runecrafting

At level 91 Runecrafting friend unlock a really old, also classic, method of earning OSRS money through Runecrafting. It is making double Nature runes. This method is old and widely well-known so you can want to examine Nature rune prices as soon as considering it (although with nearly any Runes you will be earning money, the question is which an approach would yield much more profit). You have two alternatives to pick from.

First, you can craft them utilizing the Abyss which was mentioned earlier.

Second, you have the right to craft them making use of the Nature altar.

We already discussed the Abyss. Together for the Nature altar, if you pick to make Nature runes there, you should use Amulet that glory come teleport come Edgeville and also bank her Runes and then Fairy ring teleport *CKR* to acquire to Karamja.


Level 95 Runecrafting

The one and also only, Wrath rune becomes obtainable to be created at level 95 Runecrafting. Yet first, if you gained this much in maintain Runecrafting congratulations room in place. You space a yes, really stubborn and specialized craftsman.

Wrath runes room the highest possible level runes in the game and since few players level increase Runecrafting in the an initial place, Wrath runes catch a good price on the GE. Wrath runes were added to OSRS in addition to Dragon Slayer 2 quest and you must complete this quest if you wish to handmade the runes.

If girlfriend need help with questing, you should inspect out our OSRS Optimal pursuit Guide.


Wrath altar is located south of the Myth’s Guild. The is encourage to equip Mythical cape, Ring the dueling, and Anti-Dragon shield.

The Mythical cape is compelled to teleport to the Mythic statue i m sorry you can click to get into Corsair cave Dungeon. Once in the dungeon, you have to run south until you uncover a cavern entrance in the wall. Click on it to teleport to the island wherein you will discover the Wrath altar.

The Anti-Dragon shield will assist you when you space in the Corsair cavern Dungeon and Ring the dueling is vital for convenient banking.

Final Thoughts around Runecrafting In OSRS

This is it, fellow scapers. The finish of our OSRS runecrafting training guide. Over there are, of course, more ways come train Runecrafting, yet we make the efforts our finest to list the most efficient or profitable ones.


We great you an excellent luck top top your path to level 99 Runecrafting to obtain your Runecrafting skill cape. Make sure to come and also unburden you yourself from every those coins you will certainly be earning by offering OSRS yellow at

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Patience and also dedication space paramount as soon as training Runecrafting. Psychic that!

If you need further help in your journey in Gielinor, you can join our Discord server and try out our various other OSRS services prefer bossing and power leveling. We also carry out exclusive OSRS offersfor our members native time come time.