Lingerie is a personal choice the every human gets to do on your own, without having to worry around ridicule or backlash. In ~ Hourglass Lingerie, we strive to treat each customer favor family, even if it is they walk through our door or submit an stimulate online.

We do recognize social prejudices and biases, however this is why we do whatever in our power to do everyone feel comfortable and welcomed in ours shop. If you uncover a piece of lingerie that renders you feeling confident, sexy, or also a bit an ext positive around yourself, we room a fan! who waved the wand providing the strength to judge others and also say what is exactly or incorrect?

The simple answer to this concern is: due to the fact that they desire to!

Throughout the years, we have actually come across many men that love wearing Women"s Panties, bras, or lingerie. No issue what their factor is, it"s their selection and we would be in the wrong if we judged castle for their desires. We are in the company of helping others, even if it is it"s to uncover the perfectly equipment bra or a one-of-a-kind lingerie piece, for whoever and whatever reason.

Our knowledge and experience has brought us to create this page. We space looking to assist men seeking Lingerie or intimate apparel. We have compiled pictures and also descriptions the perfect panties for men. This panties have additionally been purchased by males in ours shop. Hope our guide will help ease the worry and also doubt anyone else may have.

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A man can really traction of any type of style that women"s panties they pick to wear. However, some space a little more suited for masculine anatomy to maximize comfort and also look. This styles encompass high-cut briefs, regular briefs, and boy shorts. We go a lot more into information on this object in ours Panties because that Men blog post. Go offer it a check out to discover out which layout is perfect because that you!


Beautiful sheer stretch lace and a flirty fit create a stunning silhouette. Designed through glamour in mind.


"Men carry out wear girl"s panties however, the men that perform enjoy wearing panties and/or lingerie are practically always straight. Garments does no dictate one"s sex-related orientation nor does it do him any type of less the a man. If something the guy who enjoys put on panties full time has confidence and knows himself, and also what the likes. You"d actually be surprised in ~ how many men out there absent panties top top a everyday basis."


Charlotte High Waisted brief will have actually you emotion sexy and also confident through its retro look and also seductive rio red color with black color contrast. High belt adds even more coverage.


This elegant quick features stretch slim lace on the next of the front and also back, and also a cotton-lined crotch. Big lace adds comfort and beauty.

"Crossdressing just isn’t a large deal these days you’ve acquired celeb men that you recognize are directly wearing every kinds of stuff. People similar to to stay what castle want."
"For me, that is regular to wear womens panties. I just uncover panties come be much more comfortable v a little secret thrill in between my girlfriend and also I, and quite honestly... Fun with all the range of colors, patterns, and also styles."

Soiree flaunts your curves with a new sheer brief. Side panel embroidery emulates difference geometric patterns. Thong supplies sheer behind coverage

The Parfait Smooth Hipster Panty layout PP505 is at sight cute, super comfortable, supervisor sexy and also the perfect match for her closet. Low-rise short style offers full rear coverage

"Many males love wearing their girlfriend"s or wife"s panties, it"s kind of a special link they have"

"Panties room FAR an ext comfortable than men’s underwear. Ns love the soft feeling of the fabric and also looser waistband"

Pink french cut panty. V shape sheer styling that rests high top top the hips. Provides moderate rear coverage.

Beautiful leopard large print and also a flirty fit create a stunning silhouette. Designed v glamour in mind.

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"I prefer the microfiber and also other soft materials compared to simply plain old cotton. A couple of things in particular I look for while shopping: 1. If ns think the product will feeling nice and also comfortable. 2. The style. I like bikini. Castle seem come have sufficient material come cover the man bits. I"ve bought various styles; thong, briefs, cheeky, hipster and also bikini feels most comfortable."

"There are numerous straight males who room not cross-dressers, yet simply favor the soft feeling of panties"

These suspenders have a mid-rise cut and also full coverage at the rear. This stylish panty sit on her hips and also flatters your backside. The bottom is lined in matching cotton because that comfort and protection.

Soiree Lace is perfect because that everyday and special occasions, together luxurious geometric stretch lace adorns the brief style. Complete with a half moon charm.

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