I bet you didn’t gain online now wondering if now was the job you’d find out eating boogers is good for your children but, right here we are…


Yes, professionals do say that eating boogers is great for kids and I can’t aid but gag.

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I’d be lying if I stated my youngsters didn’t eat your boogers since I think every single kid (including myself) has done it, at least once.

Picking your nose and “digging because that gold” just seems to be funny to kids and some acquire curious and also eat the too.


Something the I’ve recorded myself yelling “STOP” to my kids on numerous occasions.

If you’ve always frowned ~ above this and also have tried to discourage your kid from doing the (like ns have), you could want come rethink your strategy.

Scott Napper, a biochemistry professor in ~ the university of Saskatchewan, theorizes that snot and also boogers taste sweet so children will want to eat them. It’s the body’s method of enticing kids to consume boogers together a method to boost their immune system.


Do they really taste sweet?

The only means to know is if you try it yourself but before you do, girlfriend should understand why boogers are good for your kids.

Scott Napper said the CBC that snot’s sugary taste might signal the body that it need to be eaten, and also the immune system may achieve information from its contents.

“By consuming those pathogens captured within the mucus, can that be a means to teach your immune system around what it’s surrounding with?”


An exciting thought indeed.

What provides it great then is the fact that pathogens are caught within the mucus and also when a son eats your boogers, this pathogens are inserted into the body. It’s a way for the human body to learn just how to strengthen its immunity.

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Scott’s debate is the we progressed from a dirty environment and also live together a sterile one now that it is actually damaging to our health.


So, the following time you want to yell protect against at your child for eating your boogers, simply think that actually might be great for your health.