In the early 1970s, Elvis’ simpler suits sweet 25 pounds. In the later on years, Elvis’ intricately embroidered and also jeweled suits weighted as much as 75 pounds– the mean weight of an 11 year old boy. Imagine attract (and performing in!) clothing that heavy.

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2. In fact, his heaviest fit was additionally the most costly come make.


When asked about Elvis’ many expensive jumpsuit, the designer invoice Belew reply “The American Eagle which at the time cost approx. $65,000. To do the very same suit now it would certainly be 4 times the amount.” that was all worth that though because Elvis wore this jumpsuit because that the 1973 “Aloha from Hawaii” television broadcast via satellite i beg your pardon was viewed by over a exchange rate people across 40 countries. Subsequently, the “American Eagle” jumpsuit, additionally known together the “Aloha” jumpsuit happened one of Elvis’ most famous stage outfits. (quoted native

3. The bulk of Elvis’ jumpsuits to be made from the same cloth as ice cream skater’s costumes.



Bill Belew obtained the idea “to usage what is well-known for ice cream skaters as stretch gab, or gabardine.” he explains, “it enables skaters to perform their splits, your turns, and also everything. And I thought it would be an excellent for Elvis due to the fact that the one thing he stated that he wanted to combine in his act to be his karate. And also I believed I’ve got to discover something the will allow him to execute that.” (quoted indigenous

4. Prior to then, few of Elvis’ stage wear especially favored aesthetics end functionality.

A actual show-stopper ensemble, this dazzling gold suit was design by Nudie Cohn who had likewise designed phase wear for country singer Hank Snow. Although this suit verified to it is in visually outstanding and great for media publicity, Elvis just wore the gold trousers for three mirrors because the lamé material wasn’t resilient enough for his exuberant dance moves. According to “,” Elvis normally went under on his knees as soon as singing “Hound Dog” and also the gold thread would certainly flake off.

5. What execute the King of absent ‘n’ Roll and the Emperor of France have actually in common?

Besides their royal titles, lock both wore high collars. In the documentary movie Fit for A King, invoice Belew said, “The collar originated v my love because that Napoleon. And I assumed it’d it is in a good look for Elvis. That would framework his face and also I hoped that once you to be watching him her eyes would emphasis on his face.” Both Elvis’ stage wear (most jumpsuits) and an individual wardrobe had this Napoleon-style collar.

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