385–322BC Demosthenes is one of the most famed orators of ancient times, and many the his speeches were preserved and studied by college student of rhetoric for numerous years. He lived part years after the golden e of Athens in a duration of decline, and also constantly exhorted his fellow-citizens to go back to their former behavior of courage and self-reliance, but to little avail. His an excellent nemesis was Philip II of Macedonia, who throughout the life time of Demosthenes to be slowly coming to be an over-lord of every one of Greece utilizing both military and also diplomatic methods. Demosthenes warnedagainst acquiescing to Philip, but failed to inspire his townsmen come act until it was also late.

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The story that Demosthenes advancement as one orator is especially notable since he was no a normally talented or i was sure speaker as a youth, but rather, a relatively poor one. He acquired his reputation largely throughhard work, and also improved his speaking abilities by various techniques such together shouting to it is in heardabove the crashing that the s waves, and spending numerous hours in his studio preparing his speeches. That eventually ended up being a prosperous lawyer and also when Philip that Macedonia began involving himself in the work of Greece, he came to be increasingly affiliated in politics. In roughly 357 B.C. Athens became associated in a society War through someof her colonies. At practically the same time, the spiritual War damaged out in between Thebes and Phocis. Philip II supplied both of these disputes to boost his affect over northern Greece andseveral of Athens" allies in the Aegean. Demosthenes experienced the hazard of Philip"s draft early and also began delivering speeches warning that the Macedonian threat, yet many that his fellow-citizens were willing come make alliances with Philip in stimulate to protest Thebes and avoid going to war. Philip"s encroachments and also Demosthenes" warnings persisted for many years prior to the deadly Battleof Chaeronea, after which Athens submitted to one alliance under terms very favorable to Macedonia. For the next twelve years, Demosthenes had actually no real choice but to submit to Macedonian rule,and just by the treatment of a fine respected basic was he spared permanent exile. Top top the fatality of Alexander in 323 B.C. However, he helped inspire a rebellion against Macedonia. As soon as the rebellionwas placed down, he fled come a temple and also there ended his own life.

Key events during the life of Demosthenes:

Event 384BCDemosthenes is born in Athens. 364BCSues his guardians because that mismanagement the his estate. Trained to become an orator and also a lawyer. 356BCSacred War begins between Thebes and also Phocis. 354BCBegan come be affiliated in politics. 351BCGave very first "Philippic" protesting Macedonian seizure that the Athens colony of Amphipolis. 346BCPeace of Philocrates between Athens and also Macedonia end the spiritual War. 344BCPresented second "Philippic"; traveled to Peloponnese to rest up Philip"s alliances. 343BCDelivered 3rd "Philippic", i beg your pardon tried come rouse the Athenians to resist Philip. 338BCAthens and Thebes lose to Macedonia in ~ the fight of Chaeronea. 336BCDeath that Philip that Macedonia. 323BCDeath the Alexander the Great. 322BCInvolved in Greek rebellion against Macedonia, which was put down at the battle of Crannon. 322BCSuicide of Demosthenes.

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Philip the Macedonia Used statesmanship and also military force to carry Greece under persuade of Macedonia.
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Aeschines Political competitor of Demosthenes, that was a supporter of Philip that Macedonia.
Phocion Athenian statesmen that tried to prevent war between Athens and Macedonia. Sometimes opposed Demosthenes.
Antipater One the Philip"s most trusted generals. Left in charge of Macedonia throughout Alexander"s conquests.