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top top left, freshman Allison Panara score one goal in a win versus William blacksmith College. On right, junior john Januszkiewicz had actually six points versus Stevens academy of Technology.

Lacrosse is one of plenty of sports to have both a men’s and women’s team. However, multiple physical and technical differences separate the two, producing different execution of lacrosse.

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The major differences are how much contact is allowed, the format of play due to the number of players on the field, the size of the field and also the equipment.

Freshman attackman Connor Hulme stated the men’s games draw more attention and are much more exciting to watch.

“I think the level the contact and also physicality determines the quantity of fans the come,” Hulme said. “In my opinion, the an ext contact there is, the an ext spectators we will draw to ours games.”

While the men’s video game is monitoring on just how much call it allows, Jeff Long, head coach of the men’s lacrosse team, stated hitting and being wild is no discouraged yet is under clock at every times.

“They yes, really don’t want contact, and also there room a lot of rules the prevent too much contact,” lengthy said. “Our game is pulling ago with the large contact. … You can’t be too many physical in regards to being too many aggressive or unfair.”

Women’s head coach Karrie Moore contrasted the call displayed in women’s lacrosse to the of the difference in contact between men’s and also women’s ice cream hockey.

“There’s tho a most contact; you simply can’t outright fight somebody,” Moore said. “The call is much more like in basketball, but rule distinctions are an extremely similar.”

In basketball, some call is allowed, yet if it is reputed by an main to be excessive or the end of line, a foul is called.

In men’s lacrosse, body contact is allowed, i m sorry is the main difference in between the men’s and also women’s game.

However, both games encompass stick checking, the various other main type of legitimate aggression.

These differences in call lead come varying demands when it concerns equipment.

Men stay padding on their forearms, chest, shoulders and back, and also helmets with masks. As result of less contact, women are only compelled to stay goggles, mouth guards and gloves.

Moore said the mouth guards protect versus concussions much more than anything, and with concussions now becoming a common and also prominent injury, there have been speak of adding helmets come the women’s game.

“Personally, i don’t want to it is in in helmets,” Moore said. “There’s no really a whole lot of research study that says it will make it any better.”

Moore talked around how in soccer and ice hockey, over there are more injuries, including concussions due to much more contact in those sporting activities than women’s lacrosse — her thinking behind why helmets aren’t essential to the women’s game.

Another distinction is the field dimensions. The women’s field is 120 yards long and also 70 yards wide, contrasted to the men’s field, i m sorry is slightly smaller at 110 yards long and also 60 yards wide.

Before the 2003–04 season, the women’s video game had unlimited boundaries, which expected players might use any natural game space of the play area. This dominance has due to the fact that been changed to make the game quicker and to encourage offense.

“With the women’s game, the background of that is that us didn’t use to have actually hard boundaries so castle tried to make the field as lengthy as possible.” Moore said. “But because people largely play on football and also soccer fields, that was as huge as they might make the field.”

The final major difference is the variety of players top top the field.

A regular men’s formation areas three defenders, 3 midfielders, 3 attackers and also a goaltender. The women’s video game adds one extra attacker and also defender.

Men’s lacrosse has a shoot clock, which is a synopsis clock that lets the attack team know how much time it has to shoot the sphere on goal prior to it is turned over to the other team. It is 30 secs long and was approved in June 2014, with division I schools’ using it this season, and also will make its debut in department II and III schools next season. The shoot clock was produced to shot and rate up possessions and also prevent teams from stalling in the attack zone.

On the various other hand, the women will have actually a possession clock, which combines the ideas of both a shoot and transition clock. The new rule is plan to limit the abuse the clock management and quicken the pace of the game. The women’s clock was approved in July 2015 and will be enforced in division I in 2017 and division II and III in 2018.

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Despite this variances, men’s and also women’s lacrosse quiet share the very same goal: to complete at the highest possible level and also produce to chat for their viewers through the speed and also excitement that the game.

“The rate of play is making it better for everyone. It’s much more fun come watch; it’s an ext fun come play,” long said. “People desire to see objectives being scored. … They desire to see a 15–12 lacrosse game, and also that’s what we room working towards.”