Dolores Umbridge appeared to dislike Harry native the beginning. Why? ns don"t think take care of met Umbridge prior to Order of the Phoenix, yet she sent out Dementors after him, stated Harry had actually to it is in taken care of, etc. I don"t recall her explaining why she hated Harry.

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Umbridge"s story top top Pottermore post in November 2014 renders clear 3 factors for her persecution of bother Potter:

She welded herself to Cornelius Fudge politically, and (as we understand from the books) Fudge"s Party line was that Dumbledore was aiming to unseat him together MoM, and also Harry to be a lying son serving that finish with his lies about "He Who have to Not be Admitted To have Returned".

In essence, discrediting Harry would be a large win for she patron Fudge, and also vice versa.

As the Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge ended up being increasingly anxious and also paranoid the Albus Dumbledore had actually ambitions to supersede him, Dolores managed to nipper her means to the really heart of power, by stoking both Fudge’s vanity and his fears, and presenting it s her as one of the couple of he might trust.

Umbridge hated muggles and muggleborns.

As such, Harry was a poor thing both together a half-blood, and also as a symbol come those who hosted pro-Muggle and anti-bigoted views.

After a glass that sweet sherry, Dolores was constantly prone come spout very uncharitable views, and also even those that were anti-Muggle found themselves shocked by few of Dolores’s suggestions, behind close up door doors, the the therapy that the non-magical neighborhood deserved

Umbridge was a control freak, that saw Harry as a difficulty to she authority, and her an answer to together a challenge was come stamp that out:

Dolores’s appointment together Inquisitor at hogwart gave complete scope, for the first time in her life, for her prejudices and her cruelty. She had not delighted in her time in ~ school, where she had actually been overlooked for all positions of responsibility, and also she relished the opportunity to return and wield power over those who had not (as she experienced it) given her she due.


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Dolores has what amounts to a phobia of us that are not quite, or wholly, human. She distaste for the half-giant Hagrid, and also her terror of centaurs, disclose a terror of the unknown and the wild. She is one immensely managing person, and also all who an obstacle her authority and world-view must, in her opinion, it is in punished....