Ages before Mark Harmon showed up as leading man Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS, he play Dr. Robert Caldwell in St. Elsewhere, which ran properly from 1982 to 1988. Yet, mark Harmon isn’t the only thing these 2 vastly different shows have actually in common. 

St. Somewhere else follows the staff at St. Eligius Hospital in Boston, together they navigate the difficulties tied come life as a clinical practitioner. The show mixes in some dark humor to lighten moments and focuses on the drama natural to functioning in a big city hospital.  


Mark Harmon ‘NCIS’ | Erik Voake/CBS via Getty photos

On the various other hand, NCIS follows certified dealer Gibbs and also fellow agents making up the NCIS major Case solution Team. Lock find and also capture criminals utilizing detective skills, combat finesse, and also a tiny bit the forensic science. So, what might two mirrors — one around doctors and another around a navy investigative organization — have in common? mark Harmon as soon as recounted a quality that both mirrors share — on two different occasions — decades apart.

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Mark Harmon talks about character disposability in ‘NCIS’ and also ‘St. Elsewhere’ 

During one interview with The sun Sentinel, note Harmon debated St. Elsewhere, soon after he departed the series. Regarding the decision to leave the show, Harmon said: 

I initiated the idea because that leaving the series when the season started last year. Ns asked the producers and also writers to gain excited around my character and also give me, as an actor, something come do.

I’m an actor and I had been with the series three years. All the personalities in a series like St. In other places are expendable. It has actually a talented ensemble actors and great writers. The was the high side of functioning the show. The low side was having to leave them.

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The story continues. #NCIS has actually been renewed because that an 18th season.

— NCIS (

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Mark Harmon explained that, though he delighted in working top top St. Elsewhere, the beauty of the show is its ability to keep going. Also as gibbs came and went, the show regulated to keep success. The exact same holds true for NCIS. 

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Over the last couple of years, several main NCIS actors have left the display — Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, Cote de Pablo, and so on — yet the show proceeds to welcome countless viewers each week. New actors come in, and fans fall in love with the new character dynamics. Speaking around NCIS, lead actor and also executive producer mark Harmon said: 

Change is healthy. Any actor can depart this show and it will survive. In my mind, over there is nothing unclear around how I acquired here. You go to various shows and hear the chirping around who’s No. 1 on the call sheet or who has the best trailer. Because that me, it’s around doing a job as well as you can. If your project is to gain somebody coffee—and i did the in my early days—then make it the finest cup of coffee possible. Carry out the work. And do it through pride.


Mark Harmon has actually gone through his career, passionate to take on new roles, and also understanding that many factors add to a show’s success (not just the gibbs involved). Regardless of his evident importance come NCIS, he remains quite the humble top man.